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Lootgain Review And Ultimate Guide-Earn Up To $20 Per Day?

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Lootgain Review

In my Lootgain review and guide today you’ll learn whether this GPT site is legitimate.

I will also be discovering how you could earn (and how much) by completing surveys and carrying out small tasks in your spare time on The Lootgain platform.

Can you really earn up to $20 per day as the Lootgain website claims? This is what we will be finding out.

You’ll also learn what users think of the site, and what the likely pros and cons could be should you decide to join.

Is LootGain Legit?

Lootgain is definitely legit. If you sign up for free membership and spend your time doing small tasks such as surveys and offers on the site you will be rewarded for your efforts.

This site has a proven means of earning money which has been used by many other people successfully.

Lootgain isn’t a market research firm and they don’t advertise themselves as such. The surveys that they provide are from third-party sites that collect feedback from consumers on behalf of market research firms.

So, you’ll have the opportunity to do a wide range of surveys. These are designed and managed by teams that understand the importance of confidentiality and data protection.

Your rewards are directly connected to the effort you put in. So, you won’t for example just work for a chance at winning a prize like with some reward sites.

Lootgain has a good reputation online. No one has reported that the site is a scam site. Usually, when a site is a scam or isn’t living up to its own terms you’ll be able to find numerous reports of this online.

However, members haven’t complained about the site not living up to any of its own standards or those that are upheld in its niche.

The site works well. Its overall performance is as you would expect. You won’t experience a lot of glitches while you’re using it. The layout is such that you can find information easily and navigate from one point to the next without encountering a lot of ads.

It doesn’t crash frequently while you’re using it. These features indicate that it’s a legitimate site that has been planned and designed with usability in mind.

Most importantly of course is that the site is paying. Members are saying that they have lots of punctual payments. There also aren’t a lot of reports of missed payments or problems accounting for points earned.

For this reason the site can be considered a legitimate option for earning.

How You Can Earn From Lootgain

There are three main ways to earn on Lootgain. You can complete surveys, do offers and refer people to the site.

You can also check in daily to gain 10 bonus points. The site calls points “loots”. 1000 loots is worth $1

All of the activities give rewards but at different rates. So, for example, if you do a survey you might be able to earn more for your time right away then you would if you for example spent the same time working to refer a new member.

Lootgain isn’t a market research firm but they partner with other sites to bring paid surveys to you.

Surveys are the easiest way for members to earn and you usually be paid between 500 and 2,000 loots per survey.

You don’t need to wait on an invitation for a survey. As long as you’re logged into the site, you can click on Earn and you’ll be able to view all of the surveys that are currently available. My dashboard revealed that there are surveys available from third party market research companies Monlix, Bitlabs and CPX Research..See below.

Surveys At Lootgain

Surveys At Lootgain

You can click on the link for any survey that interests you to start it. You’ll have to do a few screening questions first to ensure that you’re in the target demographic.

If you’re screened out because you’re not in the demographic that they’re looking for you can simply move on to another survey. That’s what happened to me on my first survey

Surveys At Lootgain

What was good was that I didn’t have to answer many questions before being told I didn’t qualify. What was a bit disappointing was that I wasn’t offered at least some compensation for taking the time to attempt the survey.

With each survey you’ll be asked to share your opinions on a particular topic. For example, you could be asked to share your thoughts on a new product.

You could also spend a few minutes giving feedback on an issue that effects people in your age group.

Surveys are usually easy to complete. That’s because they’re often designed as multiple choice or short answer questions.

It’s easy to jump right In with surveys when you first join the site. However, as you spend more time on the platform you’ll notice that there are better earning opportunities than surveys.

For example, you can earn more with their offer walls by selecting tasks such as app testing or game testing.

The Offerwall At Lootgain

The Offerwall At Lootgain

So, when you click on an offer wall, you’ll see several offers which pay you to test new apps and games.

The payment that you receive for installing and trying each application varies according to the developer and what you’re required to do.

