Is Clixsense For Real? Read This To Find Out

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Today I will be finding out if Clixsense is a genuine platform for making some cash online.

You may have heard of this platform before, but how does it really match up to other money making platforms on the internet today?

Let’s find out….

What Is Clixsense?

Clixsense is one of the best known and most popular PTC (Paid To Click) websites.

It’s free to join and members get paid a fraction of a cent for clicking on and viewing ads.
There are however other ways to earn on Clixsense and these include;

  • Completing offers (some that are free and others that you pay for)
  • Surveys
  • Other micro tasks
  • Referring others to the site
  • Clicking onto what is called clixgrid with the opportunity to win up to $10.00

How Much Do You Get Paid Just For Clicking On Ads?

I joined Clixsense to see how things worked, and how much I was likely to be paid for carrying out the various tasks on the site.

For clicking onto ads Clixsense say you can earn up to $0.02 per click, although the ones I saw paid less than that;

You do get paid more however for how long you need to view the ad for. The ones above are paying $0.001 for viewing the ad for 5 seconds.

This is a slow way to earn there is no doubt about that, but at least you don’t get thrown out for not qualifying like you would if you took surveys.

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Surveys At ClixSense

Surveys can be a frustrating thing, especially as you can often find yourself not qualifying for one that you have got half way through.

Nonetheless there is the potential to earn more for this than say clicking on ads. The surveys I saw were paying around $1.25.

I’d only just joined up and found that I had received quite a number of survey invites that not only told me how much I would be paid for each survey but also how long each survey is likely to take.

Surveys at Clixsense

Offers Available At ClixSense

There is a good selection of offers available at ClixSense that include signing up for things, cash back on shopping, joining websites and downloading apps. Some of the offers are free and some you pay for.

Offers At ClixSense

MicroJobs At ClixSense

Choose from the available tasks when you click on the tasks tab at the top of the page. You can earn a few cents from these and you can do as many as you want to. There are also wahat is called potential tasks. You will however be required to complete other micro tasks to get to these.


You have 30 chances to win up to $10.00 each day. Click anywhere on the grid and you will then need to view an ad for 10 seconds before being told if you are a winner.

Can I Earn More Money At ClixSense By Getting Referrals?

There is potential to earn more by getting direct referral’s. Direct referral’s are what you can get more of if you learn about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing enables you to refer lots people to websites like ClixSense and earn money without you having to carry out the tasks yourself.

A lot of people do enjoy sites like ClixSense, however if you don’t want to spend your time clicking on ads or taking surveys yourself, then you could instead promote the site via your own website. You can set one up for free right here

Premium Membership At ClixSense

When you sign up for free at ClixSense you become a ‘standard’ member. There is however potential to earn more from your direct referral’s if you sign up as a Premium member which will cost you $17.00 per year.

As you can see below you will get a better commission as a premium member.

ClixSense Affiliate Program

You will also get better commission each time your direct referral carries out any of the other tasks on the site.

Also, if your direct referral upgrades, you not only get $2.00 for your direct referral as you would if you are a standard member, you also get $1 for each new member that upgrades, and is referred by your direct referral.  This then continues for each upgrade member through 8 levels.

It is difficult to say how profitable this can be for you. Obviously you have to factor in the cost of the premium membership before making anything at all. You are probably going to need a lot of referral’s to achieve a decent side income.

As an affiliate marketer however you won’t be limited by just one affiliate income stream, there is the potential to earn via multiple affiliate programs.


  • Multiple ways to earn
  • Free To Join
  • A tiered referral program
  • A popular site that has been around for a long time


  • Limited earning potential unless you get a lot of referrals
  • PayPal no longer available


Clixsense is a legit way to earn a side income online. I wouldn’t however consider the paid Premium option unless you are able to refer a lot of new member to the site.

Do you have any experience of ClixSense that you want to share. Have to managed to make it work well for you, or have you found it to be a waste of time?  Please leave a comment below I will be very happy to hear from you.

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