Is Ebates For Real? Read This First Before Joining

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Is Ebates a genuine platform for saving money on your shopping? Is it really worth your time?

This is what I will be finding out today, so before you decide to join make sure you read This first.

Introduction To Ebates

If you love shopping online, it is good to look for apps that will ensure that you get value and savings on your shopping.

One of those kind of apps is a cash back option on your purchase. This is where Ebates comes into play.

Ebates was founded in the Silicon Valley in 1998 by two district attorneys with experience in prosecuting online fraud, phishing, and identity theft cases.

The company became operational in 1999 as pioneers of cash back shopping.

It has also bought leading cash back competitors over the years  including companies like and

How does Ebates work?

How this site works is the same as others, through affiliate links to various leading e-commerce sites such as Best Buy, Amazon, Lowe’s, Kohls and Nordstrom amongst others.

Buying from the affiliate link means that Ebates gets their commission from these sites when you buy through the links.

Then Ebates splits the commission with you, and your share is the cash back you get.

This is good of course because you get goods at a lower cost, Ebates makes some cash from your purchase, and the merchants make money on their sales too.

Currently Ebates is affiliated with over 2,000 online stores. That is a lot of choice!

Yes, lots of choice in term of products and who to buy them from. Ebates is also free to join too.

Joining Ebates

To join Ebates, visit the website and sign up by entering personal information. You will get a sign-up bonus of $10.

Ebates Shopping App

Then, you will be given a choice of picking a gift card to redeem the $10. The gift card will be sent to you once you hit a purchase of $25 on the link.

When you sign up for Ebates, you will also be required to open a PayPal address for which to get paid. The email address you use on Ebates should be the same address you use for PayPal.

If you already have a PayPal account with another email address, you can add the Ebates email address you used to your primary PayPal address.

Using Ebates

When you log into your email, you will get a variety of places where you can shop.

If you did not find the stores that you like, click on All Stores’ to find a list of places from which you can shop.

You can shop directly from Ebates website or install an Ebates Cash Back Button on the internet browser.

You will have to sign in to your account every time you go shopping.

After you are done with shopping, there are points that will be added to your account within a day.

When do you get paid on Ebates?

Ebates has a straightforward payment scheme and pays on time.

However, you will only be paid four times a year. This may be considered by some to be rather slow in this day and age, but it is worth waiting nonetheless.

You can choose to have a check mailed to you instead of having cash sent to PayPal. However, it takes the time to get the check, and of course the risk that your check may be lost on the way.

If you like to be charitable, you can choose to have the cash sent to charity. All mailing and transaction fees are handled by

Ebates Referral Program

You can also make cash by referring friends to Ebates.

The site has a generous referral program. You will get about $50 for referring the first two friends. You will get additional $5 for every additional friend.

If you learn how to do affiliate marketing you will be able to refer lots of people to sites like Ebates. It’s a great way to earn an online passive income. You can get started today by taking advantage of this 10 free Part course in affiliate marketing 


1. Cash back rewards

This is the best reason to shop on Ebates. You will get cash back for shopping that you would still have done anyway.

The only hassle that you have to go through is to search and filter the offers similar to what you would do online when searching for online stores.

If you install the Ebates Cash Back Button, your shopping experience will be a lot easier and fast.

2. Clear instructions

The amount of cash you will earn is clearly stated on the shopping link. This is in the form of percentages. This amount is reinforced when you click on the shopping portal. The process is as easy as ABC.

3. Good customer service

Ebates is listed on Better Business Bureau (BBB). You will find several complaints against the website. Of course every company will have complaints made against them, the important thing is that Ebates will try to resolve them.


Despite all the positives, Ebates has several negatives that you may consider before joining the program.

Here are some of them

1. Missed Payouts

Since the company pays four times a year, it is expected that it should do a good job of sending the payments but there are complaints about payments being missed. I found quite a few complaints on forums, however Ebates do work to resolve these issues.

2. Limited categories

Despite being an affiliate to hundreds of stores, there is a limitation to the number of categories that you can shop.

Most of these e-commerce platforms have hundreds of categories, but Ebates only gives cash back for very few of these categories.

There are also a few big retailers who are not included in the cash back program.

Do not spend cash aimlessly if you do not need the items you are buying. However, when you shop, consider checking Ebates to see how much cash back you can get on your purchases.

The program is real and great. If they could improve on paying on time, they would be one of the best cash back platforms available.

Ebates Score……6 out of 10 Ebates is a long established company offering cash back on shopping, and has a generous referral program too. There appears to have been a few issues with payments, although Ebates will work to resolve these.

Thanks for reading my Ebates review. Just drop a comment below if you have used the Ebates App and you want to share your experience.

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