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How To Use Affiliate Marketing To Make Money Online

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How To Use Affiliate Marketing To Make Money Online

By learning how to use affiliate marketing to make money online, you could be taking your first steps towards creating a business that can be run from anywhere in the world.

By understanding how to earn as an affiliate for a reputable brand, the goal of a more flexible and enjoyable working life could be a real possibility.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Earn Online?

Affiliate marketers earn by referring consumers to products and services that can make their lives better in some way.

For example, they may refer a person with back pain to a chiropractic clinic or share a new type of call monitoring software with customer service managers.

When the clinic gains a new patient, the person who refers the patient receives an affiliate commission.

Similarly, the person who refers a manager to software that helps their company to improve their customer service receives a percentage of the sale if they purchase the software.

The amount that a marketer is paid varies from one company to another. Some companies may pay 30% on every sale that you send their way. Others will pay just 4%.

Every hour that you spend on your affiliate content should bring you a fair reward. Always check the terms of any affiliate program carefully to learn which actions you’ll be paid for.

Your Unique Affiliate ID

Companies use a unique code for each person who signs up as an affiliate.

This code is used in each of your referral links and makes it easy to identify the sales that come from you.

Even if you use this code in a list on a friend’s website, the sales will be identified as yours.

While in theory you could use your code almost anywhere, in practice it’s not a good idea. Many affiliate programs for example ask you not to use their codes on sites that promote alcohol and some other products or activities.

Some even ask you not to use the code in emails.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn by having your affiliate link in places where potential customers are likely to click.

There’s a bit of art and a lot of science to this. It’s also good to experiment a bit within your own content, to find out which positions on your pages generate the highest number of clicks.

Identify your Passion

Affiliate marketing can be hard work. Some people of course don’t really want to hear that but it’s true.

If you don’t like the service that you’re marketing, it will be difficult for you to be persistent.

The good thing is that there are affiliate programs out there for almost every product that you can think of, and many that you haven’t imagined.

Just make sure whatever you pick is something you are genuinely interested in, and can put a lot of money in your pocket.

How To Use Affiliate Marketing To Make Money Online – Select A Compatible Program

When you select a profitable niche, you can start looking for affiliate programs in the area.

Some programs may offer a service while others have a product. Some may only pay you for one type of action while others give commissions for several possible actions that a visitor could take.

For example, you may have a choice of two gyms that you would like to promote. Gym A will pay you $5 every time someone signs up for their newsletter through your link.  They also pay 15% of every membership package that’s purchased.

Gym B may only pay for one action, and that’s 10% on a basic membership. Gym A gives you more opportunities to profit from your hard work.

Choosing your Traffic Sources

Traffic (Website visitors or people who view your link) would seem to equal money but that equation isn’t always true.

It’s more correct to say that targeted traffic equals money, because targeted traffic describes people who really want to buy your product or service.

For example, if you refer new patrons to an ice cream store that specializes in varieties of Ghanian chocolate, you’re highly likely to make a sale if you target or focus on attracting people who specifically are looking for that type of ice cream.

If a lot of ice cream lovers visit your site but they don’t have a particular preference, many may just browse the selections but not make a choice.

Some may want bacon flavoured ice cream instead. You would have spent time and other resources to get traffic that doesn’t translate into a financial reward for you.

Establishing Your Own Site

Once you’ve gotten into the groove of affiliate marketing, it’s time to take a good look at your home base.

If you’re in it for the long haul it’s important to make sure no one can easily displace you.

To do that you should have your own site and your own domain. A shared site or one where you have a subdomain, is workable in the beginning. However as you make more of an investment, you need to benefit more from all the work you’re doing.

You should have the authority that comes with having the site recognized as yours.

When you look around the Internet you’ll see a lot of brands and people behind those brands. You can establish yourself in the same way.

If you’re very knowledgeable in a particular niche, it helps to make others aware of what you can do.

While working to promote a product, you’ll build your personal brand, thereby creating more opportunities for yourself.

You’ll have a feeling of security, since no drastic changes can be made without your permission.

You can make decisions about the direction in which your site is going and you can move to a powerful CMS that allows you to accomplish more with your content.

Having your own site gives you autonomy. It’s possible to earn a significant sum online, especially with the right training.

Give yourself a boost and take the first step towards building your own personal brand online today.

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