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Ibotta App Review-How Does It Work?

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Ibotta App Review

Thanks for checking out my Ibotta App review.

My review today will explain how Ibotta works, and help you decide if it could help you can save money by using it.

I will also be considering the pros and cons of using the app so you can make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

First however let’s get started by finding out how things work.

How does the ibotta app work?

Ibotta is a shopping app that can help you to save money on a wide range of purchases.

Ibotta-How It Works

How It Works At Ibotta

Depending on your preference you can use Ibotta on both your desktop computer, or if you prefer, via the browser extension. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and it’s completely free to download.

The company has its headquarters in Denver and it currently has 300 employees.

You can save by using Ibotta for your purchases at more than 300 brick and mortar stores. You can also use it with 500 retailers online.

To get your own account on Ibotta, all you’ll have to do is download the app and register. You’ll register with your name, email address, zip code, password, date of birth and other basic information.

Your zip code helps Ibotta to find deals near you. Registration and installation of the app can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Ibotta is known for paying and it has transferred over $1 billion in cash to date to its members around the country.

By using the Ibotta App you will earn cash back on a wide range of purchases including clothing for children, sports gear, and electronic gadgets.

You can even save on your next vacation with Ibotta since the app gives you deals on hotels and other accommodations once you book directly through it.

Ibota has more than 35 million users who visit the app whenever they wish to save on things like a movie day with friends, a meal at a restaurant, or items that they need quickly from a convenience store.

The app can be used with your home improvement purchases or to get supplies for your pets. You can even use it to help with your pharmacy bill.

This app is often associated with groceries, and many people do stretch their dollar further at the supermarket with the help of Ibotta’s browser extension.

When you shop with the extension you can get cash back on grocery pickup and delivery from popular grocery stores and delivery services. All you need to do is download the browser from the extension page, log into Ibotta and activate cash back.

The Ibotta Browser Extension

Make grocery savings with The Ibotta browser extension

Although you may associate Ibotta with savings on your groceries, it offers a lot more. For example you can also save on your daily commute. Ibotta can be used at gas stations and even at online megastores, including Amazon.

In addition to its basic cash back program, Ibotta has a loyalty program that gives you additional benefits. You can link to your loyalty account on most major retailers, just by opening the app and clicking the retailer you wish to shop at.

Once you’ve clicked on the retailer, tap the Link Account button on the top of your app page.

From there you can complete the connection by using the information for your existing loyalty account or you can sign up for a new loyalty account.

Linking your loyalty account lets you earn cash back whenever you shop at the store. You won’t have to manually upload any of the receipts, so it saves you time.

If you decide to gift a friend or couple with a bottle with wine on a special day, Ibotta helps you to do it more economically.

Ibotta even has partnerships with gift cards providers that help you to save. You’ll earn cash back whenever you use a gift card from one of their approved retailers. You’ll also save up to 10% on some of your purchases

How You Could Earn with Ibotta

You could earn with Ibotta by using the app to make regular purchases online or in physical stores.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, just open it on your phone and click Find Offers to locate offers at brock and mortar stores that you like. You can add the physical offers that you’re interested in to your account.

The app might give you more information that’s related to the offer. For example, if you plan on making a grocery purchase, it may give you a recipe that uses the ingredient that you’re purchasing.

Sometimes you’ll also be asked to complete a survey that’s related to the product you’re adding.

You can shop after you’ve identified the offers that you’re interested in. If you make a purchase in person at a physical store, you will have to upload your receipt after you’ve made your purchase.

Just use the camera function on the app to take a picture of the receipt and upload it.

It’s important to select the offers before you upload the receipts. The app will match your receipts against the offers that you’ve included in your list.

When it finds a match, it asks you if you want to redeem the offer. If you say yes, you’ll get cash back on that product.

Once the recipe is processed, your account will be credited. However, you must always make certain that you add the offers before shopping and verify that you would like to redeem the offer, after your receipt has been uploaded.

If you’ve linked your loyalty account at a particular store, Ibotta will give you cash back on all of your purchases at that store.

However you’ll have to ensure that you use your loyalty card whenever you are doing a transaction there.

You can also save instantly by using Ibotta when you shop online. Brands like Kohl’s and Advance Auto Parts are all on their list, so you can shop and save on everything from car parts to athletic gear.

Open the app and click Online Shopping. When you find an offer that you like, click Shop and from there you can navigate to the store’s site to make your purchase.

When you use Ibotta to save on online shopping, you’ll save time. You can navigate directly to the store’s site from the offer.

You also won’t need to upload receipts or experience any delays with your cashback, since your account is typically credited automatically right after you’ve completed your purchase.

Ibotta offers you savings when you use gift cards from one of their approved retailers too. If someone gives you a gift card from one of 120 stores that are on Ibotta’s gift card list, you can earn cash back whenever you shop with the gift card via the app.

In addition, whenever you use a gift card with Ibotta, you could save up to 10% on your purchase, without needing to use a coupon. You can also use gift cards to save on your in-store purchases.

To use your gift card, you’ll have to click on the Payments section and add your credit or debit card information.

After that, you can make purchases at the stores that you want with your gift card. When you get to checkout, you can select Pay with Ibotta Gift Card Code.

