How To Start Your Own Online Website Business

It’s really easy these days creating a website. Just a few clicks here and there and you are up and running.

But if you want to turn that website into a profitable online business, things can become a little bit trickier.

However, with a little expert help and support, you absolutely can make it work…Just like I did.

Having an online business that is run entirely from website is an extremely rewarding and flexible way to make money online.

I have managed to make thousands of dollars with this website you are reading, and I only spend one hour of my time updating it each day.

It has turned into a good, reliable second income for me. Not bad for a complete novice.

My name is Ray, owner of this website, and I want to personally help you to experience the same success that I have with my website business.

Without the help of a training platform called Wealthy Affiliate however, none of it would have been possible.

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Wealthy Affiliate-The Home Of Affiliate Marketers

Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to create websites, and make them highly profitable with affiliate marketing.

With this method of making money online you don’t have to source products, deal with customer complaints, or deal directly with any money transactions.

All you have to do is embed links on your website. These links will make you money when visitors to your website click on them.

However…..How do you get thousands of people going to your website to click on your links and make you a good online income? That’s where Wealthy Affiliate can really help.

There are lots of marketers online that will have you believe that it is easy to set something up online and start making a ton of money in no time. That simply isn’t true.

To make money you need a large amount of traffic (visitors) to your website.

Not only do you need visitors, you also need ones that is genuinely interested in what you are promoting with your links.

Wealthy affiliate will show you via their video training how to build a simple website that attracts thousands of  interested visitors to your site.

Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching people how to do this for 21 years, so they certainly know what they are doing. In that time they have created thousands of successful online marketing careers for their members.

What Will Your Wealthy Affiliate Website Be About?

It is recommended that you create a website about anything you are passionate about. So essentially the website is about you.

If you love photography then you write and share things about photography. If you love rock climbing then you can write all about your passion for that.

Whatever the ‘niche’ as we call it, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that your niche or passion has products related to it.

You can for example imagine the amount of products related to photography in terms of lenses, cases, cameras etc.

What an affiliate marketer does is write reviews, or articles, about these products (many of which you will of course used) and include a simple affiliate link to a sellers website. When readers of your site click on the links and buy products you get commissions.

It’s a very simple and straightforward business model that has been used as a successful business model since the internet began.

The affiliate marketing industry to this day remains stronger than ever, and in light of recent world events there has never been a better time to venture online and profit from this tried and tested method of making money online.

2021 is a point in history where everyone has to think seriously about moving their business online. Consider the following

  • Whether we like it or not, the fact is that people are more than ever than ever buying “everything” online
  • People are realising where the future is headed and so they are educating themselves online
  • People, now more than ever, are starting to realise what the future holds and are seeking out online work.
  • A much more broader spectrum of people work online, and they are doing so more often.
  • It may have been the case before the pandemic, but working from home is now definitely a thing.
  • People are rearranging their lives and are moving out of cities, leaving their offices and working from home.
  • Green and EV are becoming a more accepted way of life, with less gas guzzling vehicles driving to the office.
  • A greater focus than ever has been put on our health. Working online can provide the perfect work, life, balance.

If you are considering starting your own online business, then there seems little point leaving it any longer. With so much opportunity online in 2021, it has to be the perfect time to build your online presence.

There is no better way to do that than with your own website.