Is Mintvine Surveys Legit? A Review

Mintvine Review


MintVine is now called Branded Surveys, check out our review of Branded Surveys.

What Is Mintvine?

Mintvine is a website that pays you to complete surveys and polls, it also has a referral program. The site was formed in 2012 and boasts of having more than 1 million registered panellists.

The good thing about participating in online surveys is that you don’t need any specific qualifications.

You are given the opportunity to share your opinion on such things as a particular kind of product, or similar product, that you have used. As with all survey sites, including Mintvine, there is certain criteria with surveys that means you may not be eligible to take part in particular ones.

We have rated Mintvine out of 5 on 3 categories We consider important;

Customer Reviews 

1. 3 out of 5 ( based upon the customer reviews around the web). There are mixed reviews, quite equally mixed between good and bad.

There are complaints about the time it takes for points to be approved, Mintvine do say that a process has to be followed to ensure that they are receiving legitimate answers and the process can take 2 weeks.

Other complaints surround the fact that you get disqualified for surveys however this happens a lot with survey sites in general not just Mintvine. For up to date reviews of Mintvine go to

Redemption Amount 

2. 3 out of 5 ( the amount you have to earn before you can withdraw ) in comparison to other survey sites. The redemption amount for Mintvine is just $10 which isn’t bad, although there are better.

Earning on survey sites can be very slow unless you have a lot of time to spend on them so the lower the redemption amount the better, so that there is less chance of you giving up before you manage to reach the cash out sum

Length of time in Business 

3.  2 out of 5 Mint-vine has been in business for 4 years, a moderate length of time. There are survey sites that have been around a lot longer so in comparison they are quite new so I have marked them down a bit for this.

Mintvine pays you in the following ways:

  • Cash via PayPal
  • Gift Cards from places like Amazon, iTunes, Walmart etc
  • Visa Pre-Paid Cards

When you complete surveys you earn points. 1 point is equivalent to $1

You are paid approx 40-100 points for each survey you complete. The surveys can take between 10-20 mins approx. (The time it will take you will be listed, which is a good feature of this site). You get paid 15% of each person’s earnings that you refer to the site. When the person you referred completes their first survey, you get a 50 point ($0.50) bonus.

You get the chance to add to your earnings by taking a quick daily poll. You get 5 points for completing the daily poll, and if you do it for 10 days you get a 25 points bonus.

To redeem either a cash payment or gift card payment you need to have the minimum amount of 1000 points ($10).

There are other ways to earn at Mintvine including through trial offers and product tests, you will be required to join other sites to do this. If you do join any trials make sure you cancel them before the expiration date otherwise you will end up getting charged.

You can also get money off through local deals. Save up to 50% on prices at you local store by buying through Mintvine. Make sure you fill out your demographic data correctly given these are local deals.

The Pros

  • It’s free to join and you get 200 points ($2) just for signing up and filling out your profile.
  • 5 points are added to your account if you are disqualified from completing a survey.

The Cons

  • The potential earnings are low. You are not likely to earn more than a small side income.
  • Mixed online reviews from users, mostly about not qualifying for a survey after starting, this is a common complaint from survey site users generally.


Mintvine is legit as it does pay you for completing surveys although you are only going to earn a small side income. Some people however do enjoy being a member of survey sites and don’t really see it as work, but more as a hobby.

It’s good idea to sign up for a number of sites to help boost your income but don’t give up your job as it won’t pay all your bills.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Do you have any experience working with MintVine that you would like to share, if so or if you have any comments at all please leave them in the comment section below.

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Cole - September 17, 2016

Interesting review on Mintvine survey. I like that you provided reviews in a variety of areas. People need to consider more than just “can I make money” when signing up for a product or program. It seems surveys are a way that you can make some money, but not much. This is a great overview and yes I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option!

Admin - September 17, 2016

Hi Cole,
Yes you’re right there are some things to consider, the type of money earning opportunity will depend on your circumstances and how quickly you want to earn. Surveys may be quicker but they will only provide a small side income.
If you invest your time now the payoff by working with Wealthy Affiliate could be multiple times bigger.
Thanks for your comment and opinion I appreciate you dropping by.

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