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Jobble Review And Ultimate Guide-Legit Freelance Work?

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Jobble Review And Ultimate Guide

Freelancing is without doubt becoming a more viable option to traditional employment.

During the pandemic in 2020 there was a 22% increase in freelancing compared to 2019 in The U.S.

Because of this there are now more online platforms like Jobble where you can search for freelance opportunities.

In this Jobble review you’ll learn whether the Jobble site offers you a way to find legitimate freelance jobs that match your skill set.

You’ll also learn what other independent workers think of this platform and how you could use it to find jobs that pay real cash.

We will also be uncovering the likely pros and cons should you decide to join. First however let’s find out if Jobble has legitimate opportunities.

Is Jobble Legit?

Yes, Jobble is a legitimate and trustworthy site that gives you access to jobs at U.S. companies. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts and one of its founders is Corey Bobber.

One of the things that people look for when they’re trying to determine whether a company is legitimate is whether it’s easy to contact the customer service team or the people who head the organization.

That can be done in this case since a phone number, email and other contact details are available for Jobble.

The company was founded in 2014, so it’s been around for a number of years. It’s maintained a good reputation during that time.

The site is properly designed and you can easily search for jobs by using filters. Those include your desired rate of pay and the distance that you need to travel to reach the job.

Many people nowadays are looking for an engaging full-time job or a side hustle to increase their income.

The gig economy has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade, with many people seeking opportunities to build multiple streams of income through several side jobs.

To reduce traveling costs, many independent workers prefer jobs that are close to where they live. Some also like jobs that are seasonal or only last for a short time, so that they can gain experience in a particular area and get a feel for the industry before choosing to move into a full-time position.

Jobble helps with that by giving you access to millions of legitimate full-time and part-time jobs.

Many job seekers want jobs that let them start earning cash immediately. However, they prefer options that are legitimate, flexible and can fit easily into their busy schedule. Jobble meets all of those criteria.

How To Find Work With Jobble

Jobble is a platform that connects you with jobs that are in your area. You can search for jobs according to your skills. You can also use other search criteria.

Jobble is a third-party vendor. So, you won’t be working directly for them. Instead, you’ll be using their platform to connect with other companies. Jobble will not be directly responsible for some aspects of the work that you do.

For example, if you are looking for a side gig or you need a position that you can make a long-term commitment to, Jobble can help you to find options. This platform lets you look for jobs that match your current or desired job title.

So, if you’re training for a new position, you can start your job search on Jobble.

Jobble also lets you search for jobs by keyword. So, you can use keywords that are related to your field of expertise.

Whenever you enter these keywords or other search terms you’ll simultaneously be able to select your location. This way you’ll only find jobs that you’re interested in that are within a particular geographical area.

Some of the jobs that you’ll find on this platform pay by the hour. So, you may only work at these jobs occasionally or for a few hours a day. In these cases, you will often be working shifts.

Hourly paid jobs can be found in several sectors, including retail and food delivery. You could also find jobs on the platform that are in the restaurant sector which pay hourly.

In addition to that, your search could be refined to display jobs in the food industry that would help you to earn a steady income for several months.

Some jobs require very little experience. You can usually start start right away. However, others require extensive experience and you will often need to show that you’ve been certified in specific areas.

For example, cyber security engineers and API engineers are usually required to have experience in their field.

Whenever you find a job that you’re interested in, you can apply for it directly on the site.

Obviously it’s wise to only apply to jobs that you’re willing to work. You need to fill out the application on Jobble, tick off the job requirements and then submit your application.

Your application will usually go to the hiring manager for the company. They’ll review it and if they choose you, you’ll get an email which says that you’ve been hired. If you’re not selected however, you won’t always be notified.

Once you’re hired, you can confirm your shift, check in and then check out when you finish with the job.

You must ensure that you complete all of the steps. If you don’t complete them you may have problems with processing your payment at the end of the job.

How Much Can You Earn With Jobble?

Your earnings on Jobble vary with the field that you’re in. For example, if you’re trained as an engineer and you find a job in your field, you’ll usually be paid more. Your pay also depends on the number of hours of work that you do.

In some cases, the hourly pay will be higher than the rate for someone in the same field who has a full-time position. However, they will receive benefits.

The location of an employer also makes a difference. So, it helps to compare your potential earnings from working positions in different cities.

Sometimes, it may be beneficial to search for jobs that have the same job title but pay more because they’re in a busy area.

Members usually earn more with jobs that require some sort of certification or experience. If the job that you’re selecting is one that could be filled by almost anyone, you won’t generally be paid a very high rate per hour.

Generally, the rate per hour is between $10 and $15. For example, in the entertainment sector, you will usually earn between $11 and $13 an hour as a regular labourer. However, if you are a team leader in any of those cases you’ll be paid a higher rate which could go up to about $25 an hour.

If you’re working in a particular sector, you might only do between one and four gigs per month in that sector. So, to maximize your earnings you may have to work in several different sectors in each month.

For example, in the entertainment and events sector, which would involve working out concerts, festivals or even as security at some events, you might only find two gigs per month on the platform that you qualify for.

If you only worked in a single sector and you did two gigs a month, you could earn at least $160 a month from Jobble. Your earnings would increase if you were a team leader or worked gigs in multiple sectors.

Your earnings would also increase if you got a full-time job through Jobble. Generally, you’re more likely to be hired again by the same company if you’re known for being hard working, punctual and honest.

Additionally, hiring managers may request you for jobs outside of Jobble if they find that you have these qualities.

How Do You Get Paid on Jobble?

