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Is Quicktate Worth It? How Much Can You Earn?

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Thanks for checking out my Quicktate review.

Quicktate is an online platform that provides transcription work to online freelancers,

In my review today I will be looking into whether it is worth signing up to the Quicktate platform if you want to make money as a transcriptionist.

What Is Quicktate?

Quicktate is a worldwide online transcription company that offers various transcription services to businesses and corporations.

The company employs qualified freelancers from all corners of the world to work on their platforms, by providing exceptional transcription services to its wide base of customers.

Whether you are an already established transcriber or just getting started, Quicktate offers an opportunity for everyone to showcase their skills to.

How Do You Qualify To Work At Quicktate?

All you need to do is sign up by completing your profile, do a sample test and start earning!

However despite the fact that you can join without having had any real experience, you are still required to transcribe audios accurately, with good grammar and punctuation.

You have to undertake a test sample before your application gets approved. Unfortunately, the company charges applicants $15 as a fee for carrying out background checks.

What Kinds Of Audios Will You Be Transcribing At Quicktate?

There are wide ranges of transcription services that a transcriber can choose to work from once signed up with Quicktate and they include;

– Call transcription; transcribers at Quicktate have the freedom to transcribe the available voicemail messages, legal files, medical files, memos, recordings of phone calls, letters and any other audio files.

– Call auditing; Other popular transcription tasks include audits, evaluations, summaries, and analysis of audio recordings and even phone conversations.

The examples of the real files that transcribers at Quicktate have the chance to work on include; to-do lists, insurance matters, medical reports, legal notes, veterinary reports, letters and memos, voicemail messages, field notes, filling out forms and many other types of audio files.

How Much Money Can You Make Working With Quicktate?

Payment Quicktate pays 0.25 cent per word for general and legal transcription and 0.5 cents per word for medical transcription.

The company pays every week, on Monday, via PayPal.


What Are The Benefits Of Working With Quicktate?

There are numerous benefits that accrue from being one of the proud transcribers at Quicktate.

These include:

– Flexible schedule; working as a freelance transcriptionist at Quicktate allows you to set your own working hours and take control of both your individual and career calendars. You decide whether to work during the day, night or take free time off.

– No geographical limitation; Quicktate gives you the opportunity to work from wherever you go, and in part of the world, whether on a vacation, or even while traveling.

This also gives you the ability to build up your career and expertise in the field. It removes the stagnation that other normal day job offers as you are confined in the same place all day long.

– Be your own boss; as a transcriber at Quicktate, you got the power to control all that you do at your convenience, and according to your own schedule. Nobody watches your back to follow the instructions and you exclusively enjoy the freedom of working from your own home and controlling your finances.

What Are The Drawbacks To Working With Quicktate?

As with everything else, there is also the other side of the coin as far as freelancing with Quicktate is concerned. Some of the disadvantages of working at Quicktate include;

– Poor pay; while working at Quicktate can be very fun, the pay is not always proportional to the job done. In essence, the income potential is generally low as compared to other companies offering the same services. You can’t really depend on the platform to pay your bills.

– Strict deadlines; adherence to strict deadlines poses a major challenge to most freelancers and transcribers at Quicktate are no exception. The transcribers have to submit the tasks at the exact stipulated deadlines.

– Sign-up test; For your application to be confirmed, you must take a short transcription test. The panel has the right to accept or reject your application based on the results from the test. This is quite discouraging, especially for newbies.

Is Quicktate Worth Your Time?

So, is Quicktate the best fit for you?

The answer and the decision solely depend on individual considerations. As a marketplace for remote work, Quicktate prides itself of giving freelancers a chance to showcase their skills and make money transcribing, all from the comfort of their homes.

That is why Quicktate still continues to offer its transcription services and recruiting regular writers.

Also the company has plenty of tasks that cover different niches. You therefore have the freedom to choose one that suits your interests.

The Pay However May be discouraging for some although as with all transcription platforms, you can increase your earnings as you improve your skill levels.

Star Rating 2.5/5- A legit platform mainly for those with little experience of transcription. The pay is low but it can be a platform you could try out to see if transcription is for you.

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Thanks for checking out my review of Quicktate. If you are considering Transcription work I hope this review gave you some insight into what the Quicktate platform could offer you, and whether it will benefit you.

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