Is Wealthy Affiliate Really Worth It? Read This Before Trying

Wealthy Affiliate Is It Really Worth It?

Have you had enough of making frustratingly small amounts of money online? Would you rather build a career with a money generating website? I will be finding out today whether you can do just that with Wealthy Affiliate.

There are a number of affiliate marketing programs online, but Wealthy Affiliate is ranked among the most popular. Its members include seasoned online entrepreneurs and newcomers who are just starting to learn about building a passive income.

In this post we’ll explore Wealthy Affiliate in full, so you can learn how it could benefit you.

Training and support are delivered through a range of mediums. Whether you work best when you can listen in on a webinar, or you like having constant access to live support, Wealthy Affiliate could have something potentially life changing for you.

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What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a platform that offers training at different levels to affiliate marketers. If you want to generate an income by referring people to products and services that you personally love, then this training is designed for you.

The platform was developed by Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon. They’re both Canadians, and started business in 2005, with their Niche Marketing corporation. They are the lead trainers on the platform and are supported by a competent team.

Wealthy Affiliate Features That Can Help You

Wealthy Affiliate can be considered to have two major components. These are its courses and community, and both of these work together. What you learn in each course is even made even clearer when you talk to others in the community about:

1. How they’re using the strategies
2. Challenges they’ve faced
3. Obstacles you might encounter
4. Which strategies work best for a particular product or service

The training can also be looked at in terms of at least nine features that can help you to become a better marketer.

Most marketers want to earn more income, become financially independent, and live your life on your own terms.

Each of the 9 features discussed below helps you to do that, by equipping you with knowledge and skills.

1. Free Membership

Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership option. This lets you experience the platform upfront, so you can decide whether it’s worth it.  You’ll have access to the community for an entire week and can fully participate.

Free courses are available in this Starter package. All of them can be studied whenever you have the time, since there’s no monthly limit.

You’ll even be able to use many of the site’s website building tools, so you could sign up and start working on your business idea right now for free.



2. Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp is one of the courses that WA is known for. As a Starter member, you’ll be able to study the affiliate marketing material covered in phase one for free. The other information on making your site rank and fine tuning your marketing strategy is available at no extra cost to Premium members.

3. Free Domain and Website

Everyone, including Starter members, can build a website for free on a SiteRubix domain. This website hosting platform was developed by the WA team, so it was built with marketers in mind and you’ll receive website backup at no extra cost.

If you wish, you can move the site you’ve created to your own domain as a Premium member. Either way, you can earn money by using your free site.

Wealthy affiliate websites

4. Free Affiliate Blog

You’ll get a free blog when you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. This feature is available for both Starter and Premium members. Your free blog can be used for affiliate marketing.

5. Weekly Live Webinars

WA has weekly live training in the form of webinars. All premium members have access to these sessions, and can attend from anywhere in the world.

6. Direct Coaching

One-on-one coaching is offered to every WA member. Just as with basketball or swimming, having a coach who can help you to improve in certain areas is important.

You can seek help from the community with challenges that you’re aware of but if there are less obvious modifications that you can make to your technique, a coach can help with that.

Coaches also help with motivation. Responsibilities may keep you from executing your goals and a coach helps to keep you accountable. Starter members have free access to coaching for a week.

7. Free Classrooms

Online learning is facilitated through various formats. Some marketers like the feel of a classroom, even when they’re getting content in a virtual space. WA has free online classrooms to meet that need. If you have a free membership, you can join two of these classrooms.

8. Video Walkthroughs

In these times, while content is still king, the format of that content has changed. Many marketers
exclusively use videos or podcasts to reach their audience.

WA know that so they provide a lot of video walkthroughs. As a Premium member, you can access all of these whenever you have the time. Watch them while you’re cooking or commuting. Several of these are available to Starter members.

9. Affordable Subscription Plans

The regular price of a Premium membership is $49 per month. That’s affordable but you can save even more by getting a yearly subscription. That costs just $495 a year.


10. Keyword Research Tool

All members get access to a keyword research tool. You can look at the level of competition and find related keywords for any topic that you’re interested in. Starter members can search for up to 30 terms by using this tool.

The Jaxxy tool is an excellent tool to have at your disposal. You can obtain information on any niche with it. The Lite version is available to Premium members at no extra cost.

Keyword Tool Wealthy Affiliate

11. Live Support

Live support is available for Premium members. If you’re a Starter member, you can access this feature during your first seven days. Live chat gives you access to a technical team that can answer your questions whenever you encounter an obstacle.

A lot of marketers prefer live chat to a phone call when it comes to business.

Everything is written out clearly and you can copy paste code or other information related to your website while troubleshooting. If you’re an international member, it’s a lot more affordable than making an international call. Affiliate Earnings

12. Affiliate Program

Most online programs have an affiliate program and WA is no different. Even as you launch your own website, whether it’s about swimming, singing or ska, you can still earn by being a WA affiliate.

Each new member you refer to the site will be able to build their own online business and gain access to a high level of support.

You’ll earn over $121 per referral and the knowledge that you’ve helped someone further on the road to greater financial independence.


Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp vs Online Entrepreneur Certification

Wealthy Affiliate offers more than one structured option for training. The WA Bootcamp has gained
recognition online but Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) also provides you with valuable skills.

It’s important to identify your own needs when choosing between them or deciding which one to do first.

The OEC is shorter and lasts 50 lessons. If you want to build an online business in any area, it will teach you how to do that.

The WA Bootcamp is longer. You’ll complete 70 lessons and the niche chosen should be related to
marketing an affiliate marketing (AM) business like WA. For example, you may know of a service that provides social media assistance by managing the accounts of busy marketers, and is focused on affiliate marketing.

