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K.O Trivia App Review-Can You Win Prizes Answering Trivia?

K.O Trivia App Review

Thanks for joining me today for my review of the K.O Trivia App.

For those of you who enjoy answering trivia questions my review will be of interest because I will be finding out if you can win prizes simply for doing just that on the K.O Trivia App.

This app is fun for anyone who loves to test their knowledge. You can simply download it and start playing whenever you want to relax and unwind with some trivia.  It’s a good way to stimulate your brain, and it is free to join.

Let’s get started by find out how the K.O Trivia App works.

How the K.O Trivia App Works

The K.O. Trivia App is available on Google Play, and you can also use it on iOS devices. It will work well on Android 10 and above, and only takes up about 19 Megabytes of space on your device. At the time of writing the App doesn’t appear to be available to users outside of the U.S.

The K.O Trivia App

The K.O Trivia App

Once you register, you can choose a tournament to compete in.

Players who answer questions incorrectly on a tournament will get knocked out.

Your aim is to outlast all of the other players. If you make it to the end of a tournament, you’ll win coins, which can be exchanged for prizes.

What Can You Win With K.O Trivia App?

The K.O. Trivia App pays out rewards as physical merchandise.

Your prizes are also provided as discounts.

If you choose to exchange your coins for cash, you can request a transfer to your PayPal account. This is a fast method, so if you need money for any purpose, you can use your winnings.

Some players opt for merchandise from among all the prizes. If you choose a physical item, the site will ship it to you for free, so you don’t have to worry about paying additional fees on your winnings.

Redeeming your K.O. coins is easy. Once you’re logged in to your account, visit the rewards section of the site.

From there, select the rewards that appeal to you. You can cash out $1 in PayPal cash, so you don’t have to wait to meet a high minimum for payment.

The physical merchandise that they have available is from a wide range of categories, ensuring that every member of your family who plays and wins can find something they like.

They have a wide range of items from perfume to army multitools, and more.

User Feedback

At the time of writing the  K.O. Trivia App has received a 4.3-star rating from over 5,000 reviewers on Google Play.

Users think that this app is a lot of fun, and is a good way to earn cash if you want to relax while working from home.

Some winners are disgruntled about how prizes are divided. The app is designed to encourage fairness, and so, players who reach very far in the game will get a little of the winnings.

Some winners feel that only the final competitor should get any type of reward.

What Are The Pros?

  • The K.O. Trivia App helps you to keep your brain sharp.
  • You can win cash and prizes by playing, and a lot of tournaments are available, making it easy to find something that you, and your friends, will enjoy.
  • You can play on any day of the week, and if you’re up studying and need to relax for a bit, you can enter a tournament.
  • This platform offers fair games. If you wish to gain diamonds and tokens to reach further in a tournament, you have to earn them through knowledge and skill. No player can purchase these items to get ahead in any tournament.
  • The site has a low minimum for payment, so you can collect your cash very quickly.

What Are The Cons?

  • The K.O. Trivia App is not available everywhere.

Some Final Thoughts

The K.O. Trivia App makes it easy to get merchandise for free. You can even get discounts on other items.

People who like trivia can use their skills to win free prizes right from their phone.

The app is completely free, and you can easily play in your spare time.

It is rated as a game app that can be used by children and adults alike, so you can engage your children in a tournament and have fun.

A lot of people want to find ways to keep their brain sharp, and this app certainly will help with that.

The questions cover a wide range of areas, helping to increase your knowledge of areas that you wouldn’t think about on a daily basis.

The prizes are a bonus for this fun app, and you can play whenever you have the time.

Have you used the K.O Trivia App? If so and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5-A fun app that, although it has a low income potential, will give your brain a workout when you have a few minutes spare.

3 Star Rating

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4 thoughts on “K.O Trivia App Review-Can You Win Prizes Answering Trivia?”

  1. Hi there! Thank you very much for sharing such an astonishing article. I just want to say that this is an excellent way to improve our knowledge about a particular subject. I played this game a few days ago. I won some subjects like, chemical, physical, electrical. The most significant thing is I have gained some knowledge and gathered some information. For that reason, I love this apps.

    Ultimately, again I would like to give you thanks for posting this article. I will share this article with my friends and nearer people so that they can take some advantage and they can have fun. Can i share this article on my social media?

    1. Hi there,

      Yes this is a fun app, and you can win a few bucks too. Thanks for checking out my review and I would appreciate a share on your social media….Thanks again.

  2. What a brilliant product!  Frankly, I have a friend in the US that loves doing games like this just to keep her brains sharp with absolutely no thought of getting money.  I’ve forwarded this to her because I know that she could always use a bit of money to help make ends meet during these rough times.  She does a lot of the survey sites that take a ton of work for very little pay as well and this looks like a whole lot more fun!  Of course, it will never provide a full-time income but for a fun little game, it has its own allure!

    1. Hi there,

      Yes I think the app is mostly about the fun and the challenge. The money is something of a bonus. I hope your friend enjoys using the app. Thanks for your comment. 

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