Jobs2Shop.Com Review-Worth Your Time?

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Jobs2Shop Review

Thanks for dropping by to read my review of

In my review today I will be finding out how this platform works, and discovering how much you could potentially earn as a member of the site.

My Review will explain how you can make money on the platform by writing reviews, completing surveys, and doing other short tasks.

This Get Paid To ( GPT) site has tasks in various categories, and you can even get paid for mystery shopping. Once you create an account, you can complete any one of them, and get money added to your account immediately. But first let’s find out how things work…..

How Works

You can sign up by using your name, email address, birthday, and other information that helps you to qualify for specific surveys.

A confirmation link is sent to your email, and once you click on that, you’ll be taken to a page on the site where you can start doing tasks in several categories.

Membership on this site can be rewarding if you maximize all of the opportunities, and you get an automatic sign-up bonus of $5. You will be offered a three-minute survey immediately, and this pays $1.50, so your balance goes up from the moment you join.

How Much Can You Earn With Jobs2Shop?

Your Jobs2Shop earnings will be determined by the type of tasks that you do, and how frequently opportunities are sent your way.

Each survey offers information on payment, and how long it will take, so you can quickly select the ones that offer the best compensation for your time.

A 17-minute survey typically pays $1.39. mystery shopping assignments are better paid and can pay around $25, with payment being dependent on the store and industry. Some assignments pay $100, although there is no guarantee these will come up often.

There are mystery shopping assignments that don’t require you to leave home, so you don’t have to pay upfront for gas. Either way, the company always reimburses shoppers for their traveling, and any purchases made.

Their referral program is a good way to increase your earnings, since you get $5 every time someone signs up under your link. Your own referral earnings aren’t dependent on how hard your referrals work.

In addition to cash earnings, the site offers membership benefits. For example, you can find coupons there that you can print and use to save money on a wide range of purchases.

You can maximize your earnings on this site by doing product reviews, since these pay better than other tasks. Again however, you can’t guarantee a regular supply of these.

Your earnings from product reviews should be kept to half of your total, so you can receive payment. In other words, in order to get paid when your balance reaches $25, at least half of this must have been earned doing evaluation surveys.

Pay outs are made once a month, on the 20th. The site pays real cash, not merchandise, and your money is sent to you via PayPal.

What Are The Pros?

  • Jobs2Shop offers you several ways to make money, so you can utilize all of them, or stick with the ones that you find rewarding.
  • The site has a referral program, so you earn one-time bonuses from all the people who join via your link.
  • They have been around since 2013, and are known for paying their participants. Payment proof from members is displayed on the platform.
  • They report that they have over seven million evaluation surveys available, so you should always be able to find work on the site. In fact, you’ll be offered a survey immediately when you sign up, and can earn 1.50 in minutes.
  • You save money by using the free printable coupons that they offer to all active members. When it’s time to get paid, your money is sent directly to you via PayPal.

What Are The Cons?

  • Jobs2Shop wants all participants to complete surveys, so you always have to make sure that half of your earnings come from that. If you don’t, you won’t be able to get a pay out.
  • This is not an international opportunity. You have to be a resident of the United States to join.
  • Only one person in each household can become a member, and you must be an adult to join.

Some Final Thoughts

Jobs2Shop offers a variety of ways for you to make money. You can participate in mystery shopping, complete surveys, and even earn cash for writing reviews of products. Because of the amount of surveys available, you can make a reasonable amount doing these.

You get a bonus just for signing up, and all active members get access to free printable coupons.

Have you tried Jobs2Shop? Let us know in the comments below about your experience.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A Legit platform that offers numerous ways to earn. The site however is restricted to U.S members.

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