How to Start a Free Online Business

Start a free online business

From running an e-commerce store to blogging, the internet presents endless opportunities to make money online.

However, with so many business ideas flying around, it can sometimes become quite overwhelming to figure out the most ideal venture. This is particularly true if you are an aspiring entrepreneur with limited experience and inadequate startup capital.

Fortunately, with affiliate marketing, you can start a free online business with zero financial investment. Here’s how.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is regarded by many individuals as one of the most profitable online ventures.

It involves promoting products from other companies rather than your own, for commissions.

You may only be required to chip in some money for designing your website and for hosting services. With such a minimal amount, you can reach millions of potential customers across the globe and make great returns.

Despite the glossy picture, affiliate marketing is not as easy as it seems.

It requires dedication, hard work and some patience. Above all, to become a successful affiliate marketer, it is imperative that you go through some level of training.

In any case, you need astute business skills to find your way around today’s volatile business environment. Signing up to the Wealthy Affiliate program is your surest means of acquiring new entrepreneurial skills.

So, what Is Wealthy Affiliate?

What Is Wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an exclusive training program that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start, build and sustain a successful online business.

The program offers tons of lessons, step-by-step courses, video tutorials, webinars and other resources that will help get started and build a sustainable business empire.

Learning never stops at Wealthy Affiliate. The platform consists of an active community of both newbie and experienced marketers who are more than willing to help you learn the ropes.

The Wealthy Affiliate training program has two types of membership plans:
. The Starter Plan
. The Premium Plan.

Since you want to start a free online business, we recommend that you try out the Starter Membership Plan to have a feel of what the program is all about.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

The Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership is a free plan that offers you a sneak peek into what the training program is all about.

You will receive free access to essential training course that will certainly help you start your free online business. One notable aspect about the starter membership is that you can remain a free member for life with no obligation to join the premium membership.

The Starter Membership plan comes with the following features

• Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 – Free Training course (10 lessons)
• Video Tutorials
• Affiliate Bootcamp Training
• 2 Free Websites
• Free Web Hosting
• Personal Affiliate Blog
• Website Backup
• Keyword Research Tools
• 1-on-1 Coaching
• 24/7 Live Support

How to Start a Free Online Business with WA Starter Membership

One of the most exciting aspects about joining Wealthy Affiliate is that you can start your online business right away as you go through the steps of becoming a shrewd internet marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate recommends four steps of starting an online business. These steps include:

STEP 1 – Choose a Niche

The first two lessons of the starter membership will help you understand the basics on how to make money online.

By the time you reach the third lesson, you will learn how to choose a niche. It is advisable that you choose a niche that revolves around your interests considering the fact that you are more likely to sell more by dealing with products you already know about.

Take advantage of the keyword research tools that come with free membership to establish what potential clients are searching on the internet. However, remember to use these research tools sparingly, as you are only allowed 30 searches.

STEP 2 – Create a Blog or Website

Creating a website is the next step to starting your free online business.

The starter membership comes with free site building tools that you can use to create your business website from scratch. Interestingly, you do not require web design skills to create your website as the builder comes with various themes and templates that match your selected niche.

Your website will be the foundation of your business and it will play a critical role in converting your visitors into paying customers. Excitingly, the Wealthy Affiliate offers free web hosting services for up to 2 websites, with the free membership plan.

STEP 3 – Get Traffic

Attracting traffic is the trickiest part as far as building your online business is concerned. This is because the amount of traffic that you attract will determine your income potential.

Besides attracting traffic, you must also be able to convert your visitors into paying customers for your business to be profitable.

To achieve this, you must optimize your site using various SEO tools that you will learn about with your free training course. You must also generate engaging content and add pages that are relevant to your clients for you to build trust and retain your visitors.

STEP 4 – Earn Money from Affiliate Programs

The final step involves joining a legitimate affiliate program. The internet has thousands of affiliate programs offering various products and services.

You do not have to own an inventory to earn money as an affiliate marketer. Your business will entail promoting these products or services for commissions.

By joining the Wealthy Affiliate program, you will learn how to identify the right affiliate program that not only offers high commissions, but has your best interests at heart.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership Worth My Time?

Joining the Wealthy Affiliate starter membership plan is a great way of learning the ropes on how affiliate marketing works.

The training program will help you learn key steps on how to start a free online business from scratch.

The fact that you can become a free member for life and still access essential training resources without paying a dime makes it quite popular with aspiring entrepreneurs.

After gaining the much-needed experience, you can go ahead and join the premium plan for comprehensive training.

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