Is PINCHme Legit? A Review

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Find out if PINCHme is legit by reading my review.

What is PINCHme?

PINCHme is a sample box service that is completely free to join. The company boasts of over 2 million US members, and in return for free products all it asks for is feedback, or a review of the product you have tested.

The products you are getting are from leading brands too, and include all types of products that fit your lifestyle including home, personal care, pet, baby and food.

Unfortunately this isn’t a money making opportunity, it is for people who love getting freebies in exchange for feedback.

How Does It Work At PINCHme?

  • Once a month at 12 noon Eastern time new free samples are released. All you need to do is log into your account and go to ‘samples’
  • When signing up you need to give as much information about your lifestyle as possible so they know which products will fit your consumer profile. It is of course important to update your details when necessary so PINCHme can keep sending you the products you or your family needs.
  • Unfortunately you aren’t guaranteed to get products that match your profile.
  • Once you have tried the product simply log into your account and write your review.

Check out the promotional video from PINCHme below


  • An easy way to get good quality free products for simply giving your opinion of what you thought of them.
  • It is completely free including the shipping costs.


  • Products aren’t always available to you.
  • The service only operates in the US.
  • You have to remember to log into your account at the designated time each month ( I for one would struggle to remember )



I have reached my conclusion and I have found that this company is legit

Pinchme is legit as you get products to test and keep for free in return for leaving feedback on their site.

You may not get the products all of the time but you are getting something for very little really. That is why I recommend this site to my readers. I wouldn’t recommend anything that costs you anything other than some effort on your part. The purpose of my site is to show you ways to earn something online, whether it is in the form of products or cash.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of PINCHme.

If you have experience of this site (perhaps you want to share details of the products you received) and whether you recommend the site to others, then please leave a comment below, I will be very happy to hear from you.

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OUT OF 11 WEEKS on the leaderboards weekly results, Thuy N., Lincoln, NE won 7 times; Harshall A., Chicago, IL won 6 times; Paul J., Florence, JY won 4 times; Alexandria B., Las Vegas, NV won 4 times; Whitney D., Hammond, IN won 3 times and Shannon H., Kingston, PA won 3 times. Pinchme claims that they are not fixed but I beg to differ. You be the judge!!

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