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Is Qmee Legit? A Full Review And Guide

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How Much Does Qmee Pay

This review will uncover whether Qmee is a legit way for you to earn extra income online.

Since 2019, flexible working has been universally embraced. More people than ever before are looking for ways to boost their income at times that suit them.

Today I will be finding out what you need to know about the Qmee platform to help you decide if this reward site could be a good option for you.

First however let’s find out if Qmee really is legit

Is Qmee Legit?

Yes, Qmee surveys is a legitimate app that’s available to residents of the United Kingdom, Australia and a few other countries.

You’ll be paid for sharing your opinions on the products and services that you use. The platform also pays you for shopping and other activities.

The company has been around for a long time. It was founded in 2012 and since then, the app has been downloaded more than 500,000 times on Google Play. Its founders are Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton.

The Qmee App has always paid its members for the time that they spend working on the platform. Qmee accept members from around the world and has headquarters in London and New York.

The site’s legitimacy is shown through the processes that it uses to protect your data. They have a privacy policy and all the companies that they partner with follow data protection laws.

The Qmee App isn’t connected to a market research firm. However, they’re transparent in all of their dealings with you. There aren’t any complaints from members about misuse of their data, and  you can stop doing surveys on the platform at any time..

How Does the Qmee App Work?

You can download the app for free. It’s available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. Once you’ve installed it, you can start earning by completing surveys while you’re on the go.

After installing the Qmee App, you’ll need to provide information about your Gaming, Automotive use and more under your Profile tab.

Qmee Surveys

You can select surveys that interest you from those that are displayed on your screen. Most Qmee surveys will take at least five minutes and can be done on your mobile device. Some however may take up to 15 minutes.

The length of time that will be required to complete a survey with Qmee will usually be displayed, so you’ll know whether you can complete it before you start. However always ensure that you have time beyond what’s estimated for completion.

When you decide that the survey at Qmee is right for you, you can click on the link for it. That will take you off the site. All of the surveys that you’ll be offered on the Qmee app are actually hosted on third-party platforms.

The Qmee Surveys App is not connected to a market research firm. So, they don’t develop any of their own surveys.

However, you will receive your payment automatically for every survey that you complete with one of  Qmee’s partners.

The surveys at Qmee are designed to be fun. They’re also easy to answer since you just select the option that applies to you from a list of possible answers.

They can be done on your mobile device without any adjustments since the app is designed specifically for that.

After you finish a survey with Qmee you’ll be shown a message confirming that you’ve completed it. You’ll also be shown how much you’ve earned, confirming the sum that you were told initially. In most cases, if a new survey is available it will load automatically after you finish the first survey.

You’ll be told how many seconds remain before the new survey will fully load on your screen. You are not required to do another survey just because it’s being loaded onto your screen. However if you are interested in doing as many as possible this automatic feature saves time.

The Qmee  Survey App automatically tries to offer you surveys that match your profile. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re always qualified for every survey that you start.

You’ll sometimes notice that you will answer a few questions and then be told that you’re not in the demographic that’s being targeted. In that case, you won’t be paid for the survey. You can simply move on to another survey.

The Qmee Extension

The Qmee App doesn’t only pay you for doing surveys. You can also get paid for using Google or other search engines. You’ll need to install the Qmee extension on your browser in order to earn via this option.

When the Qmee extension is installed, you’ll be credited whenever you use your favourite search engine to do an online search.

It doesn’t matter what you look for. If you’re a student or someone else who needs to do online searches frequently, this is a good way to profit from doing your regular research.

The Qmee extension also tells you whenever deals are available that are related to whatever you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for new sandals on Google while you have the Qmee extension installed, you’ll be shown any deals that are available on sandals.

The Qmee extension gives you immediate access to a price comparison tool. As long as the extension can find sandals at a lower price than that which is offered on the webpage that you’re currently on, it will show you the results automatically. If coupons are offered through the app these will also be shown to you.

Cashback At Qmee

The Qmee App also gives you cashback on some purchases. You won’t need to have the Qmee extension installed in order to earn cashback. You will just need to buy qualifying items.

You can find a lot of cashback offers available on the app. A few of these will be displayed on your Qmee Dashboard whenever you open the app. However, you can easily access all of them by clicking on the Offers tab. When you do that you’ll see offers for a wide range of products and services.

You can find deals related to travel or even buy a new phone at a lower cost. When you click on a link for an offer you’ll be taken from the app to the store’s website. The app will continue to track you while you’re on the store’s site, ensuring that you’re probably credited for using the offer.

It often takes a while for you to actually receive your cashback from the offer in your account. The length of time that it takes varies depending on the kind of offer that you’ve accessed.

For example, it’s not uncommon for travel offers to take 90 days to be processed. This is because you usually won’t get your cash back until you’ve actually gone on the trip.

Qmee Referral Program

This platform has a referral program. So, you can earn by inviting friends to the site but you’ll have to wait until your friend cashes out for the first time before you will be credited for inviting them.

So, the Qmee App ensures that the people you invite are actually active before you can be credited.

You’ll have to be a member for some time before you’ll get a referral link. You won’t be able to access your referral link as soon as you join. So, if you’re accustomed to earning from referrals, you’ll have to wait a while before you can use the strategies that have worked for you elsewhere.

You’ll have three different referral links to use when you’ve been on the site for long enough to access them. One of these links allows you to give all of the referral bonus to your friend. This is helpful in cases where you would like to do that.

Another link allows you to split the bonus evenly so that you and your friend each receive $0.50 when they join. The third link lets you keep the entire bonus for yourself, so when your friend cashes out via PayPal you will get $1.

The bonus is a one-time payment. You won’t keep on earning a percentage based on your friend’s earnings. So, you’ll only get the bonus the first time that they cash out.

