Innopoll- Do They Have Better Paid Surveys?

Innopoll Review

Thanks for joining me today for this review of the survey panel called Innopoll. I’d heard that this company pay more to their members than a lot of other survey sites.

After hearing that I thought it was a site that was worth looking into, so I decided to put this review together so you would be better informed.

Today’ s ever changing economic environment is very volatile. Unless you have a consistent and stable income then you have to be a little innovative and find ways to maximise your income.

Fortunately, advances in technology have made it possible to earn money online. There are numerous options when it comes to making a little extra money online.

I have covered hundreds of them on the site you are reading including taking surveys, website testing,  money making apps. or by becoming a freelance writer

However if it’s just a small side income you are after then Innopoll might be a good choice for you…….let’s find out more.

innoPoll is a market research panel that provides surveys to its members, and pays them for giving their feedback in the surveys.

To participate in any survey, members have to receive an invitation from innoPoll via email.

As a member, you will receive payment after successfully completing a survey and providing your genuine opinions on various topics.

In an era where customer opinion can make or break the success of a business, companies are doing all they can to obtain valuable feedback about their products.

Big brands can establish customer behavior by using feedback from several market research surveys.

This information can help a company improve its products and subsequently gain a competitive edge in the market.

As a member of innoPoll, you will be providing a myriad of companies with valuable information, in exchange for cash rewards.



With so many people around the world wanting to generate an income online it’s inevitable that the internet was going to become a haven for fraudsters. It’s no different with survey sites. Some are legit, and some aren’t, so you have to be careful.

If a survey site claims it can give you a very lucrative income taking surveys, and they charge you money to sign up, then run a mile.

Innopoll is not one of those sites. It is a legitimate survey panel that is operated by Bovitz
Inc, which is a highly reputable New York based company.

In fact, many members have a high regard for this market research panel, probably due to the comparatively generous cash rewards, and quick payment options.


Getting started with Innopoll is free, easy and open to anyone.

To create an account, all you need is to provide an email address during registration process. You can also use your social media accounts such as Facebook or Google plus to register and authenticate your innoPoll account.


Innopoll will send you a survey invitation via email when an opportunity arises.

However, the company is very strict as far as selecting qualified panelists is concerned.

Issues to do with your age and other demographics may deny you the chance to participate in the panel.

The administrators will ask you questions regarding your job, gender, income and other relevant data, for you to qualify for available surveys.

Nonetheless, be sure of good rewards once you qualify for a survey.

To claim your rewards, you should be able to complete your survey it in its entirety.

Payment will then be sent instantly via phone or PayPal.

You can also redeem your credits for Amazon gifts cards and Tango vouchers worth between $ 2 and $ 5.

Members also have the option of donating their rewards to charitable organizations such as the Habitat for Humanity.

You can also access surveys through your mobile phone, as the innoPoll platform is mobile – friendly. This makes taking surveys easily accessible and highly convenient.


In comparison to other survey panels, the rewards that you stand to gain from innoPoll are very good.

You will get a minimum of $ 2 for every survey that you complete successfully. Additionally, the panel offers members loyalty bonuses for every three complete surveys. Three loyalty credits translate to $ 2.

What makes innoPoll more impressive is that you can earn loyalty credits even if you do not qualify for a particular survey.

Your attempt to take the survey attracts a single loyalty bonus regardless of whether you complete it or not.

Unfortunately, the number of surveys available from innoPoll is minimal, subsequently limiting income opportunities.

Some members have raised issues concerning the number of surveys, claiming to receive not more than six surveys per month.

On the flipside, payments are instant, and there is no minimum cash – out requirement.

Additionally, you can choose to receive payments in the form of cash, Bitcoins or gift cards.

• It is free to join
• Hassle – free sign up process
• No minimum withdrawal requirement
• Instant payments through various platforms
• Lucrative payments that are higher than average
• Loyalty credits are redeemable for cash, even if you do not qualify for a particular survey
• It accepts Bitcoins and PayPal

• Stringent qualification requirements
• Few surveys per month in comparison to other panels
• No registration bonus
• Not a viable money making program as a full – time panelist


The higher than most survey site payouts, no minimum withdrawal requirements, and instant payments are some of the highlights of this survey panel.

Although taking surveys isn’t in my opinion a great way to earn money online, It does give you the power to influence how big brands release products to the market, and that is perhaps the reason some people like to take surveys, aside from the money you can get paid.

The fact that you will be receiving less than six survey invitations per month from Innopoll means that you cannot rely on this panel alone if you want to maximise your earnings taking surveys. I recommend that you sign up for a few to see which ones work best for you.

If surveys aren’t for you then you may want to take a look at my number one recommendation for making money online.

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DorcasW - July 30, 2017

Ray…Thanks to Technology it makes it possible for people to take surveys online.

You have identified Innopoll as a legitimate survey company, even though the amount of survey given per month would not be enough for one to earn a living?

Am I to understand that even when Website Testing and Money Making Apps are also helpful, these three together might not be financially sufficient. I consider, the advice therefore, is to try out Affiliate Marketing which would be a better choice?

Ray - July 31, 2017

Hi DorcasW….yes the make money online methods that you mentioned are ways to earn a side income online. They are not ways that you can rely upon to generate a full time income. Affiliate marketing does have the potential however. It isn’t easy, but it is possible if you are determined enough, and you are prepared to invest the time it takes.
Affiliate marketing isn’t something you should try if you want money quickly, because you are extremely unlikely to be earning much, or anything at all within just a few months. It is a longer term commitment for those who are serious about making money online with their own business.
Thanks for taking the time to read the review and for your comment.

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