Is microWorkers Legit?-A Review

MicroWorkers Review

Thanks for joining me today for a review of a crowd sourcing website called microWorkers.

I will be finding out what you need to know about this platform, what you can earn, and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to join.

What is microWorkers?

  • microWorkers is considered as an alternative to the Mechanical Turk platform. It pays workers to carry out quick tasks or ‘microjobs’
  • There are many types of jobs you can carry out, here are some of them;

Adding Comments

Downloading Apps

Forum Participation

Testing Websites

Carrying Out Searches

Writing Articles

  • Once you join Microworkers simply click the Task Link which will then display the tasks, how long you have to complete the tasks and what you will earn by completing it.
  • You get awarded $1 for signing up.
  • You need to earn another $9 before you can cash out.
  • When you request a withdrawal for the first time you will be sent a PIN via the post. This can take between 1-4 weeks to arrive. Once the PIN is received and you enter it, you will receive payment quickly. The reason microWorkers do this is to verify you as a worker and also to prevent multiple accounts.
  • You are paid via PayPal, Dwolla or Moneybookers. Please note, as can be seen from the screenshot below, there is a percentage fee charged for each withdrawal.

Categories of Jobs

There are 2 types of jobs ‘Basic’ and ‘Hire’. The Basic jobs everyone is qualified to do, however with the Hire jobs the requesters that hire people from the site choose those who are best qualified.

You can build up your reputation by performing well at tasks so that you can improve your microWorkers Success Rate.

What Can You Earn? 

Jobs can pay anything up to $5 depending upon the length of time required to carry out the tasks. The highest earning members on the site can average around $200 per month, however it isn’t likely you will get near to this when you begin as you will have to build a reputation. Some members complain of a lack of available jobs and that limits what they earn also.


  • Try to choose tasks that you know you are good at.
  • Ensure that you complete tasks properly to ensure that you get your success rate up.


  • A convenient way to earn a small side income from home.


  • Low paid work
  • It can take some time to withdraw your first payment as you will have to wait up to 4 weeks for the PIN to arrive by post.
  • A fee is charged for withdrawing your cash.


This company is definitely legit.

MicroWorkers is legit as they pay you for the jobs you are given. It is only an opportunity to earn a small side income however.

I believe that the money you get from a site like this should be viewed as a saving opportunity rather than an earning opportunity

If you combine it with other small income streams you could say over 12 months save toward a holiday or something that what otherwise be difficult to save for.

I think you get the most out of sites like Microworkers when you have a realistic view as to what the earning potential is.

Whilst sites like Microworkers are great for helping you to earn a small online income, however if you want to make a good online income then you need another strategy.

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Do you have any experience of working with microWorkers? If you do please leave a comment below if you wish to share your experiences, I will be very happy to hear from you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of microWorkers, I have written other reviews of websites where you can earn a small side income. If this is how you want to earn money on the Internet then you may also be interested in the following;

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