Is Inbox Dollars Legit? A Review

Inbox Dollars Review

Today in this review of Inbox Dollars I will be finding out if this GPT (Get Paid To) Platform is legitimate, and if it is worth your time.

There are multiple options available online when it comes to choosing a reward site. It’s worth your time therefore reading reviews like this one, to help you decide which sites might be worth trying.

What is Inbox Dollars?

Inbox dollars is a GPT (get paid to site). It was founded in 2000 and boasts having over 17 million members.

You can get paid for such things as;

  • Shopping
  • surveys
  • Reading emails
  • Referring new members
  • Searches
  • Watching Videos
  • Games

Inbox Dollars Review

I have marked Inbox Dollars out of 5 on 3 criteria that I think are important, so let’s take a look.

1. Customer Reviews

3 out of 5

I don’t think there is any better way to gauge how good or otherwise a survey site is than reading reviews by the users of the site.

Overall most people enjoy using this site. The complaints I found are mostly about how low the pay is for the surveys which some say are lower paying than other sites.

Some however state that there are more surveys available to do than on other sites, so I guess that balances things out a bit.

There are the usual complaints regarding not qualifying for surveys however this is a common feature, and common complaint too by users of most survey sites.

2. Redemption Amount

2 out of 5- I have marked Inbox Dollars down a bit for this because the redemption amount of $30 is quite high ( well it’s $25 really because you get $5 just for signing up).

If you aren’t used to survey or GPT sites then you may be disappointed by how long it takes to build up your balance. It can take a lot longer than you expected and people do give up before they reach the minimum amount required to cash out therefore wasting their time and losing their earnings.

Are you ambitious about earning money online? Maybe you want to create a full time income from the internet? If so then I recommend you take a look at my No1 Recommendation.

3. Length of Time in Business 

5 out of 5-Top marks for this as Inbox Dollars have been around since 2000 which means they are doing something right. I would have marked them down had they been a new company as there is a greater chance of the company going out of business before you have the opportunity to reach the redemption amount.


Let’s have a look at some of the main features of the site;

  • As already stated above, the payout is $30, but you get $5 for signing up.
  • Inbox Dollars pays by either Visa Prepaid card or mailed check. It doesn’t pay via PayPal
  • You are charged $3 processing fee for withdrawing your cash regardless of how much you are withdrawing. It is paid back to you as a bonus (or incentive) after each payout.
  • You must perform some kind of task on the site every 10 days to prevent your account becoming inactive. If you don’t ask for the account to be re-instated with 6 months you will lose the account and any money you have earned with it.
  • You can’t use the same discount, coupon paid emails twice.
  • If you are disqualified from a survey you get a chance to win a prize with Billy’s Spin & Win.

What Is Gold Membership?

Once you have got your first payout you then become a Gold Member (another incentive to keep earning with the site). As a Gold Member you get to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Better payments for searches
  • Faster payments
  • Additional sweepstake entry
  •  A cut of earnings from the pool of ‘non-referred’ members.


  • $5 for signing up which is quite generous in comparison to others.
  • There are frequent surveys
  • Billy’s Spin & Win is at least some compensation for being disqualified.


  • The charge for cashing out seems a bit unfair if you decide not to continue with the site.
  • The inactivity penalty is a bit harsh.


Inbox Dollars is legit.

Inbox Dollars is legit because I have found lots of evidence that they do pay you for carrying out various activities offered on its website.

You will enjoy your experience on a site like this if you remain realistic about the earning potential. It is by no means a full time income, it is a small side income. If you are happy with this then a legit GPT site like this one might be right for you.

 I hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you want to share any of your experiences of working with Inbox Dollars then please leave a comment below, I will be very happy to hear from you.

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Courtney - September 10, 2016

Thanks for sharing this review; it’s relevant to my current interest of monetizing my site, I could not find any excitement or inspiration in the site. I was looking for rates per service but did not find any, not even in the promotional video. However they must be doing something right to be around for so long with an impressive number of customers. placed on the back-burner for now but not discarded. Thanks for the review.

Joshua Thomas - September 10, 2016

Thank for sharing this review. I have a friend who’s going through college and would like to earn a bit of income on the side so that they at least have some pocket money on daily basis. What’s the type of time commitment necessary to keep up with Inbox Dollars…bearing in mind she’ll also have to be studying? It sounds like it might be a good one to recommend but would appreciate your guidance.

Ray-Admin - September 10, 2016

Hi Joshua,
Survey sites are popular with students who want to earn a bit of spare cash.
It will probably take a while however for your friend to reach the cash out of $30 unless they are setting aside time regularly to complete the surveys at inbox dollars. This could of course be difficult fitting it in with study.
The advantage to doing surveys of course is the flexibility as they can be done at any time of day or night.
Inbox Dollars is worth giving a go, although I recommend joining a number of survey sites to help maximise income. Unfortunately the income is going to be small and it really is going to be pocket money. Legit survey sites don’t make any claims that members will make lots of money, it’s the ones that aren’t legit that say completing surveys can be very lucrative. All the survey sites I have reviewed on my site are legit and are worth giving a go.
Thanks for dropping by to read my review and to comment.

Ray-Admin - September 11, 2016

Hi Courtney,
The rates for tasks for such things as opening and reading email, watching videos or doing searches is pretty much what you would be paid on other GPT sites (just a few cents). The rates for surveys will depend upon the length of survey, but you can be certain it’s not going to make you rich! Inbox Dollars could be worth putting on the back burner like you say if you needed some pocket money one day soon.
Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you dropping by.

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