IconZoomer Review-Can You Get Paid For Taking Photos On Your Phone?

Read my IconZoomer review to find out if you really can get paid for taking photos on your phone.


Hard For You To Resist A Great Photo Opportunity?……Great!

Because IconZoomer could be the App for you as you can get paid for taking photos….sounds pretty cool because…

If you are taking photos all day anyway why not get paid for doing it.

It’s never been easier to photograph things now that we all carry phone cameras around with us wherever we go.

So what a cool idea it is then to get paid for taking photos of what we’re eating for lunch for example, because let’s be honest, some of us do that quite a lot too and share it with our friends.

Let’s find out a bit more about Iconzoomer.


What Is IconZoomer?

  • IconZoomer is an app that is available on Apple and Android mobile devices. With this app you can get paid for uploading photos.

How Does It Work?

  • Once you have joined up via the website, and downloaded the app, you are given little assignments to carry out which are to take photos of various things. It may be a photo of what you are eating, or a picture of something in your local supermarket (see below).


  • Each picture you take earns you 5 points.
  • The points that you earn for uploading photos can be redeemed for cash via PayPal, gift cards and donations.
  • You can redeem once you have at least 200 points, which equates to €10 (see below), or roughly $11. Redemptions are paid out once a month.


You may have already done the math, but in case you haven’t that works out at 40 photos to earn yourself $11.

O.k, so it’s not going to be a full time income…..not even close, but hey it’s  some extra pocket money for doing well not that much really. You might find it to be quite fun too.

The points do go up slightly the more you keep snapping and uploading so there is some incentive to keep earning with this App.

This is a small side income opportunity that you could combine with a number of other ones in order to build a number of income streams.


  • An enjoyable way to earn a bit of extra pocket money
  • Free to try out.


  • Very limited income potential


My verdict is that Iconzoomer is legit.

The IconZoomer app is a legit app that pays you for taking photos.

The company is able to pay you because they are paid by companies that want evidence of trends, and which in turn help to develop future products.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, if you wish to discuss anything, or if you have had any experience with this app that you wish to share then please leave a comment below.

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