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Is Slicethepie legit? Can You Get Paid For Song Reviews?

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Is Slicethepie Legit?

The internet has opened up an entirely new door for entrepreneurs, and in doing so embracing the increasing popularity of freelancing.

For those who have enthusiasm but don’t have the funds however, sites like Slicethepie seem to offer perfect opportunities to make money without having to invest anything.

But how does Slicethepie work? Is Slicethepie really legit?

Here’s what you need to know about Slicethepie including whether or not it’s legit so that you can start making money as soon as possible.

Is Slicethepie legit?

Yes, Slicethepie is legit, and you do get paid for listening to music.

Slicethepie is an online music-listening site that pays you for your opinion. You get paid for reviewing music on a scale of 0 to 10, and sharing your opinion on the the song you heard. The more pieces you rate, the more money you make.

With just one hour of listening daily, most users can make around $5 per week. Other opportunities exist to earn money from surveys and referring others.

Slicethepie is one of the most popular online music review sites, with hundreds and thousands of reviews submitted daily.

You don’t need to be a professional music reviewer, or even know what you’re talking about – all you need is an opinion about the music you hear, and the desire to do some writing.

However, having said that your reviewing ability will be rated by the site. The higher the star rating you get, the more you earn. So it is beneficial to you if you write well thought out reviews that go into detail about the lyrics, vocals, melody etc.

Are Slicethepie Users Getting Paid.

There are many users of the Slicethepie platform that confirm having received rewards for their participation on the site.

I have used the site for a number of months and have been paid several times. You just need to earn the minimum cash out of $10 after which you can then redeem your reward via PayPal.

Some people are sceptical about Slicethepie and don’t think they’re legit. From my experience I have never had any issue with them, however I am from the U.K which is a country that Slicethepie wants to get reviews from.

If you are resident in U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Germany, then you are also likely to be able to earn from the site, because these are the Countries that Slicethepie targets.

Other Countries may not get much, or indeed any work from the site.


While there are some concerns about the legitimacy of this platform, it is still a reward site that has proven to be a money-making opportunity for many people.

People from the targeted countries mentioned above can earn cash rewards for reviewing songs.

If you want to learn more about Slicethepie and what you could potentially earn then check out my full Slicethepie review


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