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Rapidworkers Review

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Today I will be taking a close look at the crowdsourcing platform Rapidworkers and finding out if this is a legitimate website where you can earn money online.

Introduction To Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers is simply a micro-tasking community that connects workers with potential employers who require quick services done for them at low costs.

In essence, it is a micro-jobs website that pays its members (workers) to perform various tasks as required by employers.

The main objective of performing these tasks is to help individuals, startup businesses and professionals enhance their online presence for superior low-cost publicity, better rankings and improved profitability.

Rapidworkers is not a scam, but is it worth your time?….Let’s find out.

Signing Up

Rapidworkers Review

Rapidworkers is an open online platform that accepts job applications from all over the world.

The process of creating an account is very easy, as it only requires basic information such as your name, email address and country of residence.

You are also required to verify your email address before you can access available jobs.

Even though signing up is easy, Rapidworkers are very strict when it comes to account creation.

Each user is allowed to create a single account per household, failure to which your membership will be revoked without notice.

So How Does Rapiworkers Work?

The platform works in a very simple way.

To access available tasks, just click on the “My Account” section, and then select “Available Jobs” menu.

You will see a broad list of jobs from various employers.

What is good is that micro jobs do not require extensive professional skills, or much effort to complete.

Some of the most common micro-tasks that you may encounter include:

• Blogging about a product

• Voting for a video on YouTube

• Following an individual on Twitter

• Creating email accounts

• Signing up to gaming sites

• Uploading photos on social media

Each task comes with specific requirements that you must fulfill for your submission to be approved.

Also, each job targets workers or a group of workers from specific countries.

Essentially, jobs marked “international” are open to all workers from any location in the world while jobs categorized under a specific country can only be done by workers from that country.

You will also notice that each job has a time limit and a specified payment amount.

You may select any available job so long as you qualify for the task and you believe that you can finish it as per requirements.

Rapidworkers Success Rate Monitering

Rapidworkers are very strict when it comes to appraising workers.

Every time you complete a task, the owner of the job (employer) has to review and rate your work as per the specified requirements.

Putting this into consideration, you must maintain a success rate of over 60% in order to avoid a temporary ban from the site.

Continuous submission of poor work may result in a total ban, and termination of your account without notice.

Maintaining a high success rate is simple.

You just need to adhere to all instructions when performing various tasks.

Also, only claim jobs that you strongly believe you are capable of finishing, within the specified time limit.

How Much Does Rapidworkers Pay?

Each job pays anywhere from $0.02 to $2 per task, depending on the target country.

International jobs have the lowest rates while jobs available in the US, Canada and the UK have the highest pay rates.

Although this amount might seem meager, you can easily accumulate your earnings within a very short time considering the fact that there is no limit to the number of tasks you are allowed to accept in a day.

On average, you shouldn’t expect to earn more than $10 per week, which translates to about $40 per month.

Cashing Out

Rapidworkers pays its members via PayPal only.

This means that you must have a verified PayPal account before submitting a withdrawal request.

The minimum balance that you can withdraw is $8.

However, you will also be charged 6% of the amount you are withdrawing as processing fee.

Additionally, the processing of payments is somehow lengthy, and it might take up to 7 business days for you to receive your earnings.


• Accepts international members Rapidworkers is a free to join platform that accepts international applicants.

Anyone can register and work on the site without any restriction.

• Simple sign up process

The procedure for registering is very easy as it only requires your name and email address

• Plenty of jobs

This platform has plenty of jobs at any given time.

Also, there is no limit to the number of jobs you can take at a particular time.

• Pays through PayPal Rapidworkers pays via PayPal only.

This is not only convenient, but also a fast way of settling payments.

• It has a low payout threshold

The minimum cashout limit is only $8. You can easily accumulate this amount in a short period of time.


• Tasks are geographically based Jobs are based on your geographical location, meaning that you can only work on international tasks or those that target your country.

• Low pay rate

The pay rate is very low, as it does not surpass more than $2 per task

• Processing of payments takes a long time

The processing of payments might take up to 7 days, which is very long.

Also, you have to pay a processing fee of 6% of your withdrawal amount

• You must maintain a high success rate

Workers must maintain a rating of over 60% to avoid a temporary ban.

This is a very high demand, considering the fact that some employers may rate your work unfairly.

Take Away

Can I Make Money With Rapidworkers?

Rapidworkers offers a unique and fast way of earning money.

You do not require any particular skills to become a worker on this platform.

Furthermore, most of the available tasks, e.g. commenting on pages or liking posts are actually what you normally do when browsing the internet or interacting with your friends on social media.

Although the pay is on the lower side, you can easily accumulate your earning within no time.

The only problem is that most tasks are handed out according to your geographical location, and this might have a bearing on your income potential.

Apart from that, joining Rapidworkers is a way of earning a small income stream online.

Star Rating 2/5-A Legitimate Online Earning Platform, But Very Low Paid And With Geographical Restrictions

2 Star Rating

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