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LEO Legeropinion Review-Can You Get Paid Surveys?

LEO Legeropinion Review

Thanks for checking out my LEO Legeropinion review

What makes LEO Legeropinion a bit different is that in addition to cash and gift card rewards, it claims you can also get air miles with Aeroplan rewards in exchange for your opinion.

You can join the site either via the website, and you can also join up on your phone as the platform has Apps available on both Google Play and The App Store. That makes it easy to take surveys without taking a whole lot of time from your schedule.

In my LEO Legeropinion review I will be taking an in-depth look at whether you really can earn rewards with this  platform, and if so potentially how much.

Before I start I need to point out that this survey site is only available to U.S and Canadian members.

How LEO Legeropinion Works

LEO Legeropinion says it pays you to complete surveys. You’ll need an account to participate, and you can create one in minutes for free.

The platform says you will be rewarded with Air Miles, and even Aeroplan rewards if you prefer. Or, if you wish, your earnings can also be paid to you in cash.

If you live in Canada or the United States, you can participate. Unfortunately if you live elsewhere you wont be able to participate on the site. The company is based in Canada and is among the leaders in market research in the nation. They also have surveys in French.

Each member earns LEO points whenever they complete a survey. All of the surveys on the site pay different rewards. Teenagers can also earn points here, with surveys that match their consumer habits.

How much can you Earn with LEO Legeropinion?

The easiest surveys pay $1, but you could earn up to $35 for sharing your opinions here (however higher paying surveys are less frequent) Focus groups may also be available to you and allow you to earn more money. These may take place online, or in person, with the in-person groups paying more.

The advantage of the online groups is that most of them you can do them from home, and don’t need to spend money or time traveling.

The site also has sweepstakes, so you’ll get a chance to win even more rewards. If you want cash that you can spend as you choose, you can request a PayPal transfer, a check, or even a prepaid debit or credit card.

Donations to charity are made in partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. So if you don’t want to earn cash for yourself, you can help someone else through a challenging time, just by sharing your opinions.

The minimum for withdrawal is $20 for most of the withdrawal methods. If you wish to name a donation to charity, you can do do freely once you have $2 or more in your account. If you are planning to relax and want your Air Miles, you can get them once you have enough points for $10 in Air Miles

LEO Legeropinion pays in several ways.

Each survey that you complete has a specific number of points, and these are converted to dollars, Air Miles, or other rewards when you are ready to benefit from your hard work on the site.

Their surveys vary in length and complexity, so there are some that can be done while you have some time to kill, and others that only require about five minutes of your time.

LEO Legeropinion Reviews From Real Users

At the time of  my latest update of this review LEO legeropinion has a score of 4.5/5 from just over 1500 reviews at GooglePlay, 2.8/5 from 57 reviews at SurveyPolice, and a score of 2/5 from 9 reviews at Sitejabber.

Of the recent reviews the majority of users are happy with their experience. Others say there are fewer surveys available recently, and others that it is now harder to qualify for surveys than what it used to be.

From the feedback given this survey platform seems to work better for Canadians. Americans on the site say they hardly qualify for surveys, and it is difficult to reach pay out.

What Are The Pros?

  • LEO Legeropinion has a wide range of surveys, which vary in complexity, so you can make a little extra cash even if you don’t have much free time.
  • They have several ways for you to enjoy your rewards, and you can even use their benefits to make your next family vacation more affordable.
  • Opening an account here is free.
  • You are never pressured to complete a particular survey, and you can work on a flexible schedule. Even teens can complete surveys with them, and earn extra money.
  • App available at Google Play for those who want to earn on the go.

What Are The Cons?

  • LEO Legeropinion is only open to participants in Canada and America.
  • While it is open to Americans, due to their location, Americans often end up being unable to qualify for most of the surveys that they are sent.
  • This is a low earning opportunity

Some Final Thoughts

LEO Legeropinion offers U.S and Canadian residents an opportunity to earn rewards from surveys. Whether you want a gift card for Amazon, travel rewards to visit a friend, or cash to pay a small bill, this site may be able to help.