Qmee Social Media Contests

The Qmee App also has social media contests. These are really easy to participate in but you must have been a member of the site for at least a week before you can join these contests.

The contests usually require you to answer a simple question. All of the members who have answered will have a chance to win a prize.

To give yourself a chance to win, you need to follow them on Facebook so that you’ll always be aware of these weekly contests and can answer the questions as quickly as they’re posted.

How Much Can You Earn With the Qmee App?

In this Qmee App review you’ve learned that you can earn cash by sharing your opinions via surveys. Most surveys are between two minutes and 10 minutes long. They pay between $0.25 and $1.50.

The time that you’ll take to complete a survey doesn’t always match the payment that you’ll receive for it.

For example, you might see a survey that will take five minutes and it pays $0.80 while another survey could take eight minutes and pay $0.35.

Since surveys on The Qmee app pay differently, it’s important to try to choose those that pay you at the highest rate per minute. If possible, try to avoid surveys that are very long but pay very little.

The average hourly rate of payment for surveys is not very high. You might spend five minutes on a survey that pays $0.10 and then spend 12 minutes on a survey that pays $0.50.

Even though you might find enough of those surveys to fill an hour of your time, the payment that you receive after an hour for doing these won’t be much. So, using this app won’t make you rich.

You could earn an average of $4 per hour on the Qmee App. However, that is likely to be from surveys done throughout the day. So, you’re unlikely to find enough surveys to complete for eight hours every day or to give you the equivalent of earnings for an 8-hour day.

The contests on social media  give you a chance to earn more. If you win one of their social media giveaways you’ll earn $10. If you keep on participating in these contests, it’s likely that you would win at least one a year.

If you refer 10 people to the platform every month and you keep the entire bonus for yourself, you would earn $10 extra each month. These earnings will be automatically added to your account. So, you’ll be able to withdraw them along with your earnings from surveys, search and so on.

On average, you’ll be able to earn around $5 a week from this app. So, you could make a withdrawal each week.

How To Cash Out On Qmee

The Qmee App pays you in cash via PayPal. You can also choose to donate your earnings to charity.

You won’t need a bank account and you’ll receive your money fairly quickly, so you can use it on bills or anything else that you would like.

They don’t pay in merchandise but you do have the option of requesting gift cards.

Qmee Reviews

Qmee users like the convenience of using the app to earn online. Most say that they haven’t had any trouble with cashing out.

However they don’t like the fact that they are sometimes screened out of surveys.

This isn’t something that the app has any control over. They can’t determine which surveys would be an exact fit for you at all times.

Users say that customer care on the app is good. They usually receive prompt replies to any queries that they have.

Users like the Qmee extension. They say that when it’s on their browser, they can easily earn points. However, some report that sometimes they notice that they aren’t credited for a few of the points from their searches.

Have you used The Qmee App and want to share your experience? If so please leave a comment in the comments section below.

The Pros Of The Qmee App

  • The Qmee App is not limited to people who are live in the United States. If you reside in the United Kingdom, France, Canada and a few other countries you can also use the app to earn online.
  • They have offers from leading brands such as Tesco and Sky. So, if you already use products or services from the brands that you find on the app, you can save money by using the coupons and other deals that they have available.
  • The surveys at Qmee are fairly short, so you can do them while you’re waiting in line or even while you’re waiting on your lunch order. The minutes that you spend on different surveys add up, so you could easily earn a few extra dollars every week just by doing surveys here and there on the app.
  • Since it’s completely free to join, you won’t need to invest any money of your own. You can start right away and get financial returns on your time.
  • The app pays you in cash and in gift cards. Additionally, you can withdraw your money without waiting until you reach a minimum threshold for payment. You can actually make your first withdrawal after you complete your first survey. This means that if you signed up for the Qmee App today and completed a survey you could request your first payment within 24 hours after signing up.
  • The advantage of not having a minimum payment also applies to your referral earnings. It might seem like  you’ll have to wait a long time to receive your referral bonuses but if each of your referrals completes theirfirst survey right after signing up and then they quickly request their first payout, you would also receiveyour bonuses fairly quickly.

What Are The Cons Of Qmee?

  • The Qmee App it’s not available right around the world. It’s offered in less than 10 countries.
  • When you join, it can sometimes take a while to find surveys that interest you. Some of the surveys don’t pay a lot for your time.
  • As with many survey sites, you’ll be screened out of some surveys.
  • If you’re using the cashback feature, you’ll have to ensure that you don’t have an ad blocker enabled during your transaction or you won’t be properly credited for the offer.
  • Their referral program doesn’t allow you to earn over time from what your referrals earn. You’ll only receive a single up front bonus when you invite somebody to the site and you’ll have to wait until your referral requests their first payment before you can get that bonus.
  • PayPal is required for all members who want cash payments. Your PayPal account must be verified beforeyou can get your payment. If you have a PayPal account but it hasn’t been verified yet, it’s important to get itverified before you request your payment.

Is Qmee Worth It?

This Qmee App review explained how it works. You’ve learned that the app has been around for many years and has consistently paid its members.

You also know that you can earn on it by completing surveys, searching the web and doing many other activities. It is possible to consistently earn a few extra dollars each week with this app.

The app runs smoothly and most users don’t have any complaints about it except for the fact that they’re sometimes screened out of surveys.

The Qmee customer service team usually promptly responds to any complaints of missed credits or other issues.

Qmee is an app to consider if you enjoy working online but only have a few minutes daily for extra work. It’s also a good way to earn extra cash if you must use the internet frequently for research.

Star Rating 3/5-A decent app for earning extra cash in your spare time. It isn’t however available worldwide.

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