Is The Laptop Lifestyle Achievable Or Is It A Marketing Myth?

Laptop lifestyle

As the internet ever increasingly gives us the freedom to work from anywhere we want, the question we regularly ask ourselves is “Does the laptop lifestyle exist? ”.

As far as freelancing and running an online business, yes it exists. We couldn’t run a business without a laptop attached to us 24/7. But is it possible to be free from the 9-5 slog and make large amounts of money?

It can be obtainable if you invest a lot of hard work and time.

What Is a Laptop Lifestyle?

Depending on your individual lifestyle choices a laptop lifestyle can be whatever you choose. Not everyone wants to take a trip around the world and sit on a beach every day, some people are content to be earning a healthy income while remaining at home for their children.

Other people have a laptop lifestyle out of necessity because they live with an illness. It’s not all fun in the sun and doing nothing all day, it takes real commitment to establish a business online and keep it running profitably.

Generating A High Income by Living a Laptop Lifestyle

With a lot of determination, late nights and patience, you can make your online business profitable.

Affiliate marketing is one way you can fulfil your dream of working from home or anywhere else you wish. With affiliate marketing, you can streamline your online business to cater for your niche, write great content to share on social media, bringing in possible customers.

Continually writing great content with affiliate links embedded will keep your business current and earn you commission on any transactions you’ve generated without an initial financial outlay.

Most people adopt this as their passive income to generate sales alongside their primary business as it’s a risk free way to earn extra income. But if you continually work hard and focus on this area, you can generate a full-time income with affiliate marketing alone.

Get Rich Quick Schemes

There are so many ways to make money online, but the “get rich quick” schemes – in my opinion – are not how you will become a thriving online business owner. These schemes sound amazing and who wouldn’t want to become rich in a few months? If we could all do this amazing feat, then everyone would do it and live the highlife.

The only way you will make money is by working hard and putting everything you have into your business. No amount of spiel about owning an expensive car and a big house will make you rich and unquestionably within the timeframe they propose.

Achieving the Freedom to Work Online Wherever You Want

There are several ways to start your new online business, depending on what niche you would like to work in, this will be your starting block. If you have knowledge of a niche for example computer technology or software, then that would be the best place to start.

• Decide whether you will start your business on a part time basis or go the whole way and jump in feet first.
• Build your website – or have someone build it for you – write great content to fill your website full of interesting facts and knowledge about your niche.
• Get yourself noticed throughout social media by building up your advertising campaign for your launch.
• Monetize your website by signing up to affiliate programs specific to your niche.
• Spend time every day promoting your website on social media – or use automation platforms to save you time.
• Keep at it, you won’t become financially independent overnight. It takes determination to achieve your goals.
• Once the groundwork has been done and your business is set up, you now have the freedom to work anywhere you want. Whether you want to sit in a coffee shop or work on the train while visiting family and friends, the options are there.

Sign Up For Training

Signing up for specialised training is a fantastic way to build your knowledge base and help you build a rewarding business. Whatever your niche there is a training package suitable for you.

Take up any free training that is appropriate for your business, one I especially like is Wealthy Affiliate where you have your website, keywords and training all in one package with continuous support.

Membership is free to join with no hard selling involved, just smart marketing strategies.

Outsourcing Your Workload to Freelancers

While running your online business is your full or part time job, you still need time to focus on the important tasks for your business. These are the things that only you can do, the rest you can outsource. Outsourcing is not as expensive as you may think, in fact you will save time and money by outsourcing your writing tasks.

There are many advantages to outsourcing including;

Having More Time for Your Business

You will undoubtedly have more time to focus on your business. Organising your daily tasks takes up precious time as do replying to emails and writing content for your website. Choose what is important for you to do yourself then outsource the rest.

Being Able to Focus More

You will be able to focus more on the tasks that need your full attention. Having everything to do daily splits your focus between the important tasks and the tasks that take up all your time.

Self-Belief Can Be a Strong Motivator

Believing you can accomplish remarkable results will motivate you to work hard. Use your self-believe to work through the fears and anxieties that hold you back from achieving success in your business.

Only you can make this work, you set up the barriers that prevent you achieving your potential. Let go of the negativity and achieve the life you really want.


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