Is It Free To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing With An Affiliate Website?

Is it free to get started in affiliate marketing

You may have read somewhere that you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. That is certainly true, as long as you work hard at it for a sustained period of time.

You may also have heard that it is quite cheap to get started, with the set up costs being way lower than more convention new business ventures.  This is also true………but what you really want to find out is if Affiliate Marketing is free to get started with an affiliate website.

I guess you want to know if you have to really put money into it to get money out of it?

Afterall, if you want to start an affiliate marketing career, and build your online presence with an affiliate website, then you are going to need to know about any possible cost implications.

So in this article I am going to answer the question “is it free” so this will help you decide if affiliate marketing is a good choice, and whether it’s right for you.

Affiliate marketing - Is it free?

There are many platforms, websites etc where you can do affiliate marketing for free. The best platform to get started for free is THIS ONE. So I guess that the short answer to that question and the one you are perhaps looking for is yes. Because on that platform you can get into affiliate marketing with an affiliate website and the cost is zero.


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The most basic approach to affiliate marketing is when you post affiliate links.

This simplified approach is just all about posting links, promoting people’s products, and getting paid a certain level of commision.

This is another way to get started for free with affiliate marketing straight away. Doing it this way means you don’t need a website, you just need an affiliate link that you can post on various appropriate platforms.

However, I want to explore the possibility of getting started for free with affiliate marketing with a website.

That’s because you are more likely to create a sustainable income if you have a website.

Joining the platform I mentioned earlier is a great way to get started for free with an affiliate website. But that is really to just get you started.

If you want to do affiliate marketing the right way, and also make the maximum amount of money possible, then yes there will be some small charges incurred, which you can learn more about below.

Doing affiliate marketing right

The tools you need If you are serious about affiliate marketing and want to make the most of what it offers, you will be far better off building your brand on your own site.

By creating your very own affiliate website, you are going to build up your own audience, and you will also be easier to find when people search for certain things in search engines.

For a professional looking website that draws in customers and comes up high in regards to search engine optimization, you are going to need to pay some small fees for the following.

  • Website hosting – You will need a place to host your website and for most companies, there will be a fee associated with this that needs to be paid on a monthly basis.
  • Domain Name
  • Outsourcing – This is a way to get other people to help you with affiliate marketing. It isn’t necessary when you are starting up with this but it will help you progress in the future.

it is important to remember that although affiliate marketing can be very cheap to get into, and as we have already seen, you can even get started for free.

However it is also a very competitive industry, which means if you want an edge over the competition, you will need to consider some cost implications that come with an affiliate website.

These costs could be incurred by either paying a writer or writers, to ensure a constant flow of great quality content for your website. Or it may be to pay for a premium theme or premium plugins to give your website a professional touch, and to maximise it for conversion.

It could also mean paying a subscription for a training program that keeps you bang up to date with the latest industry changes.

Affiliate Marketing is a rapidly changing business, and losing touch with the current trends could spell disaster for your business, which is why I recommend THIS PLATFORM for all your affiliate marketing needs.


I hope this has answered some questions you have in regards to affiliate marketing including “is it free?” It can be free, but if you want to make decent money off this new found venture, there will be some small costs involved to help you off your feet.

Getting started with affiliate marketing could be the best thing you ever did. In fact thousands of people are making money with affiliate marketing using the training they have been given at Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform offers new members the chance to get Started For Free in affiliate marketing, with 2 WordPress websites that can be built using their site builder.

Joining for free will give you the opportunity to test the water and see what you think of affiliate marketing, and whether you think it will be right for you.

There is lots of support and advice available from experienced marketers, and a Free starter course so you can learn the basics.


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