Is Fusion Cash A Scam? Read This And Find Out

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Today in this Fusion Cash Review, I will be finding out all about this Get Paid To platform, to help you decide if it is worth signing up to.

We will be finding out if Fusion Cash is a scam or if it is a legit platform, and if it’s legit whether it is worth your time.

There are a lot of reward sites available online, but some are better than others, so you are right to check out a review like this one to see what the sites offer their members.

What Is Fusion Cash?

Fushion Cash is a Get Paid To (GPT) website that pays you to carry out a number of tasks. The company has been paying its members for over 10 years so Fusion Cash isn’t a scam, it’s legit.

You can get paid for carrying out tasks such as;

  • Completing Surveys
  • Signing up for various offers
  • Watching videos (approx $0.02 for each video)
  • Listening to Radio (approx $0.03 for 30 mins)

It also offers cash back on purchases made.

I have rated Fusion Cash out of 5 on 3 categories

Customer Reviews

Score 3/5

The positive customer reviews on the Internet outnumber the negative ones so I have scored Fusion Cash quite highly on this.

It was difficult to form an opinion on some of the complaints in the customer reviews as most of them were regarding payments that the customers said they didn’t receive.

Whether this was due to non compliance with terms and conditions on behalf of the customer, or otherwise, cannot be known for certain.

The positive feedback from customers included confirmation that they hadn’t had any difficulties receiving payment.

Redemption Amount

Score 2/5

Fusion Cash will only pay out once you have reached $25, with at least $15 having been accumulated from earnings, and not from bonus’s or referrals.

I have given Fusion Cash a mid-range score for this as there are lower redemption amounts on other survey sites. If you prefer to have a lower cash out then you could try this panel

Length of Time in Business

Score 5/5

I have given Fusion Cash the top score for this as the company has been in business for more than 10 years.

You must be doing a few things right to have been around for so long, and there is also a lowered chance of the company going out of business before you have had chance to cash out.


Let’s have a look at some of the features at Fusion Cash;


You get paid for referring people to the site. Payments are as follows;

  • each person that you refer and confirms their email address, you earn $1
  • each person referred that completes a paid offer, you earn $2
  • each person you have referred that cashes out, you earn $5

With your own website you can refer a lot more people to Fusion Cash

Take a look at the Fusion Cash promotional video



    • Upon registering you get a $5 bonus
    • The website has a forum for its members. Having a forum on the site is one of the big advantages, it’s something that other GPT and survey sites don’t have. It’s an important part of any website of this kind as it enables members to discuss the various aspects of using the site.
    • Payments are by made by either check, direct payment or Paypal, and they are paid out after the 20th of each month.
    • If you do not qualify for a survey, you are still paid 0.01 for your time. (Not qualifying to complete a survey after having already spent time doing one is a complaint often raised by members of this type of site).
    • The site has been in business for approx 11 years


  • The site is only open to citizens of US and Canada.
  • There is a minimum cash out of $25, however $15 or more of this balance must be non bonus credits.
  • Ensure that you comply fully with the terms of service, failure to do so may result in payments being declined.
  • You have 180 days in which to withdraw the money you have earned otherwise it will expire and you will lose it.


Fusion Cash is legit.

Fusion Cash is a legitimate company. The potential to earn anything other than a side income however is unlikely, but you can earn money from the site nonetheless.

You can earn more from the referral program, but the level of those earnings depends upon the amount of referrals you make, and how active the people you refer to the site are.

As with all GPT and survey sites that I review, I don’t recommend or not recommend that you use them.

Using GPT sites such as Fusion Cash allows you to earn a side income, it won’t replace your full time occupation if you have one, so don’t give up your job thinking the income from Fusion Cash will act as a replacement.

I don’t recommend is that you join a GPT site that charges you money to do so. This site, Fusion Cash, doesn’t charge you to sign up, nor does any of the GPT and survey sites that I review on my site.

The idea is to earn money for yourself, therefore you don’t want to be out of pocket before you even start filling out a survey by having to pay them first.

So if you enjoy online shopping, and browsing the internet, you may decide it’s a good idea to earn some side money whilst you are doing it, by joining Fusion Cash.

If you have any questions regarding this review, or if you have any experience of working with Fusion Cash, please leave a comment below, I will be more than happy to help.


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Gomer Magtibay - September 6, 2016

Although it is a legit business, I think I will pass joining Fusion Cash, as my time doesn’t permit me to stay long in such sites. Maybe, those people with lots of time doing tasks, they can join this site.

Is this business open for countries like the Philippines? I’m asking because I have friends here who are looking for opportunities like Fusion Cash. If this OK here, then I will tell them about this site.

    Ray-Admin - September 6, 2016

    Thanks for your comment.
    Yes you need to have plenty of spare time available, so it doesn’t suit everybody.
    Unfortunately Fusion Cash is only available to US and Canadian residents. You may want to show your friends this if they are from the Philippines and are interested in sites like Fusion Cash (click on this link) 10 best survey companies for the Philippines

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