The Bootcamp would help you to better understand how to market that business. The OEC is geared towards people who want to market anything outside of the affiliate marketing area. So, if you want to earn by referring clients to a local salon or restaurant, you may want to consider doing the OEC first.

Many people may plan to do both. If you’re making a profit online by referring people to a local craft store, there may be people who visit your site who want to learn how to do that. You can refer them to Wealthy Affiliate and earn even as you help them to get the training they need.

What’s Offered in the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp?

The WA Bootcamp is their flagship training. It teaches you how to build a website for affiliate marketing (AM) purposes and how to use that platform to generate a profit in AM.. You’ll need to do both to make money.

A good site allows people to feel safe and secure making payments and conducting other business. It also lets visitors easily find what they want.

Your off site marketing efforts won’t yield the profits you want if your site isn’t built properly, so the WA Bootcamp covers those fundamentals.

Some Wealthy Affiliate lessons in the Bootcamp are completely free with a Starter membership and you can access them right now, even without a credit card.

If you decide to become a Premium member, you’ll only pay $19 for your first month. A subscription starts at $49 per month after that.

If you really want to make serious money with your website, it’s important to consider doing the entire Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. The whole syllabus is only available with a Premium membership.

The modules in the Bootcamp include:

1. Getting your Business Rolling
2. Content, Keywords and Conversions
3. Giving your Site Social Value
4. Get Visual Get Aesthetic
5. Knowing your Audiences and Catapulting your Referrals
6. Bing, Yahoo and the Power of PPC
7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

While going through the training, you’ll find that WA live webinars and new lessons further update many of these modules. The new content enhances the Bootcamp, allowing you to have an overall understanding of methods that work in 2020.


Investing in the Wealthy Affiliate Community – Is it Really Worth It?

A big part of the reason why marketers enjoy being on WA is the community. It gives you direct access to over 1.4 million affiliate marketers who are gaining profits in their chosen niches.

Global Community

This community of 1.4 million is not drawn from just the United States. There are Canadians, Jamaicans and Norwegians. In fact, there are people there from countries you don’t think of on a regular basis and all of those individuals have unique knowledge.

Wisdom from Shared Experience

Talking to other people like this saves you a lot of time. You can learn things that can really help your business. For example, some types of PPC work better than others in certain niches. While the course material is likely to cover that, talking directly to others about their experience helps you to learn in a relaxed way.

Every year, marketers spend a lot of money on conferences that are geared towards them. They fly long distances to hear experts share what they know. While that’s good, in the WA community you also have an extremely valuable resource.

You can contact other members and ask them questions about growing your business. A lot of the people in the community are earning money every day from their sites. Some of them earn a lot, especially if they’ve been working in the area for a length of time.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Connect with Experienced Marketers

Every time you log on and connect with the community, you’ll encounter people with experience in
specific areas. For example, someone may have spent a lot of time learning how to use Instagram to gain new referrals.

Always Someone Available to Help

Your time zone doesn’t matter with the WA community. If you’re making changes to your website at
midnight, you can get help from the community.

Share your Knowledge

As you grow, you’ll want to help others. Even if you’ve only been in the area for a year, you’re likely to be able to share an experience that can keep someone else motivated.

Form New Solutions

Unexpected solutions can be developed during the discussions that you have with other WA members. You may market a company that serves your community and find that there’s a place for a specific type of product.


2020 Updates to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Updates have been made to WA to make it even more relevant to your marketing in 2020. New videos are added regularly so that what you learn is relevant even after changes are made by large players like Amazon and Google.

Live webinars take place once a week. These are not compulsory, but it is free to attend as a premium member.  Here you will gain more insight into what’s working in marketing in 2020. Whether you rely on social media or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) current material is offered to you.

There are new video courses available for 2020. These were created to meet the needs of marketers in response to new developments. For example, Amazon was once a good option for affiliates.

Some marketers no longer agree with that assessment since Amazon has drastically reduced their
commissions. New videos share information that can help you to recover and select new affiliate programs if you wish.

Is it Worth It?  Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate is Worth It

WA is a good investment for several reasons. These include:

1. Free membership available
2. Low-cost premium membership
3. One-on-one coaching
4. Live support via chat
5. Community of people working towards similar goals
6. Large body of content
7. New material created every day
8. Relevant to 2020
9. Live webinars
10. Video walkthroughs
11. Online classrooms
12. Private messaging
13. More than one type of certification

The number of resources that you have available on a site will benefit the growth of your business. WA has one of the largest collections of resources anywhere. You’ll have a lot of content to help you develop as a marketer.

You’re not pressured to finish each course in a few hours and can review it as often as necessary. The size of the community is significant too. You’re extremely likely to find someone in a similar niche who you can discuss any issues with.

Private messaging allows you to communicate with other members whenever you wish. If you want to put a question in a more public forum, you can do that as well. With private messaging, you could even join talents with other members to add value to your businesses.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Really Worth It?

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth joining. The platform offers in-depth training on every aspect of
building an online income with any kind of business model.

This knowledge is matched by a high level of support, opportunities for learning from other online entrepreneurs and flexibility, which make this an extremely valuable asset.


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  1. Thank you for the overview here. Seriously I value all that has been shared here and it makes a lot of sense. Seriously,I think wealthy affiliate is worth trying out considering all you have given here as overview that can help to push it forward for better rewards too. I like this a lot

  2. Well, I can say that I am convinced. It seems as though wealthy affiliate has a lot to offer for a very VERY good price. The tools they offer and everything they have like training and community support all seems like a full package to receive while being part of Wealthy Affiliate. I think it will be something I’ll try, I really appreciate this article and the amount of detail you’ve put into it. It’s been a good read, thank you, and thank you for presenting me to Wealthy Affiliate 

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