Is Affiliate Marketing The Best Way To Monetise Your Website?

Is affiliate marketing the best way to monetise your website?

Running any kind marketing campaign is not an easy task by any means.

You often find that you will have to grapple with unforeseen challenges, unpredictable income, and volatile market trends.

However, once you lay the right foundation, and gain the much-needed experience in your favorite niche, you should be able to find a strategy that gets the money rolling in.

However, with that said, you still have to not only create your website or blog, you have to learn a few tricks on how to monetize your site.

You can make money from your site using various strategies, including affiliate marketing, Pay per Click advertising (Google AdSense), selling advertisement space, and posting sponsored content among many other strategies.

Google AdSense remains one of the greatest rivals of affiliate marketing as far as site monetization is concerned. It is an advertisement placement service that uses your content to place relevant ads on your site.

However, is it the best strategy?

Some may consider that it is, but others, myself included, don’t believe it is.

Instead, affiliate  marketing proves itself to be far more superior than PPC, and to all other strategies as well.

Here are a few reasons to support the opinion.


In the same way that signing up with PPC advertisers is free, affiliate marketing programs are also free to join.

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs that offer free membership to aspiring marketers.

These programs however do not have strict policies or harsh regulations when it comes to eligibility, like some PPC advertisers.

The most encouraging part is that you can join as many networks as you wish and increase your income potential (although joining too many of course can be detrimental)

On the contrary, creating a Google AdSense account for example means adhering to their rules.

The program has so many strict rules and regulations that it can lock out many marketers.

Considering the fact that this service is owned by Google, one of the rules is that you must possess a Gmail account, and your site must have been active for a minimum of six months for you to be eligible for this service.

Another drawback is that Google can change their policies at any time without notice. This might reduce your income potential significantly.

Higher commissions

Affiliate marketing offers very high commissions, ranging from 30% to 70% depending on your niche. Unlike ad programs, you do not need to convince people to click on your ads.

All you have to do is generate great content that will not only engage your readers, but also convert them into paying customers.

Affiliate marketing is a great way of building your audience and creating lasting relations with your clients. In essence, affiliate marketing is a long-term venture that can result in a steady income in the long run.

Commissions from Pay Per click advertisements range from $0.5 to $5, depending on the content of your site, specific ad and the amount of traffic you can attract.

Comparatively, the amount of money you can make in commissions is very little. This is because your earnings will be dependent on search engine results. You cannot rely on this strategy in the long term, as your focus will always be on “convincing” people to click on ads.

Remember, Google may also terminate your account indefinitely in case they suspect any suspicious clicking activity.

Multiple Niche Markets

Google AdSense and other ad placement programs do not support all market niches. You may therefore not be allowed to promote products from your favorite niche.

Participating in a business activity that does not revolve around your interests might just turn out to be a venture in futility.

When it comes to affiliate marketing programs, you can promote products from any niche market without any restrictions.

You have the freedom to follow your passion and promote products that revolve around your interests.

Building a business around what you are extensively knowledgeable about sets you apart from the rest.

You will be highly regarded as an expert in your niche, and your audience will trust you more. This will eventually increase your income potential.

Ad programs are too sales-oriented

When it comes to online marketing, first impressions do matter.

If ads are the first things that your visitors see when they land on your site, then you are more likely to lose customers fast. This is because ads create the impression that you want to sell something rather than help readers find solutions to their problems.

They are a form of distraction not only for your visitors, and content owners. Some visitors may not even bother reading through your content in the first place, no matter how much value it contains.

In addition, ads may make your site look unattractive, further watering down the gains you might have made earlier.

Affiliate marketing allows you to build trust with your audience through great content. You will be able to provide solutions rather than look like an over eager salesperson.

Building trust gives you great influence, which you can use to offer recommendations to your audience. Your readers will not be bombarded with ads that could be too sleazy to their liking.

You will also be able to create a good reputation, which is essential to achieving long-term business goals.

Is Affiliate Marketing More Superior To Other Monetization Strategies?

Affiliate marketing is far superior compared to other monetization strategies, simply because it gives you total control to build your audience from scratch without undermining your goals.

In the affiliate marketing world, internet marketers are their own bosses.

Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to ad programs. Google AdSense and other ad placement programs are relatively bossy.

AdSense, for instance, is solely managed by Google, meaning that you do not have control over the ads that are placed on your site. Besides, you are never sure of how much each click will attract in commissions.

AdSense and other ad programs are great conversion killers. You cannot use your own call to action or request your audience to take a specific step.

This can quickly put off your audience and significantly affect your income. The fact that your site ought to have been active for at least six months makes ad programs a no-go zone for many online marketers.

Bearing all this in mind I can safely state that affiliate marketing remains one of the best ways of monetizing your website.

Its a great time to get into affiliate marketing. It is a muti billion dollar industry that keeps growing year on year. Not only that, it is a business that you build in your spare time.

If you have bills to pay and need your day job, you can build your business at times that suit you, so you don’t need to take any big financial risks. That is obviously something you can’t really say about a lot of new business start ups.

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