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Is Qmee Legit?

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Thanks for checking out my Qmee review.

Qmee is an online platform that is designed to reward its U.S and U.K members for carrying out searches whilst using the add-on to their browsers. As a member you can also earn by carrying out surveys and daily polls via their apps.

In my review today I will be finding out what you need to know about the Qmee platform to help you decide if it’s worth checking out for yourself.

Qmee is 100% legit, it has been operating since 2012 and has headquarters in the U.K and U.S with operations in both those countries as well as in Canada and Australia.

However, just because they are legit it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be right for you. So to help with this I will be uncovering what real users of the site are saying about it. I will also be weighing up the pros and cons to help you come to a more informed decision as to whether you should join.

First however let’s find out a bit more about Qmee.

What is Qmee?

Qmee is a unique search-loyalty program that pays its members cash rewards for performing online searches on specific websites using their free browser add-on. You can sign up either via the website, or you can download the app at Google Play for Android phone users or at The App Store for i.OS users.

This program targets online shoppers who use popular auction sites and search engines to shop for various products. Members have to download and install the add-on to their browsers before they can start earning rewards on this platform.

Whenever you perform a normal search on Google or any other major search engine, a few sponsored results will appear alongside your search results. Each sponsored result from Qmee comes with a cash reward and all you have to do is to click on the link to claim your reward.

This distinctive platform also rewards members for taking surveys and shopping using their affiliate links.

As stated above, Qmee is 100% legitimate and has been in existence since 2012. Registration is Free. Payments are timely thereby raising no questions about their legitimacy.

However, the platform draws restricted membership from the UK and the US only.

Getting Started on Qmee

Registering with Qmee is swift and straightforward. All you have to do is to provide your email address, create a password and then provide the usual demographics. Alternatively, you can sign-up using your Facebook account.

Once you complete the registration process, you will receive a verification link and a download link in your email inbox.

Clicking on the verification link will activate your account while the download link allows you to install the web browser extension. The browser add-on is compatible with most browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox among others.

How does Qmee work?

Qmee works with all major search engines and auction sites including:
• Google
• Yahoo
• Bing
• Amazon
• eBay
• Walmart
• Tesco

Once you install the browser extension, Qmee works in the background to track your internet activities and search habits related to shopping. Whenever you perform a search on your favorite sites, Qmee will provide similar sponsored results on the left sidebar.

Clicking on the sponsored link will take you to the merchant’s website and automatically earn you a specified reward. It is not a must that you purchase the product, as visiting the merchant’s website is enough.

You can also make massive savings by using the Qmee App. The application has an automatic price comparison tool that works to find better deals for you.

Where does Qmee get the money to pay users?

Big brands and other advertisers pay Qmee to appear on their search results. Whenever you click on a sponsored search result, the advertiser will receive traffic, as well as exposure. It is a win-win situation for all. You will receive your cut and Qmee will retain theirs.

How Much Can I Earn On Qmee?

You can earn as much as you want on Qmee. However, not every search generates sponsored Ads and this reduces the earning potential. Every sponsored advertisement that you view from the Qmee search results earns you between $0.05 and $0.20. On rare occasions, you can earn up to $1.00 on each link that you click.

You can also earn money by completing surveys on the Qmee platform. However, survey opportunities are by invitation and are hard to come by. Completing a single survey will earn you $1.00

Another great way to earn money is through their referral program. Nevertheless, you have to be a Qmee member for a considerable period before you can receive a personal invite link to share with your friends. Qmee does not indicate how much they pay for referrals.

Payments are almost instant since this platform does not have a minimum cash-out requirement. You can withdraw your cash rewards to your PayPal account immediately after completing a task.

Qmee Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing Qmee has a score of 4.3/5 at Google Play. It also has a score of 4.6/5 at The App Store.

The Qmee App is a very popular survey platform with lots of members happy with the rewards they receive taking surveys via the app. They particularly like the fact that there is no minimum cash out and so ca get their money quickly.

The complaints centre around members not qualifying for surveys despite them having spent up to 20 mins trying to qualify. Unfortunately this is a fact of life with surveys. It would however be a welcome feature if Qmee offered some kind of compensation to members who do get disqualified so they don’t feel as if their time has been completely wasted.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have been or are a member of Qmee. If you are and you want to share your experience, please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of Qmee?

• Instant payments via PayPal
• Multiple streams of income
• Easy to use and ideal for quick cash
• Shopping discounts and coupons
• No minimum cash-out requirement
• Cash out with Gift Cards
• Freedom to search for anything and still earn rewards
• Referral program
• Compatible across various devices including Smartphones

What Are The Cons Of Qmee?

• Membership is open to US and UK residents only
• Low earning potential
• Not every search generates sponsored Ads

Some Final Thoughts On Qmee

The surveys at Qmee are very popular. Some members report being able to earn up to $3 per day, and they can cash out what they have earned straight away.

When it comes to earning from searches however you have to perform more than 100 searches on Qmee to make any significant amount of income. However, don’t try to manipulate the system as Qmee system monitors every click that you make to ensure that it is engaging and is not just for the sake of earning rewards.

This means that the earning potential for searches is very low. The Qmee concept is good, but the earning potential isnt likely to be anything significant. In fact you may only be earning around $1.00 a day.

Star Rating 3/5-Legit platform that provides a number of ways to earn, and you can cash out straight away. The Income potential however, like all reward sites, will be low.

3 Star Rating

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