The cashier will scan your gift card code and apply it to your purchase. once that’s done, you’ll pay the balance.

Your Ibotta account will get your cash back right away. This works for all the well-known stores that give gift cards frequently, such as Applebee’s.

How To Redeem Your Rewards At Ibotta

Your Ibotta rewards can be redeemed in two ways.

You can choose to receive real cash, which will be transferred directly to your PayPal account. You can also choose gift cards for the stores that you shop at frequently.

Ibotta App-How To Redeem

Cashing Out At Ibotta

You’ll need to have at least $20 worth of cashback in your account before you can request your money via PayPal.

You will need to make sure you link your PayPal account to Ibotta in order to transfer your funds. To connect your PayPal account, log in and click Link Account.

You’ll be redirected to PayPal where you can log in with your account details. Once you’ve done that, you can tap Withdraw Cash to deposit a portion of your cash back or all of your money.

You’ll also need at least $20 before you can request a gift card. There are also gift cards available in larger denominations, such as $25. The value of the gift card will be displayed underneath its image on your screen.

To withdraw your earnings as a gift card, log in and click on Withdraw cash, then scroll through the options until you find the retailer that you want. Click on the gift card that’s of the value you need and select Get Gift Card.

You’ll be asked to verify transactions by entering your Ibotta password. Although PayPal payments are often received in just two hours, they can sometimes take 24 hours to reach your account, if you’ve requested it during a peak withdrawal period.

Ibotta Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing the Ibotta app has a score of 4.5/5 from nearly 550,000 reviews at Google Play. It also has a score of 4.8/5 from 1.25 million reviews at The App Store.

This is clearly a very popular app amongst the majority of its many users. Members report making great savings on an app that they find easy to use. Some of them love the fact that you can not only redeem for gift cards but for cash too which a lot of people prefer.

Like all online platforms there are some complaints. Some members complain about the ‘account maintenance fee’ of $3.99 which is taken from you accumulated points balance if you remain inactive for 180 days. Others complain about technical glitches with the app.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that may have used the app and want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Advantages Of Ibotta?

  • Ibotta is safe to use and has dedicated IT staff who make sure that all of its users can enjoy a secure environment. Data encryption and other security protocols are used to protect any data that you share on the app.
  • IBotta links with all the major brands. Whether you want to shop at Nike or have a meal at Applebee’s, you can do so and save money. They focus on major brands, so once a store is large enough, you’re likely to find it on Ibotta.
  • Help is available to customers via their self-help portal. They also have a ticket system, so you can request help by submitting a ticket online. They also have an email address for support.
  • Ibotta is completely free to install on your phone or computer. You’ll never have to pay for membership and you won’t be asked to pay for anything while you’re using the app. It also works on Android, iPhone devices and on your desktop computer

What Are The Disadvantages Of Ibotta?

  • Ibotta pays but you’ll need to spend money at a retailer in order to earn cash. This isn’t really a drawback, since there are essential items that you need to buy and you can use the app to earn cashback on these purchases. As long as you don’t overspend because you are getting a bargain, you’ll always come out of each transaction with savings whenever you use Ibotta.
  • Ibotta sells some of your data to third parties for market research purchases. If you are concerned about data privacy, please review their terms to understand more about how they use some of your data. For example, they may share data on the stores that you visit often and the times that you are likely to shop at those stores.
  • They also track your location while you are in a store. If you don’t like being tracked in that way, that may be a con for you. However, bear in mind that once you shop at the store, they’ll already know that you’re physically there.
  • As an Ibotta member, you’ll sometimes receive updates on promotions that you might be interested in. Ibotta uses your purchase history and other data to make that determination and you’ll receive text messages and even emails on occasion that let you know when your favourite store have offers available. If you don’t want any kind of advertising, this can be considered a disadvantage.

By the way, Ibotta may be a good way to earn extra rewards, however it isn’t my highest rated reward site. Find out which one is, and how much you could earn HERE

Is Ibotta Legit?

Yes Ibotta is 100% legit. It’s a platform you should consider if you are looking for ways to stretch your dollar by getting cash back from every purchase you make.

Over time you could save quite a significant amount of cash by using Ibotta at major stores. If you didn’t use the app when purchasing then you are missing out on all that cash going back into your pocket.

The only people who won’t benefit from having an Ibotta account are those who choose to support local businesses. Hopefully, Ibotta will eventually expand to include small stores, which of course play such a vital role.

The app is really easy to use. If you want to shop on the go, you can check for available deals before you visit physical stores and you can save on your shopping trip.

If you are at home and want to purchase items that you need, you can log in and select deals on your mobile phone or desktop and save.

Getting credited for in-store purchases is easy. You’ll just need to upload your receipts. It’s even easier to save when you shop online because your cashback is automatically placed within your account.

Overall, this intuitive app lets you find deals in minutes, and helps you get more out of every dollar.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A great app for making savings on almost all of your purchases. Unfortunately however the app isn’t available worldwide.

3.5 Star Rating

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Thanks for checking out my Ibotta review.

I have reviewed hundreds of online platforms that claim to offer easy ways to make extra cash online. Why not check back soon and see my latest reviews


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