Is Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

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Wealthy Affiliate is perhaps the only online training platform that allows you to have a free run of its core programs before you decide whether you want to become a premium member.

The platform has two membership plans: The starter plan and the paid premium membership plan.

You can sign up for the starter plan without paying a single dime, and enjoy free access to various courses, tools, and resources for one week. Thereafter, access to various resources will be limited until, or if,  you upgrade to premium membership.


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The premium membership plan costs $49 per month. Now this may initially sound quite expensive, however what you have to bear in mind is that the fee covers pretty much everything you need to set up and run an online business. And if you apply yourself with what you will learn on the program, it can become a full time sustainable income.

The Price Plans

Let’s get Started by making sure you understand the various fee structures associated with the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

Firstly, we have the starter plan, which is 100% free, but is somewhat limited in terms of available resources. With free membership, you can only access 10 lessons that come with the Level 1 Course. You also get access to free domain name registration and two free websites to get you started on your affiliate journey.

You have several options as far as upgrading to premium membership is concerned.

You may pay a discounted rate of $19 instead of $49 within the first week of signing up as a free member to become a premium member. This offer allows you to access all the resources available on this platform for a period of one month.

When this period elapses, you have to pay the usual $49 per month to renew your subscription. Under normal circumstances, you probably won’t have acquired enough knowledge and skills within a month to take your business to the next level.

For this reason, you are advised to continue paying your subscription to make the most out of this program.

The second premium option revolves around paying the usual $49 on a month to month basis until you feel that you have acquired enough skills to make significant progress.

With premium membership available at your disposal you will get unlimited access to all the tools, tutorials and resources you will ever need.

You are also allowed to create up to 50 different websites for your business, with free hosting services provided for the duration of your subscription.

Perhaps the most viable premium option entails paying on a yearly basis, instead of the normal month to month basis.

By paying for a full year premium membership, Wealthy Affiliate offers you a chance to pay as low as $29.08 per month if you pay for one year upfront.

This brings the total cost to $349, meaning a saving of $239. This means that by paying your yearly membership up front you are getting to set up and run an online business for less than $1 per day.

Without a doubt this option is the best value for money when it comes to full membership of the  Wealthy Affiliate training program.

What do you get with premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate?

When you take a closer look at what is on offer at Wealthy Affiliate you come to realise that it isn’t that expensive after all, especially if you subscribe to the annual premium option.

However, you can only find out about the worth of the premium plan if you have a low-down of what it has to offer.

Here is what you get by becoming a premium member


• One-on-one training
• Weekly live classes
• Access to member-created training
• Full support services, including live chat
• Access to Kyle and Carson (Owners)
• Access to other community members
• Domain name registration
• 50 free websites, plus 1000s of themes and templates
• Top class web hosting services
• Keyword research tools
• Website analysis
• Affiliate program with double commissions
• Free SSL certificates
• Regular updates

The benefits of becoming a premium member are clear to see. You can never get enough of what this membership plan has to offer. In addition, Wealthy Affiliate regularly updates their courses, lessons and tutorials in line with the various changes in the industry.

Bearing this in mind, you can always rest assured of staying up to date with the latest techniques and strategies.

Does the cost of becoming a premium member all add up?

If you carry out a comprehensive feasibility study that weighs the cost of becoming a premium member against the benefits, you will realize that this deal is worth the price.

For approximately $29 per month, you can set your business on the right path to making a full, steady income.

Is the premium membership meant for me?

The premium membership plan is for anyone that has a passion for making money online. This paid plan gives you an opportunity to learn all the important steps to building a steady income.

Also, you will gain access to dozens of tools, tutorials and ultimately the knowledge that will give you an edge as far as building a solid online presence is concerned.

Compared to other means of setting up an affiliate business, Wealthy Affiliate offers great resources that you can use to set up your marketing business cheaply.

You do not have to enlist a web designer or pay for web hosting services once you become a premium member, so you won’t need to pay for these separately. Your business can be run comp,steely from one platform.

If you consider all the features that the wealthy affiliate premium membership plan has to offer, you will have no doubt in your mind that it is worth every dime.

As a long time member myself I have been unable to find any other platform where you can get a better deal than this. I believe premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate to be the best place to house your business, and make it grow.



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