JunoWallet Review: Is Joining JunoWallet Worth Your Time?

JunoWallet Review

Thanks for checking out this JunoWallet Review.

Today I will be finding all about this mobile earning App to find out whether it really is worth your time.

There are lots of mobile apps nowadays that can earn you a little extra for carrying out simple tasks.

They offer you a flexible and convenient way to earn a little extra from your smartphone.

So let’s find out what JunoWallet has to offer……

What Is JunoWallet?

JunoWallet is a mobile app that rewards you with gift cards for participating in various social marketing activities such as doing surveys, testing apps and completing free offers.

All that you have to do is to download and install specific sponsored apps on your phone and use them for a while.

JunoWallet will pay you JunoCredits, which you can redeem for gift cards of your choice.

You can claim gift cards from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Nike, and Nintendo among other popular brands.

Is JunoWallet A Scam?

JunoWallet is certainly not a scam.

The platform has over 3 million brand ambassadors so far, but this figure relies on the total number of JunoWallet app downloads since its official release in 2011.

The fact that it is free to join further vindicates its legitimacy.

Getting Started With JunoWallet

Getting started with JunoWallet is easy.

All you have to do is download the JunoWallet app from Google Play or their web page, and then install it on your phone. Update…..the App appears to be available from Amazonhowever there are no recent reviews of the App.

The App doesn’t appear to be active on social media either.

The sign up process is free, and it only requires your email address.

However, you might need to provide extra information when signing up with sponsored apps.

How Does JunoWallet Work?

JunoWallet provides a platform for app developers to market their products.

These app developers pay JunoWallet for advertising their apps on the platform.

Subsequently, JunoWallet pays its members for downloading and opening the apps.

In other words you have to download and install the apps to receive your rewards.

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Ways To Earn With JunoWallet

JunoWallet has several income generating activities that can earn you money. These include:

  • Watching Videos

Watch short videos from advertisers using the JunoWallet app and earn great rewards.

You have to watch each video until the timer runs to the end, for you to earn your rewards.

  • Making Calls

JunoWallet gives you a chance the earn money from making calls.

This involves marketing sponsored products or services to potential consumers.

You have to possess excellent communication skills to be eligible for this option.

  • Installing Apps

Installing apps is one of the main income streams on JunoWallet.

It involves downloading and installing sponsored apps on your Android phone for the purposes of testing their usability.

Earnings per installed app is 22 cents. You have to open the apps for you to receive your rewards.

  • Doing Surveys

Doing surveys is not as common as installing apps, but it also attracts a an income when the opportunity arises.

It involves answering questions and sharing your opinions about various products, apps and topics. Completing one survey will earn you one JunoCredit

  • Referral Program

When you register with JunoWallet, you get a unique referral code, which you can use to invite your friends.

Each new member who signs up using your referral code earns you 50 cents.

Getting Paid By JunoWallet

JunoWallet pays its members in the form of JunoCredits, with each JunoCredit translating to $0.22.

The minimum payout requirement for gift cards is $5. You can redeem your JunoCredits for great rewards and gift cards.

Popular gift card brands available on this platform include:

• Amazon
• Nike
• iTunes
• Xbox
• Karma Koin
• Nintendo
• Starbucks

Previously, the use of gift cards was the only payment option on this platform.

This is no longer the case.

JunoWallet has updated their payment options, and you can now receive your payments via PayPal and Bitcoin.

The minimum payout requirement for PayPal payments is $5 and these payments are almost instant.

[thrive_icon_box color=’blue’ style=’1′ image=’https://wealthinflator.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/IMG_6545.jpg’]Pros[/thrive_icon_box]
• Legitimate app
• Easy to use app
• Lots of gift cards from big brands
• No professional skills required
• Reasonable referral program
• Raffle features
• PayPal payments
• Accepts Bitcoin

[thrive_icon_box color=’blue’ style=’1′ image=’https://wealthinflator.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/IMG_6577.png’]Cons[/thrive_icon_box]
• Poor customer support
• Low income potential

Final Thoughts On JunoWallet

JunoWallet promises great rewards to members just for downloading and opening apps.

It is an easy way of earning money online.

However, this does not mean that JunoWallet can replace your daily job.

Money that you earn from this platform should only serve as extra cash.

Unfortunately, according to the numerous complaints found on their social media pages, the company has been inactive since 2015.

It is therefore advisable that you tread carefully when working with this platform.

Thanks for reading this review of Junowallet, let me know in the comments below if you have experience working with this platform, and you want to share your experience.

Star Rating 2/5-A legit App for making a few dollars, and it pays cash. There is however some doubt about how active the platform presently is.

2 Star Rating

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2 thoughts on “JunoWallet Review: Is Joining JunoWallet Worth Your Time?”

  1. JunoWallet is very convenient for me to use. I often use it when I’m sitting around or in an waiting area. Nothing like making some cash while your bored or waiting. Great Reivew and its spot on. I wish that they would increase payouts for doing surveys. But hey something is better than nothing.

  2. Hi James,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with JunoWallet. Apps like these are convenient for when you have some time to kill, and I think that’s what makes them popular, you may as well earn something while you’re hanging around. I agree the pay is poor, but every bit helps.
    Thanks for dropping by to comment

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