Is The Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money, Or Is It Just Another Scam?

Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you are considering a new career in Affiliate Marketing then you may be wondering whether the Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money you pay under the premium membership. You may also be wondering whether it is just another scam.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

In this article I want to put your mind at ease by first of all confirming that the Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

Having been a member for over two years I can certainly vouch for that. I also want to show you that you get great value for money from the platform, and is worth every penny.

If you are already into affiliate marketing, then you may have already heard about the Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a popular training program that is tailored to help aspiring entrepreneurs get a foothold of how the industry works.

Not just for beginners, experienced marketers can draw plenty of inspiration from this program too, acquire new marketing tips, and learn the latest strategies to advance their businesses.

The best part about the Wealthy Affiliate is that it doesn’t cost a dime to become a member. You can join for free and start learning the ropes right away.


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Free members however can only access all resources for a limited period. For this reason, you are advised to sign up to the premium membership plan to enjoy unlimited access to all the courses, lessons, resources and support services.

Nevertheless, considering the cost of becoming a premium member, you are naturally going to wonder if the Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money.

Here are some of the reasons why I think you should join the premium membership and why it definitely is worth the money

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

• Assistance from experienced marketers

If you are a premium member at the Wealthy Affiliate you can personally message literally thousands of experienced online marketers.

The essence of this personalised approach is to make sure that you grasp all the basic concepts required to get you started as an affiliate marketer.

• 5 online courses with 50 lessons

Once you become a member, you will get free access to one training course that comes with 10 different lessons.

Premium members have access to the remaining four training courses that include 40 additional lessons.

12 training classrooms

Besides the 5 online courses, the Wealthy Affiliate has more than 12 training classrooms that come with different video tutorials and learning resources.

You will learn a wide range of topics ranging from market research to search engine optimization.

Nevertheless, these classrooms are only open to premium members.

• Personal Affiliate Blog

WA is among the few training programs that offer their members access to a personal affiliate blog. You can use your blog to update your progress and share your experiences as an affiliate.

This blog also offers you a reasonable chance to practice your content writing skills.

• Site building tools

The Wealthy Affiliate takes its training program a step higher by offering a free website builder.

You can use these site building tools, themes and templates to create professional looking websites in a matter of minutes.

Free members are allowed up to 2 websites while premium members can create up to 50 different websites.

• Free web hosting

The Wealthy Affiliate also offers web hosting services to all its members.

When you pay for the premium membership, you will also get free web hosting for the duration of the subscription.

You cannot find this offer anywhere else considering the fact that your monthly membership fee also caters for your training and other learning resources.

• Website analysis and keyword research

Your website is primarily the foundation of your online business.

For this reason, you must thoroughly assess the effectiveness of your site to determine its profitability. As a premium member, you can use various web analysis tools to establish the performance of your website.

You can also research on various keywords that are more likely to attract more traffic using tools provided by WA.

• Private access to Kyle and Carson

The most interesting aspect about the Wealthy Affiliate is that you can have a private chat with the owners and share your experiences.

Kyle and Carson are also affiliate marketers whose main agenda is to help other aspiring entrepreneurs become successful marketers.

• 24/7 Live support services

You are also guaranteed 24/7 live support services throughout the validity of your membership.

This means that you will always have a helping hand even if you decide to continue working late into the night. Isn’t that great?

• Access to regular updates

Affiliate marketing is a dynamic industry that experiences frequent changes in techniques and strategies.

You risk lagging behind if you are not a member of a dynamic training program like the Wealthy Affiliate.

Joining this program will not only keep you up to date, but also give you an edge over your competitors who are yet to join this incisive training program.

Is joining a training program like the Wealthy Affiliate Worth my time and money?

Although you do not require experience in marketing to start your own affiliate business, joining a training program will help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge required to become successful in this industry.

You will learn how to choose your niche, build your website, attract customers and convert traffic into revenue.


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What every aspiring entrepreneur should know is that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme or an overnight-riches program.

It is a business venture that requires hard work, smart moves and a little bit of patience to build a steady income. Furthermore, you have to invest your time, effort and money to increase your income potential.

It is true that $49 per month may be a little pricey for some (although you can get a whole month of premium membership for $19 here you may struggle to raise this amount during the initial stages of your affiliate marketing journey.

However, if you consider what the Wealthy Affiliate has to offer in terms of training, tools and resource, no other program can match it. You will learn new marketing techniques that you can use to recoup the membership fee.  

Furthermore, this amount covers training, web hosting, site building tools and free support. You will never get a better deal anywhere else.

In fact, the Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most valuable training programs available today. Kyle and Carson, the owners, are deeply committed to helping other affiliate marketers reach their online business goals. Where else can you find an online platform that gives that kind of personal attention considering the size of the platform?

If you are looking for a program that offers good value for money, then it has to be the wealthy affiliate. Join today and start your journey to success.


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