Is The Free Membership At Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

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You don’t get much for free these days. So when you do get to hear that something is going for nothing, you tend to sit up and take notice.

And your ears really do prick up when it happens to be a company within the ‘make money online’ niche that is offering the freebie.

It is well known to many that Wealthy Affiliate, an online training platform for affiliate marketers, has an open door policy to anyone who wants to have a test run of their platform without spending a dime.

Those who are familiar with Wealthy Affiliate will know that there are two types of membership available. The first is the free membership (starter plan), and the premium membership (paid membership option).

The free membership is designed as a taster for what you can have everyday for as long as you are a premium member. This is good news for savvy buyers who will always shop around and compare what they are getting for their money.

It’s always recommended of course that you ensure you are signing up to a legitamite platform, especially when you buy online.

That is exactly what the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate offers aspiring entrepreneurs. It gives them the perfect opportunity to test the waters before making a decision on whether to subscribe to the premium membership, or remain as a free member.

So What Are You Getting As A Free Member?

As a free member you get to use the platform as if you were a premium member for 7 days with just a few exceptions, and if you do sign up in those 7 days you can then get a whole month of premium membership for $19. However there is the option of remaining on the free membership for as long as you want.



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This I think underlines the fact that you aren’t put under pressure to become a premium member at any time.

Just going off my own experience, when I realised that it was affiliate marketing that I wanted to do whilst I was on the free membership, joining premium was a complete no brainer because I just knew that it was exactly what I needed to make my business grow.

The free membership is popular there is no doubt about that. One of the main reasons why  it does get so many trying it out is because you get the opportunity to create 2 free websites to set you on your way.

This is an exciting prospect for anyone who is completely new to affiliate marketing. For no charge whatsoever, you get to learn how to set up your website and then see your work get indexed within google search.

There is nothing daunting about putting your first website together either. You don’t need to have any design or coding skills, just the ability to follow some straightforward instructions from an over your shoulder video tutorial.

You get all the site building tools with the free membership, along with access to free themes and templates to give your site a more professional look.


Wealthy Affiliate has 5 course levels consisting of 10 lessons each.

Free members can only access the level 1 course, also known as the online entrepreneur certification course. This step by step training module has been broken down into small manageable lessons to make it easy for everyone to have a better understanding of affiliate marketing.

Forum and Blog

The private forum is also another great addition to the free membership plan. You can post your questions on this forum in case you need help with your marketing campaigns.

Thousands of successful, more experienced marketers will be more than willing to give you a helping hand by answering all the questions you might have about setting up a successful affiliate business.

Wealthy Affiliate also issues free members with a private blog that they can use to share their experiences and challenges in relation to affiliate marketing. One of the best ways of building a strong presence for your business is to learn from successful businesses.

You may also research on your competitors and improve on what they are already doing to attract more customers. As a starter plan member, you will receive a keyword research tool that you can use to explore possible words and phrases that you can use to drive traffic to your site. However, you are limited to only 30 searches.

Here is a recap of what you stand to gain as a free member.

• Beginner Training Course

• 1 Phase of Affiliate Bootcamp Training

• 1-on-1 Coaching (first 7 days only)

• Live Support (first 7 days)

• 2 Domains + Websites

• Website Backup

• Personal Affiliate Blog

• Video Tutorials (limited)

• Keyword Research Tools (30 searchers only)


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Why you should consider becoming a premium member

Free membership is a great incentive to get your first taste of affiliate marketing. However if you want to move forward from there and give yourself a real opportunity to make your business work then you ought to consider premium membership.

Your free trial will just give you a glimpse of the awesome tools and resources you will have at your disposal as a premium member.

Free members can only access the online entrepreneur certification course that includes 10 lessons only. On the other hand, premium members enjoy unlimited access to every certification course all the way to level 5.

This includes custom modules and lessons designed by other experienced members. When it comes to building your business site, Wealthy Affiliate offers premium members up to 50 different websites with over 3000 premium themes and templates.

You will also get incisive web hosting services for the duration of your subscription. Free members are only allowed a maximum of 2 websites with 12 different themes.

Keyword research is a vital part of any online business. Wealthy Affiliate offers all its members access to keyword research tools that you can use to explore conversion focused words and phrases.

However, free members can only perform a maximum of 30 searches per month while premium members can perform unlimited searches.

Besides accessing 24/7 support services, all premium members have exclusive access to Kyle and Carson, who happen to be the owners of the Wealthy Affiliate. You can ask the duo any question regarding affiliate marketing to learn from their experiences as elite marketers.

The most important benefit of becoming a premium member is that you will be able to access regular updates whenever they become available. Affiliate marketing is such a dynamic industry that you may lose out if you are not up to date with the latest marketing techniques.

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