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Is ySense Legit? Do They Really Pay?

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Is ySense Legit?

The most important question to ask yourself when signing up to any reward site is whether the platform you are joining is actually legit.

After having fully researched ySense, and after using the site for at least a year, I have written this article to put your mind a rest, and convince you that ySense is indeed legit.

ySense is known for paying its members the money they have earned on the site promptly. There are lots of ySense payment proofs posted online, on the ySense site itself, and in this article too.

ySense is available to new members worldwide. Regardless of where you are from, you can still earn cash or gift cards by participating on the site or via either the Android or App Store app.

ySense Ownership

You needn’t be in any doubt about ySense and it’s commitment to paying its members. The ySense reward program was developed by Prodege, a marketing research company based in California.

This company has various brands that it is responsible for including Swagbucks, MyPoints and InboxDollars.

These respected reward sites provide surveys, offers and other small tasks that allow their members to easily make money online.

ySense was previously known as ClixSense and we’re known as a ‘Paid-To-Click’ site. However in 2019 they re-branded and changed their name to ySense,

What Does ySense Pay You To Do?

ySense will pay you to carry out a few different tasks. They include surveys, offers and referring others to the site.

If you have any difficulties or have any specific questions about these tasks, the site has a help page which answers common concerns about the tasks.

If you don’t find the answers on that page you can instead submit a ticket to their customer service team. This feature reinforces the fact that ySense is a legitimate site, and they do want to help their members get paid for the tasks they carry out.

Does ySense Really Pay You?

Seeing is believing, so if you still have any doubts about whether ySense actually pays you then you can check the forum at ySense where payment proofs are posted all the time.

You will also see numerous payment proofs on online forums. Also, check out some of the payments I have received recently.

Get rewarded working from home



Earn rewards from home



There are always earning opportunities available at ySense. You can cash out either via PayPal or with a gift card of your choice.

When Can You Ask ySense To Pay You?

If you want to get paid by ySense with an Amazon gift card then you don’t need a minimum amount in your account. That means ySense could be paying you within minutes after joining.

You will need at least $10 to cash out via PayPal, with various gift cards starting at various denominations starting at just $5.

With surveys paying up to $5/$6, and offers paying more, ySense definitely offers a quick way to earn money online.

I have tried many survey and reward sites and consider ySense the best one I’ve used.

Check out my full review, and how much you can earn with ySense


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