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Is Microsoft Rewards Legit? Free Rewards For Small Tasks?

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Microsoft Rewards Review

Thanks for checking out my Microsoft Rewards review

Microsoft Rewards is a platform designed to give its members points for searching, shopping or playing with Microsoft products.

Microsoft is of course a brand name we all recognise and trust, so there is no question it is legit, however how good is their rewards program? This is what I will be finding out today in my Microsoft Rewards review.

To help me do this I will be discovering what real users of the platform are saying, and uncovering what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to join.

First however let’s take a look at how things work.

How Microsoft Rewards Works

What is appealing about Microsoft Rewards Is that it gives you points for activities that you may already do each day online, such as doing internet searches, shopping and playing games.

However, to benefit from the rewards you need to create an account and ensure that you’ve signed in before you start doing an activity that gives you points.

With Microsoft rewards you can use any device that you like, including your tablet, phone and PC.

If you already have a Microsoft account it can be used with the program, so you don’t need to create a new one. Just use the same credentials from Skype, Xbox, Hotmail or Bing Rewards.

If you’re using Bing, make sure you’ve signed in before you start surfing the Web.

You can surf on your mobile device by using the Bing search engine on the mobile web. You can also download the Bing app and search using that. Either way, you’ll gain Microsoft Rewards points.

Microsoft Rewards members all start off at level one and can rise to higher levels, allowing them to earn more. At level one, your earnings will be capped at five points per day for a regular Bing search.

Earning with Microsoft Rewards

Whether you like to play games on the Xbox or search for information using Bing, you can earn points with Microsoft Rewards. For Xbox, there are specific games and quests that will give you points.

Whether you use a Microsoft device or another brand, you’ll earn points whenever you search with Bing.

If you use a system with Windows 10, you’ll earn points whenever you use the search bar, you can ensure that if you need to buy an item and it’s sold in the Microsoft Store, you buy it there instead of at other providers.

Whenever you shop in the store, you’ll have points added to your balance. There are also strategies that you can use to accelerate your earnings. For example if you use Microsoft Edge to search and you reach level 2, you’ll earn 600 more points a month at that level than you would at level one.

There is an Earn page that gives information on the number of points that you can earn for different activities. There are some that are added for a short time and new activities are always being added.

Also, if you like to do quizzes or play trivia games, you’ll get lots of points that way as well.

How You Can Redeem Your Microsoft Rewards

Your points from Microsoft Rewards can be redeemed for everything from films to apps. You can even exchange your points for sweepstakes entries, non profit donations and gift cards.

You can collect small or large prizes by using your points and automatically track your spending within the Microsoft Rewards app.

The gift cards cover a wide range of products. You can get gift cards for Burger King, Amazon, Target and Walmart. The exchange rates vary a bit for some products, so you can redeem your points for some gift cards, such as Microsoft cards, even when you don’t have a lot of points.

Your level also positively impacts your redemption rate. If you’re at level two, you could get a $5 Microsoft gift card by using 4,650 points. You’ll usually need to earn around 5,000 or 5,250 points, if you want to get a prize that’s worth $5.

It’s important to keep earning your points fairly regularly. If 18 months pass and you don’t earn any new points, some of your older points will no longer be available for redemption.

It also is better for you if you save up your points for big purchases. For example, you’ll only need 91,000 points to get a $100 gift card.

Each type of reward already has a specific number of points attached to it. Once you’ve identified a prize that you’re interested in, you can steadily gain points for that.

When you’ve reached the minimum points for your selection, click on your Rewards tab. On your Rewards page, all the prizes that can be exchanged for the number of points that you’ve got will be

Click Redeem for the item or items that you like. You’ll also be guided through the process with tips at every step.

Microsoft Rewards Reviews From Real Users

There are lots of Microsoft Reward members enjoying their experience of using the program. Many enjoy building their points by playing games, and earning enough to pay for the games they want.

Some members enjoy finding games that provide ways to get more points. Quite a number of users stay loyal to the earning program and have racked up hundreds of dollars in rewards over a few years.

Some members also compliment Microsoft customer services for their prompt and friendly replies.

Some complain that the earning opportunities take too long to earn anything worthwhile.

What Are The Pros Of  Microsoft Rewards?

  • Free to sign up
  • Easy and fun ways to earn including searching, games and offers.
  • Available in 21 Countries

What Are The Cons Of  Microsoft Rewards?

  • You need to search on Bing rather than Google, which may be unpopular with some.
  • Although the program is available in 21 Countries, some regions are presently excluded
  • No way currently to earn through a referral program.


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Some Final Thoughts About Microsoft Rewards

As you would expect, Microsoft Rewards is definitely a legit rewards program.

By staying loyal to Microsoft products and services, you can earn real rewards by doing things you would be doing anyway.

This rewards program allows you to participate in activities you enjoy whilst providing rewards that allow you to participate more.

Like all reward sites, you won’t be able to earn substantial amounts, so you need to keep your earning expectations realistic.

Star Rating-3.5/5-Legit rewards program for Microsoft customers. If you love online gaming and participating in offers, Microsoft Rewards could be worth joining.

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Thanks for checking out my review of The Microsoft Rewards App. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The Microsoft Rewards platform could be a good option for you.

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