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Is Pinecone Research Legit? Everything You Need to Know

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Pinecone Research Review

Thanks for checking out my Pinecone Research review.

In my article today I will be discovering whether Pinecone Research is a legitimate income opportunity.

Side hustle culture is definitely on the rise, with millions trying their hand at freelancing to make a little extra cash.

Two-thirds of Americans believe that they can make money freelancing, and over 50% of young Americans began a side hustle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently with the rising cost of living, having a side hustle is becoming more of a necessity rather than a matter of choice.

Pinecone Research claims to offer a simple side hustle for those wanting to make some extra cash from home.

However this Pinecone Research review will take a deep dive into this company to understand if it is a legitimate way to make money online.

Read on for my comprehensive guide.

What Is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is an online survey platform and one of the largest market research companies in the world. The site offers you cash in exchange for your ratings, reviews, and opinions on products or services.

It is owned by Nielson Holdings, a company that generated over $6.5 billion in revenue in 2018 alone. They are famous for their consumer engagement analysis on various platforms like television and print media.

Pinecone Research has quickly gained the reputation of being one of the best survey sites out there. Their high payouts and qualifications are an appealing draw, as is the is exclusivity factor (more on that later).

Become an influencer with PineCone Research

Become an influencer with PineCone Research

How Do I Sign up for Pinecone Research?

Pinecone research sign-up is pretty straightforward. It is 100% free and takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

Like making an account on any other site, you will need to create a profile and fill out a survey sheet. Some of the basic questions asked in their profile creation include:

  • Name and age
  • Household size
  • Media you consume
  • Products you’re interested in

You might continue to get email questionnaires after you sign up. This is so that the company can better gauge your interests and qualifications. This will make you eligible for more survey opportunities in turn.

How Can You Earn Money With Pinecone Research?

After you sign up, you will get notifications when surveys are available and eligible to you. Once you accept the invitation, you’ll be able to complete your survey.

You get paid for your surveys through point credits. These credits can be redeemed as cash via bank transfer or as gift cards. The ‘shop’ section of the website will help you browse rewards, letting you choose from options including Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart.

Pinecone Research is one of the most well-paying online survey platforms. By earning 300 points (minimum) for each completed survey, you’ll be receiving the equivalent of $3.

You can earn up to the equivalent of $50 per survey, equivalent to 5,000 points. Users report that surveys take about 10-20 minutes to complete. This is substantially higher than the standard rate most other market research companies offer.

Is Pinecone Research Legit?

Yes, Pinecone Research is undoubtedly legitimate.

The Nielson Company has an A+ rating granted by the Better Bureau Company. It has also been operating for 22 years. Those who sign up are paid regularly, and there have been no incidents of fraudulent business or cons on the company’s end.

It is also a 100% safe company. By using their official apps and log-in credentials, you will ensure that your web usage is safe. All communication from the company will come from an email address ending in

Pinecone Research Review

Does it make sense for you to join Pinecone Research? Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this platform as a side hustle.

Advantages of Pinecone Research

It is generally agreed that this company has some of the best payouts for their surveys. They have exploded past their competition for this very reason. Some of the benefits of signing up with them include:

  1. Survey completion time: The average survey takes between 10-20 minutes to complete. The questions are typically a mixture of multiple choice and short answers. The low effort and time required to submit the surveys is a great advantage.
  2. Payment scheme: You will not need to reach a specific point limit to cash out your points. This means you can access your hard-earned money whenever you want. In addition, the payment per survey is pretty high, considering many other platforms charge around 50 cents per survey!
  3. Product testing opportunities: You might get selected to test products if you work with them for some time. Pinecone will send you a product, about which you will need to complete a survey. The payout for this is higher, and you get the chance to win a lucky draw bonus!

It is understandable why this company is such a draw to so many users. The more work you do with them, the more opportunities you get.

Disadvantages of Pinecone Research

Although the company is legitimate, some users have some complaints about working with Pinecone. Following the disadvantages of signing up with this company:

  1. Exclusive signup: Pinecone doesn’t just allow anyone to join their team. There are periods where they don’t take on new users, and other times, users can only participate through referral. This restriction can make it difficult for many to join.
  2. Point system: Users have reported that the point system can be annoying to use. In addition, it can take some time for the points to reflect in the system, thus delaying when you receive the money.
  3. No longer pay via PayPal: Although bank transfers are available and payments arrive within 3-5 days once requested.

Despite these disadvantages, most users report satisfaction when using this platform. You will always receive surveys you are matched with, and once you are in the system, it is a great way to kickstart your freelancing business.

Find Out Today if Pinecone Research Is the Right Move for You

The internet is oversaturated with ways to make money. If you’re looking to make some extra cash, try signing up with Pinecone Research and see if the effort and money make sense for you.

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