Inscash App Review-Is This App Worth Trying Out?

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Inscash App Review

Thanks for checking out our Inscash App Review.

Our review will explain how you can earn rewards by completing short tasks using the Inscash platform.

If you like to play games or share your opinion on consumer products, the app gives you points for doing that.

But is the App really worth your time? What are others saying about it? We will be answering those questions but first let’s find out how things work….

How The Inscash App Works

The Inscash App is designed for Instagram users, hence the name. If you don’t have an Instagram account, you will need to create one if you want to use the app.

Some of the rewards on the platform are photo frames and photo albums, which Instagram users will appreciate.

You can download the app for free on Google Play, but it is not available for iOS.

When you log in to your dashboard, you’ll see a section called “Earn Free Coins”, and you can select interesting offers from there. You can watch videos, test apps, refer friends, and even complete surveys.

Earn Rewards With Inscash

Earn Rewards With Inscash

Every task on this platform allows you to earn coins, and all of them can be done from your mobile phone. There are a few tasks that require you to make a payment, but the profit on those is low, so they aren’t recommended.

How much can you Earn with the Inscash App?

The Inscash App is an international work from home opportunity. You don’t need to live in the UK or the USA to join.

Each task rewards you with coins, and you earn more coins for some tasks than others, so you can choose what gives you the most rewards.

You earn 50 coins just for signing up, and 20 coins whenever you check in. Points for checking in are added to your account whenever you click the corresponding green button on your dashboard.

You earn points for referring friends as well, and if you refer just one person a week, 50 coins will be added to your earnings.

More coins can be earned by downloading games or testing apps, than by watching videos via this app. The top tasks often pay 1,500 to 3,000 coins, so you can earn 5,000 coins a day, and make payout each day.

There are games that pay around $2.50, so two of those would give you an Amazon gift card. When the earnings are relatively high, you’ll have to play until you reach a high level in the game, before you gain your points.

Sweepstakes are held on the platform, and you can choose to enter by selecting this option under the free offers on your dashboard. As with many other offers on the app, you don’t have to pay to win.

A thousand coins is equivalent to $1, and you need 5,000 coins to make your minimum payout. This site doesn’t pay in cash, but it gives you gift cards for popular stores, like Google Play and Amazon.

When you’re ready to claim your rewards, you can get an Amazon gift card for $5. They have other cool options, like photo frames and photo albums.

User Feedback

The Inscash App has a rating of 4.3 stars, from over 2,000 reviews on Google Play.

Update April 2020….The app no longer appears to be available for download at GooglePlay, but can be downloaded HERE

While most users have a good experience with navigating the app, some complain of technical issues.

For example, the app may tell them that they have reached their limit, even before they start playing games. Some users have also had problems with receiving their rewards.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Inscash App can be used worldwide, and you can earn points by using your mobile phone.
  • It’s free to use, and can be downloaded in minutes.
  • Payment is made via gift cards, and you can also receive fun merchandise.

What Are The Cons?

  • The Inscash App makes it easy to select tasks right from your dashboard, but there aren’t a lot of them to choose from.
  • You cannot use it on your iOS device.
  • You need an Instagram account to join.
  • While it’s available in many countries, the offers are different for each nation, and some don’t have videos available.
  • Technical issues reported by users.


Some Final Thoughts

The Inscash App is a fun way to earn cash if you’re an Instagram user, plus, it’s a global income-earning opportunity.

We think it might be worth trying it out for yourself, but if you do give it a try we recommend you withdraw as soon as you reach the minimum, to avoid payment issues.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A fun App that could be worth signing up to. The complaints are a bit concerning however.

What We Recommend

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It doesn’t promise overnight riches or easy money, but it will teach you how to create a real online business that could provide you with a consistent and sustainable income for years to come.

It is free to get started and you don’t need any previous experience. The training is with easy to follow step by step video tutorials, and there are experts on hand to help you out whenever you may need it.

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