JustHost Web Hosting Review – Is It a Good Host?

JustHost Website Hosting Review

Thanks for joining me for this JustHost Web Hosting Review. I will be finding out today if JustHost is a good home for your website and business. This review will cover all you need to know about this platform.

If you already own a website, then you know how difficult it can be to find a cheap and reliable host. Most website owners often become overwhelmed by the numerous, sometimes confusing hosting options.

With hundreds of hosting companies emerging every other day, even the most tech-savvy individual can get perplexed with available options.

Nevertheless, JustHost makes everything easy by providing simple, affordable hosting options without subjecting customers to technical terminologies.

So let’s get started………..Read on and find out what this hosting platform has to offer.

An Introduction to JustHost

JustHost is one of the top web hosting brands owned by the Endurance International Group. This business consortium also runs several hosting platforms such as Bluehost and iPage.

JustHost offers a broad selection of Linux-based hosting services ranging from shared web hosting to dedicated servers. Despite the numerous hosting services available, JustHost focuses on marketing their shared hosting option, considering the fact that it is the most popular service.

JustHost Web Hosting Plans

The four shared web hosting plans available on JustHost include:
• Basic Plan
• Plus Plan
• Prime Plan
• GoPro

1. Basic Hosting Plan

The Basic hosting plan is perfect for individuals and small businesses that are seeking to host a single domain. This plan features 50 GB web storage, unlimited bandwidth, five email accounts and 100MB email storage for every account.

The Basic Hosting plan costs as low as 3.95 dollars per month, billed in a 36-month cycle.

2. Plus Hosting Plan

The basic plan might be restrictive to some website owners considering the fact that it only supports one website. The Plus hosting plan provides website owners with a sensible alternative.

This plan supports up to 10 different websites, making it quite popular with webmasters who want to expand their online presence. It features 150 GB of web space, unmetered network bandwidth, 50 sub domains, 20 parked domains and one hundred email accounts with 500 MB of storage space for each account.

What is good about the Plus plan is that it comes with marketing offers worth $150 and at a standard cost of $6.95 dollars per month (billed every 36 months).

3. Prime Hosting Plan

The Prime plan is similar to the Plus plan in nearly all aspects, including cost. However, you have to pay for 36 months upfront to enjoy the $6.95 p/m pricing.

Unlike the Plus plan, the Prime hosting plan accommodates unlimited websites and comes with advanced offerings such as privacy and backup protection.

It also features unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and unlimited email storage space. Just like its predecessor, this plan comes with marketing offers worth $200.

This plan is recommended for established businesses and personal websites that require extensive resources.

4. GoPro Hosting Plan

If the three aforementioned plans no longer meet your needs, you can consider subscribing to the GoPro hosting plan. At a cost of 14.95 dollars per month, the GoPro plan comes with all features available in the Prime plan.

It also contain extra features such as dedicated IP, domain privacy, SSL certificate and site backup.

JustHost Pros and Cons

So how does JustHost stack up against its competitors? Here are the pros and cons of this hosting platform.


• Free Domain Registration

Unlike other hosting companies that charge for domain names, JustHost offers free domain registration regardless of the price plan that you choose. Alternatively, JustHost allows you to transfer your domain at no extra cost.

• Unlimited Options

JustHost offers unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited domains, and email accounts. These unlimited options allow you to manage all your websites from one central location.

• Customer-Tailored Support

The company offers exceptional support services tailored to meet all your hosting needs. You may contact the help desk team via email, phone or live chat at anytime of the day or night.

• Outstanding Uptime

The JustHost data center is equipped with state of the art UPS systems and network monitors that ensure optimum uptime. By subscribing to any of the JustHost hosting plans, you are guaranteed of outstanding uptime backed by high-performance quad core processor servers.

• Affordable Price Plans

The web hosting plans available on this platform are extremely competitive and affordable. For as low as $3.95 per month, you will receive extensive features such as unmetered bandwidth, free email accounts, exceptional support and so many more.

To get more value for your money, it is always advisable to go for long-term options, as they attract lower fees.

• Money Back Guarantee

This company offers a 30-day money back guarantee with all price plans. This means that you can easily ask for a refund in case the services on offer do not satisfy your needs.

• Free Marketing Offers

JustHost offers free marketing tools and credits to Plus, Prime, and GoPro account holders for successful marketing campaigns. These marketing offers include Google Advertising offers worth up to $200.

• Simplicity

JustHost is renowned for its simplicity, thanks to their easy to use control panel. The company focuses on providing reliable hosting services without the usual confusion associated with web hosting.


• Long-Term Pricing

You must sign up for long-term plans for you to enjoy discounted rates. JustHost demands that you pay for 36 months upfront to enjoy the lowest price offerings.

• Lesser Uptime

Although this company offers outstanding hosting services, the uptime is lower than the standard 99.9 percent. This means that you may occasionally experience downtimes during bad days.

• Limited Storage

The Basic plan comes with limited storage, and can only accommodate a single website.

Take Away: Is JustHost the ultimate hosting platform?

JustHost ranks highly in the web hosting world. However, describing the company as the ultimate hosting platform might be stretching it a bit.

This platform offers simple solutions to individuals and companies looking for cheap and reliable web hosting options.

With unmetered bandwidth, storage, email accounts, and extra marketing offers all bundled in low price offerings, subscribing to this platform is certainly a viable option, especially for beginners.

Have you used this platform? Let us know in the comments if you want to share your experience.

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