The site has surveys and focus groups that you can use to share your opinion, and improve the experiences that consumers have, so if you are based in the US or Canada (especially Canada) you may want to give it a try.

Star Rating 3/5-An established survey site that offers surveys and focus group opportunities for US and Canadian residents.

3 Star Rating

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14 thoughts on “LEO Legeropinion Review-Can You Get Paid Surveys?”

  1. Hey do you know what the mobile app is called?or if it works for IOS products? I’ve tried looking up leger web on the Apple sotre and nothing came up. Can you help me

    1. Hi Will,
      You can get access to the Apps via THIS PAGE

      Legerweb is however only available to U.S and Canadian residents, so if you are outside these countries you will be unable to do surveys on the platform.

  2. It is legit and you get your check, just deposited my first. But what i realized afterwards is that they stopped assigning me any more surveys after withdraw. I normally would receive 1 or 2 surveys a day but since the withdraw it has been 2 weeks with only one survey.So do not expect to earn more on this site.They just attract new comer and once you withdraw they discard you.

  3. Hi Weston,
    I think it’s important to make it clear from the outset what you can, and what you can’t earn by taking online surveys.
    Some sites will make you believe a full time income can be achieved, but as anyone who has done online surveys before will tell you, that just isn’t realistic.
    I agree with you when it comes to redemption amounts, I think the higher they are the more off putting it is.
    I also agree, it does say a lot about a survey site when it has been operating and paying for 12 years.
    Thanks for reading my review and for your comment.

  4. Thank you for your review of Legerweb Surveys! I have never heard of this before. Thank you for starting off by stating that surveys won’t make you much money.

    I really like how you rated Legerweb on 4 different criteria. I appreciate all the research you put into your review. It helps me know if this site is worth checking out.

    From your review, I don’t think this is something I’d be interested in. I agree that high redemption amounts are irritating, especially when surveys don’t pay you that much. It is neat that this site has been on the web for 12 years. That alone says something about the site.

    Thank you!


  5. Hi Katie,
    I’m glad you found my review and it introduced you to a legit survey site that you hadn’t previously heard of. It’s is a pity that Legerweb don’t pay either directly to your bank, or via PayPal like a lot of other survey sites do. Thanks for reading and for your comment

  6. Thanks for the helpful review. I mostly have used Amazon Turk in the past but had never heard of Legerweb. The thing I like most about Amazon Turk is that they will transfer of any amount into your amazon account which you can then transfer directly to your bank account. Looks like that’s not an option with Legerweb. Its good to know about another legit paid survey site though.

  7. Hi,
    I think you are absolutely right, survey sites like Legerweb don’t pay well, but at least you get to do the tasks in the comfort of your own home which people like.
    I want to encourage people to consider affiliate marketing as an alternative because this also allows you to work from home, but with the potential to earn a lot more.
    Thanks for commenting and giving your views, it’s much appreciated.

  8. Hey Stevie,
    Thanks for the compliment on the review. Yes $20 is quite high, there are lower ones out there. I guess there are pros and cons to each site and its up to you to determine which is the most important. The surveys at Legerweb are short so this is a big plus for some people.
    Thanks for commenting and giving your opinion, I appreciate it.

  9. I love this page. This is a very good review. I feel like I know everything about Legerweb now after reading this review. $20 is a lot of money to have to make in order to receive the money. If I was going to join a site that pays for surveys then I probably would not choose this one because of the redemption amount. Great post!

  10. You’ve written a good review here. I’ve heard of a few other survey sites like this one, but I not Legerweb. Perhaps because I’m in the US.

    I haven’t tried to use these pay-for-survey sites before. It never seemed like it was worth the time for the amount you get paid. But I know others who have used these, filling them out while they’re doing other things like watching TV.

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