You’ll get paid via direct transfer on Jobble. When you work with a company, payments will be made to your Jobble account. After that, the money in your Jobble account will be transferred to your bank account or a debit card.

It could also be transferred to your Jobble indi Mastercard. This is a good option for people who don’t have a bank account. They’ll get instant access to the money on their indi card without paying some of the fees associated with maintaining a bank account.

The Jobble indi card let you get paid faster than other debit cards. You can monitor your balance in the indi app, there are no monthly fees, you don’t need to have a minimum balance and you won’t need a credit check to get this card.

In fact, you can even make money with this card since you earn rebates on purchases such as gas and restaurant meals.

Taxation is an issue for many independent workers. The Jobble indi card makes it easy to track all of your earnings for tax purposes. You can apply in minutes for this card and then connect it with all of the freelancing platforms that you use.

 Jobble Reviews

The Jobble app has a rating of five from approximately 2,500 users on Google Play. It’s received more than 100,000 downloads, so a lot of people are using it to make the most of the gig economy.

Whether they’re accessing the site on the go or from a desktop, gig workers and other job seekers are generally satisfied with the performance of the platform.

They like the fact that they can find gigs, full-time positions and part-time jobs on the same platform.

Jobble users like the rapid matching that’s typical of this network. They can start looking for a job today and be matched to a job that fits their criteria by tomorrow.

The menu options make it easy for members to find what they’re looking for. Users say that even when they’re new to the site, they can quickly use the filters to find jobs that match their objectives.

The platform can send notifications to users via email or through the app. Most users say that these notifications are helpful. They make them aware of job opportunities in their field.

However, some users have said that these notifications are sent to them too often. Some have unsubscribed from the emails as a result of that.

Members say that the pay they get through jobs found on Jobble is on par with that of jobs obtained through other sources. That applies to both full-time jobs and gigs. They say that they can rely on getting their pay, although sometimes that’s not until weeks later.

Users saying that the information presented on the platform is usually accurate. So, it reflects the needs of the employer up to that point in time. However, occasionally there are cases where a posting might be for a job that’s already been filled or is unavailable for some other reason.

In that case, when users click on the link they get an error page or see a message that the posting isn’t available. They say that this happens sometimes with a particular delivery company.

Some members focus on side gigs. As such, they experience frustrations which might not necessarily be exclusive to this platform. For example, sometimes they don’t feel like they’re a part of an organization when they only go to work there for a few months.

In fact, they feel a sense of displacement because they’re constantly shifting from one job to another. While meeting new co-workers is ideal for some members, others find it uncomfortable to constantly be in that state. They also feel that there’s no career progression.

Some members report communication problems with the platform. For example, they say that they might turn up at a company but the company might not have been told to expect them. So the communication problems are between the company and Jobble as well as Jobble and the independent workers.

Sometimes workers say that they don’t know what to expect when they’re heading to a new company. For example, they don’t know what the environmental conditions will be like such as working outdoors when it is very warm. Similarly, they might be asked to lift heavy weights or gear that was heavier than they expected.

Members who apply for full-time positions are usually pleased with the level of benefits that they can receive in these positions. However, those who look for seasonal work or part-time work say that they don’t receive any benefits.

Overall, Jobble workers say that they don’t have problems in terms of not being paid at all. However, they say that sometimes jobs don’t last as long as they would expect. For example, they might travel to a location and expect the job to take five hours.

They calculate that five hours would have likely covered their time and transportation costs as well as other costs. However, the job might end early and they might only be paid for two hours of work.

Have you found work via Jobble and want to share your experience? If so please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of Jobble?

  • Jobble gives you immediate access to a wide range of jobs that fit your needs. The filters help you to quickly find jobs that match the number of hours that you want to work, your preferred location and other criteria.
  • You can find full-time work on Jobble. Jobs aren’t only restricted to entry-level positions. So, if you’re a marketing manager, you can benefit from using the site to progress in your career.
  • You’ll be paid in cash for your work and your money can be sent directly to your bank account. If you don’t have a bank account other convenient methods such as a debit card are provided.
  • You can earn money very quickly on this platform. When payments are processed rapidly, you could get your cash in as little as three days.
  • The site makes it easy to find jobs in your community, and you can be hired again if you make a good impression on hiring managers.

What Are The Cons Of Jobble?

  • Some of the jobs on Jobble require you to have several years of experience. For example, if you have interest
    in a position as an API engineer, you’ll usually need to have at least five years of experience with using a JVM-based language.
  • The site could improve its communication. They’re known for errors such as not informing companies that workers would be arriving at their location. Sometimes they tell workers that their services are no longer needed when that’s not so.
  • Sometimes they take a little while to process payments. Occasionally users find that they have to email back and forth to answer minor queries that are preventing their payments from being processed quickly.

Final Thoughts On Jobble

In this Jobble review, you’ve learned that you can earn by finding a wide variety of jobs there. This is a legit marketplace for the gig economy.

However, to maximize your earnings on this site, you may want to consider getting additional certifications so that you can earn a higher rate of pay.

You could also access more opportunities by being flexible in terms of the industries that you’re going to work in.

It has been reported by some users that Jobble has payment issues which can be a deterrent for people who need cash right away. Although you will be paid, you can usually expect delays of up to four weeks before your payment gets to you.

Jobble also has communication problems. So, sometimes you might not get the information that you need to do a job successfully.

However, Jobble gives you real-time information about jobs. You’ll have details available at your fingertips.

By using this platform, you can find full time and part-time jobs that help you reach your financial goals.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A legit website for U.S residents looking for full and part time positions.

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