Ibotta Review: Earn Cashback Rewards

Ibotta App Review

In this Ibotta Review I will be finding out how you can earn Cashback rewards with the Ibotta App.

I will be looking at how the App works, and what is a bit different about this App to other similar Cashback sites.

Ibotta is a free cashback shopping mobile app that allows you to earn cash rebates on what you spend on qualifying purchases.

The Ibotta app is unique since it facilitates in-store cashback shopping, unlike other cashback sites that only pay rebates for online shopping expenses.

The app works with a wide range of stores ranging from grocery stores to convenience stores.

You can also use the app at restaurants and pharmacies.

How the Ibotta app works

The registration process is easy and does not take much of your time.

The process requires your name, email, password, birth date, zip code and gender.

You may opt to join with your Facebook or Google+ account to save on time. Ibotta will pay you a $10 joining bonus, as soon as you complete the signup process.

The Ibotta app is easy to use. Simply open the app on your phone and browse for rebate offers that suit your shopping needs.

For you to unlock these rebate offers, you need to perform one or more fun tasks such as watching video ads or answering simple questionnaires.

Completing each task may take roughly 15 seconds and this means that you can unlock as many as 20 rebates in 5 minutes.

The more offers you unlock and add to your account, the more cash rebates you stand to gain.

This app has three cashback shopping options. These include:

  • Send Receipt (In-store shopping)

After selecting your preferred rebate offers, just walk into any participating store and shop like you normally would.

Upload your receipts and receive cash back after the verification of the receipt.

To use this option effectively, always keep your receipts intact.

Make sure you take clear photos of your receipts for easier verification.

  • Link a Loyalty Card

Link your store loyalty account to the Ibotta app and enjoy seamless cashback shopping.

All you have to do is choose one participating store and connect your loyalty card or phone number to the app.

You should then add your preferred rebate offers to your account and go shopping as normal.

Use your loyalty card or phone number when checking out and Ibotta will automatically add your cashback into your Ibotta account.

  • Mobile In-App Shopping

Ibotta collaborates with other apps that offer mobile cashback shopping.

Simply visit the mobile shopping category on the Ibotta app to browse through the list of participating stores that have mobile shopping apps.

Some retailers may prompt you to download their app before making a purchase, for you to earn your rebates.

  • Other Earning Opportunities

Apart from cashback rebates, Ibotta offers you the chance to earn money from your referrals.

You will receive $5 every time a new member joins Ibotta using your unique referral code.

You can also form a team by inviting your Facebook friends to join Ibotta and earn team bonuses every month.

Your team’s effort will determine the amount of team bonuses you can earn in a month. If your team earns $10 in a month, you will get $2 in team bonuses.

Getting Paid

All cashback payments to your Ibotta account take less than 48 hours except for Mobile in-app shopping, which may take up to 72 hours.

You can cash out at any time as long as you meet the minimum withdrawal limit of $20.

• It is a reputable app
• It is free to join
• New members are entitled to $10 joining bonus
• You will earn $5 bonus for referring new members
• Works in over 300 retail chains in more than 500,000 locations
• Supports both in-store and online cashback shopping
• Fast payments within 48 hours
• It accepts PayPal and gift cards

• Only accept applicants from the USA
• Offers expire quickly
• Not all purchases qualify for rebates
• It has high minimum withdrawal limit ($20)


The essence of cashback shopping is to save money on your shopping expenses.

The Ibotta app however offers you more than just savings on your shopping expenses. You can also earn money from your referrals and team members every time they shop.

If you are looking for a unique app that combines saving money and earning money, then Ibotta is the perfect app for you.

Ibotta Score…….8 out of 10 Ibotta can save and earn you money for doing something you would be doing anyway which is shopping. A $10 starting bonus is also a nice incentive to get you started.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Ibotta Review. Have you used the Ibotta App? Do you want to share what you thought of it and whether you would recommend it to others? If so just drop a comment below, it will be great to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “Ibotta Review: Earn Cashback Rewards”

  1. With the prices rising faster than wages cashback sounds like a great idea. I really like the sound of ibotta and was keen to sign up but am unfortunately in the wrong country. Do you think it will spread outside the USA? I know a lot of people in Australia who would love to be part of this.

  2. Hi Margaret,
    Unfortunately Ibotta is only available in the U.S, and I’m not aware of any plans for it to be made available elsewhere. There are of course plenty of other cash back apps now available, some of which I have reviewed on my site. Cash Back on shopping, like you say, in times of rising prices is a great idea.
    Thanks for dropping by to read and comment.

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