Is The Viggle App Worth It? A Review

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Viggle App Review

Thanks for checking out our review of the Viggle App.

In our review today we will be finding out all about the Viggle platform and how you can earn from it. But first let’s find out what the App is all about, and how things work…

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Viggle App Overview

The number of mobile apps that pay has more than doubled over the past few years. However, you could say that not many of them are as interesting and unique compared to the Viggle App.

This app pays you redeemable points, not just just for watching your TV, but for listening to music, and streaming live videos.

Viggle Inc, then known as Function X, established the Viggle app back in 2012 as a way of rewarding viewers for their loyalty to various entertainment brands.

The app focuses on collecting meaningful insights about entertainment trends and TV viewership.

How does it work?

The App is compatible with the Android and Apple devices. To earn points on this platform, all you have to do is to check in by tapping the app each time you watch your favorite TV show, or listen to music.

The App uses a special mechanism to determine what TV channel, show or music you are watching or listening to respectively.

It captures the audio of the program, and rewards you accordingly for every minute of your time. For quality assurance purposes, you have to interact with the app while watching TV, especially during commercial breaks.

Ways of making money with Viggle App

Make money with the Viggle App

The Viggle app offers you several ways of earning points. These include:

Watching TV

This is the main income stream on this platform. It involves checking in into any TV channel or streaming program using the Viggle app. Just tap on the Viggle app on your phone to start earning perk points every time you watch your TV.

The app also offers you a chance to earn bonus points for shows that come up past midnight. You can earn as much as 200 points per TV show depending on how active you are during commercial check-ins.

Playing Interactive Games

You can also earn points by playing interactive games using the Viggle app. One popular game that can earn you a considerable amount of points is the Viggle Live.

Viggle Live is a trivia game that pays you bonus points for answering questions related to TV shows and entertainment. Each session pays as much as 25 points. You can also earn bonus points by viewing embedding ads on Viggle Live.

Sweepstakes and Contests

Viggle runs monthly sweepstakes competitions and contests that offer you a chance to win great prizes, trips and exclusive experiences. Every point you redeem earns you free entries to sweepstakes competitions.

The more points you redeem, the higher your chances of winning sweepstake competitions. Users with the higher number of points from TV views get the chance to win cash and merchandise during the monthly contests.

Referral Program

The Viggle app has a referral program that pays you 200 points for every friend that signs up using your referral code. You are encouraged to use your social media account to invite more friends to the platform.

Getting Paid

Viggle uses the Perk Rewards system to pay its members. Each 20 000 points is equivalent to 1,000 Perk Points. To redeem your perk points, you need to have the Perk Plastik debit card. Viggle App pays through gift cards, merchandise and PayPal cash.

What Users Are Saying

Recent reviews by users report technical issues with this App. Most users are reporting that they are no longer happy with the way the App is functioning.

What Are The Pros?

  • It is free to join
  • Fun and interactive app
  • Direct TV connection
  • It has multiple income options
  • It has multiple reward options including gift cards, cash and merchandise

What Are The Cons?

  • Poor customer reviews about technical issues
  • You must invest in a compatible phone
  • You must have a Perk Plastik debit card to redeem points
  • It is geographically restricted (membership is restricted to US residents only)
  • Ambiguous payment structure (points value may decrease without notice)
  • Awards are available at limited times
  • The amount of money you can receive in a year is limited to the US $ 550.
  • It requires a lot of screen time to earn

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Some Final Thoughts

The Viggle app offers a legit opportunity to earn easy money while watching your favorite TV shows.

However, making money with the Viggle app requires a lot of screen time. You also have to contend with the numerous ads that pop up when using the app.

Recent poor customer reviews about technical issues means we are not recommending the Viggle App at this time

Thanks for reading this Viggle App review. Let me know if you have used this App by dropping a comment below and letting us know what you think of it.

Star Rating 1.5/5-An app that appears to have been more popular in the past but now has a number of issues.

1.5 Star Rating

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