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Is Get Paid Surveys Legit?

Online Surveys

Welcome to my Get Paid Surveys Review.

Today I will be finding out whether is a legitimate platform, and if so, how it matches up to other similar ‘Get Paid To’ Sites.

I will be discovering how the site works, how you can earn from it, how much you are likely to earn, and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to join.

First however let’s take a look at how things work.

What Is is a survey platform (formerly known as GPTreasure) site that compensates members for completing various tasks.

From watching videos, completing surveys to downloading software, and competing in contests, this platform will pay you for quite a number of tasks and activities.

Is Legitimate?

With so many online scams flooding the internet nowadays, it is quite understandable if you have any reservations about However, is a 100% legit GPT site, and the company has been in existence for more than 10 years making it one of the oldest GPT sites.

Getting Started On

Registering with is very easy. You can either use the conventional sign-up method to register, or log in using your Facebook account.

Whatever choice you make, signing up is quick and simple. All you have to do is provide your email address, username, and password.

How Does Work? how it works

This platform offers you several opportunities to make money online.

Your options include completing offers, taking surveys, performing easy tasks, participating in offer contests, and making referrals. earns revenue from the tasks that they give you. In return, they share their revenue with you. The percentage of the revenue varies between 20% and 90% of their total earnings.

The website uses a redeemable points system where members are rewarded using coins.

You will receive 10 bonus coins immediately after signing up. Thereafter, you will earn coins according to the tasks that you complete.

How Much Can I Earn With

The amount you earn will of course depend upon the amount of time you commit to working on the platform, however the income potential is very low despite the numerous revenue streams available.

That’s because 5 coins are equivalent to only $0.01. This means that you need to earn 500 coins to make $1. Each task has a specific amount of coins ranging from 0.15 coins to 200 coins. You will be eligible for a special spin bonus once you reach 300 points.

Therefore it may take you a considerable amount of time to achieve so you can cash out, but with hard work and dedication you should be able to manage it.

How To Make The Most Of

To make the most out of this platform you should try to make the most of the following;

Referral Program

Take advantage of the referral program to earn more coins on this platform. This program has two commission levels. You will earn 30% of what your first level referrals earn and 10% of what your second level referrals make. You will also get a referral-joining bonus.

Accumulate Experience points for extra coins has nine membership levels. To move a level up, you must accumulate enough experience points and badges. These points and badges are awarded for achieving various milestones on this platform.

The number of referrals you invite, as well as the consecutive logins you make, will earn you experience points and badges respectively. Subsequently, you will be eligible for more coins, loyalty bonuses, and special features every time you level up.

Payments And Withdrawals At

The minimum cash out varies according to the region.

Residents of the US, the UK, Canada and Australia have a minimum cash out of $1. Other regions have a minimum cash out of $0.5. Payments are swift and do not take more than 48 hours.

You may choose to receive your payment via PayPal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Payza, Western Union or Perfect Money. Alternatively, you may redeem your coins for gift cards with major stores. Reviews From Real Users

At the time of my latest update of this review has a score of 4/5 from 64 reviews at Sitejabber.

Looking at the most recent reviews the majority of users of the site are happy with their experience. Like all platforms however there are some complaints. Customer services however have responded to these with offer of help.

I would love to hear from any readers that have used If you have and you want to share your experience please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of

• It is easy and free to join
• You will receive bonus coins upon registration
• It accepts international members
• It has multiple membership levels.
• It has an excellent referral program
• Multiple revenue streams, including offers, tasks, surveys, and contests
• Prompt payments: Payments are swift and do not take more than 4 8 hours
• Accepts PayPal, Bitcoin, Web Money, and Amazon Gift cards among others
• Low minimum payout requirement of between $0.5 and $1.00 depending on your country

What Are The Cons of

• Low income potential
• Completing tasks may be tedious


Final Thoughts On

If you like get-paid-to websites, then could be one to consider. It is free to join, has a low minimum cash out requirement and payments are prompt.

However, considering the low-income potential, you should count yourself lucky if you manage to make more than a dollar or two each day.

Thanks for reading this review. Have you used What was your experience of using this site? If you want to share your experiences with this site then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A legit GPT platform for earning a small side income. The redemption amount is low, however so is the income potential.

2.5 star rating

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  1. Hi Jacob,
    I’m pleased that you found my review of useful. Sites like these are only small income opportunities, but they can come in handy when you are short of cash. The low cashout sum comes in handy too.
    Thanks for your comment.

  2. i have heard about get paid before reading this article but i didn’t know anything about what the benefits to using it were, how much money i could make with it and how to get the most out of it.

    after reading this article I now know the answer to all of these questions and can make a much more educated decision on whether the money i could make out of it is worth the time i would have to put in.

    thanks for posting

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