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Is AdWallet Legit? Can You Earn Cash Watching Ads?

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AdWallet Review-Is It Legit?

Thanks for checking out my AdWallet review.

AdWallet is an online platform that says it works like a dating site, but instead of matching couples it introduces their clients (advertisers of certain products and services) with members that view their ads. It then pays its members cash for watching the ads.

However, is AdWallet legit? This is what I will be finding out in my review today as I find out what you need to know about the AdWallet platform.

To help me do this I will be seeing how the platform works, how you could potentially earn from it and uncovering what real users of the site are saying about it. I will also be weighing up the pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

First however, let’s find out how things work on the AdWallet platform.

How AdWallet Works

AdWallet is a free site, available to U.S residents 13 years old and over. It also offers a $1 sign up bonus to new members. On its website it claims to have paid its members over $1 million for watching video ads and completing surveys.

After researching this company there is no question that AdWallet is legit. However, just because it is legit it doesn’t necessarily mean it is worth your time, so we need to find out a lot more.

AdWallet effectively pays you to get access to brands that want you to engage with their marketing messages. These companies want your attention, and AdWallet gives it to them for a fee.  Your earnings on the site come from the revenue that AdWallet generates by providing this service to businesses.

The products and services that are displayed in the ads are catered to people from that geographical area and cover a wide range of sectors, including finance, travel and food. Citibank, Lowe’s, Airbnb and JiffyLube are just a few of the companies that use AdWallet to display advertising to consumers who could be interested in whatever they have to offer.

Members of AdWallet are being paid for the time that they spend watching an ad, and optionally they can get paid more to share the ad too on social media.

The companies that use it continue to do so because they get a high rate of return on their investment. They may offer products and services, such as DIY accessories, vacation accommodations and more. These are industries that many consumers are interested in using.

Each participant is paid to watch an ad that matches with their interests, and can get up to a maximum $3 per ad, and a minimum of $0.50 per ad. The companies benefit because with all members being required to provide verified emails, meaning that the ads are being shown to real people.

You’re never required to purchase anything on the site. The businesses focus here is to increase brand recall.

In other words, because you’ve watched the ads, you become more familiar with the brands and what they offer. When you need to travel, buy a vehicle or do home repairs, you’re much more likely to do business with a company that you’ve engaged with on the site, than another company that you’ve interacted with less frequently via online media.

As a member, you’re able to learn more about the companies that interest you and earn while doing so. All of the ads shown on the site are family friendly, so you can feel comfortable watching them while you’re waiting in line or taking a lunch break.

You can sign up within minutes, with your name and email address. You should click on the verification link that you receive in your email, since you won’t be able to watch ads without a verified account.

AdWallet doesn’t currently have a mobile app, however the website is mobile friendly and so you can benefit from the site whilst you’re on the go.

How You Can Earn with AdWallet?

Once you sign up with AdWallet and verify your account, you can start earning immediately.

The way to earn at AdWallet is by watching a video ad. Attention to the ad is needed as you will be asked a few short questions afterwards. Once that is complete you will earn at least $0.50. As stated above, you can also earn extra ($0.25) for sharing on social media.

When you join Adwallet you will need to complete your profile and let the site know what interests you, what your hobbies are and which brands you love.

You will get to know when an ad is ready for you either by either going to the site, or by clicking on a text message that AdWallet will send you when they have an ad for you.

By completing your profile honestly you will only get ads related to products that genuinely interest you. So for example if you like to get food delivered to your door, you could watch ads from companies like DoorDash. If you like to explore the area that you live in, you could watch ads related to New Mexico True and others in the tourism niche.

If you have made frequent purchases of your favourite products/services from the advertisers, you will be able to take advantage of  offers which are catered to AdWallet participants, such as discounts on your first order. You are not however required to participate in order to get your rewards.

Once you have watched an ad offered to you and answered the required questions the money is added to your balance and can be withdrawn as soon as you reach the minimum balance of $10.

How To Redeem Your AdWallet Rewards

There are numerous ways for you to get paid on AdWallet. If you want cash that you can use for any purpose, you could have your earnings transferred to your bank account. Just ensure that your bank details are entered under your account before you request your transfer. A bank transfer will take three to five days for your money to reach your checking or savings account.

You can also receive your rewards in the form of gift cards for Amazon, Target and other popular online stores. If you wish to support a cause that you believe in, you can donate your money to your favourite charity via the site.

You’ll need to have at least $10 in your AdWallet before you can redeem your rewards. Once you’ve reached that minimum, navigate to the bottom of the AdWallet homepage while logged in to your account. Tap on the Redeem button that is located there. All of the options for cashing out will be visible.

AdWallet Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing members enjoy the benefits of membership which include earning money simply watching ads that are catered for them. Some like the fact that they are introduced to companies and brands that are close by to where they live. Members also compliment customer support.

The complaints I found surrounded the fact that you may not get many ads to watch, making it difficult to reach the minimum cash out of $10.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have used AdWallet. If you have and you want to share your experience please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of AdWallet?

  • Free to use site to earn rewards
  • $1 sign up bonus to new members
  • Easy way to earn extra cash
  • Good customer support
  • Get to learn more about your favourite products

What Are The Cons Of AdWallet?

  • No guarantee of frequent ads to view as it is determined by your demographic.
  • Platform only available to U.S members.
  • $10 could be a high target if you don’t get many ads to view.



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Some Final Thoughts On AdWallet

There is no question that AdWallet is a legit platform that members can earn from simply by responding to ads that interest them.

The platform however may not work that well for all as your demographic may not be a suitable fit for the advertisers. This could make it difficult for some to reach the $10 cash out. It is important therefore to keep your profile up to date with any new interest or hobby to maximise your potential to be matched with as many ads as possible.

So if you are a U.S resident that is at least 13 years old, you may want to try AdWallet to see if it could become a handy side income that doesn’t require much of your time.

Star Rating 2.5/5-Legit reward site that pays its members for watching ads and carrying out small tasks.

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