For example, if you’re asked to install a game on your device and play it until you reach a certain level, that could take a week or more of your time but you will be compensated accordingly.

Similarly, you could be asked to install an app on your phone and try using it for 24 hours. After that time  you could delete it and make space for another app. However, you might be paid less for that test than for testing the game.

Free trials and paid trials of services are also an exciting way to earn loots. In some cases you’ll require a credit card to benefit from these offers. For example, you may be able to try a new product at a discount with a paid trial.

In that case you will receive points after you finish the trial. You’ll make an investment but you’ll get your money back after. Occasionally, that presents a risk for you because sometimes you’ll have to wait a little for the provider of the offer to make your payment.

Free trials present you with less risk since you don’t have to invest any of your own money up front although you’re earning loots for the trial. You simply need to sign up with your payment details.

As long as you cancel before the trial is up, you won’t have to pay and you’ll profit from participating.

You can also earn by doing free website trials. For example, you could be asked to sign up as a member on a site and you will receive rewards for doing that.

In some cases, you can get rewards just for visiting a site in order to learn more about the services and products that they have.

Each of the tasks has a description that  tells you what you’re required to do.

You’ll also be told how much you could earn if you follow all of the steps. It’s important to read through each step carefully before you decide to start the offer.

If you don’t complete a stage you won’t receive your rewards. For example, if you’re asked to visit a site for 15 seconds but you leave after 10 seconds, you won’t get any rewards.

Some Lootgain users have developed a fairly steady stream of passive income through referrals.

With referrals you will earn a 5% commission whenever a new number joins the site via your link.

Your personal link has a code that’s unique to you. This code is used to track every member who joins Lootgain so that you can be credited for it.

You can share your link on Instagram and other social media channels. You could even talk to people face to face about the site and its benefits and then invite them to sign up through your link.

Most of the earning opportunities on Lootgain directly compensate you for your efforts. However, the site also has an incentive program in place which encourages members to do their best daily.

This is in the form of a leaderboard which displays the earnings of members.

Users in the top three positions on the leaderboard each day will receive a bonus on their earnings for that day. The first, second and third place winner will receive 3,000, 2000 and 1,000 loots respectively.

There is a further incentive as you can gain a bonus by reaching higher levels. I saw from my dashboard that you get a 100 point bonus for completing level 1.

Level bonus’s At Lootgain

Level bonus’s At Lootgain

How Much Can You Earn From Lootgain?

Lootgain gives you points which are known as loots. Each member is guaranteed to earn at least 10 loots daily just by checking in. To do this, ensure that you’re logged in and navigate to your Dashboard.

Click the check-in tab and then tap the Confirm button on the pop-up window that will appear.

You’ll have 10 loots automatically added to your account. Just by doing this every day, you can earn 300 loots a month.

Lootgain pays you 5% of whatever your referrals earn every month. So, even if your referrals only check in each month and earn their daily check-in bonus, you’ll be guaranteed 5% of 300 loots for each of your referrals.

That means you would earn at least 15 loots per referral. If each referral also earned 3,000 loots per month just by occasionally doing surveys, you would earn an additional 150 loots per referral. This would be paid by the site and would not come from your friends’ earnings.

That’s 165 loots in all per referral. If you had 20 referrals, the passive income from your referrals would be equal to 3,300 loots.

These calculations are conservative. Some members earn 12,000 loots per week. This is equal to 48,000 loots per month. So, if you refer a person who is that active on the site, you’ll earn a referral bonus of 2,400 loots per month just for referring them.

The number of loots that you get for offers is usually higher than the number of loots that you get for
surveys. So, although you might have fun doing surveys, it’s not a good idea to focus exclusively on these if you want to earn as much as possible from the site.

Some users claim that they’ve been able to earn $20 or 20,000 loots per day on this site. This is possible if you complete offers that pay well. However, some of these offers require an initial investment on your part.

Additionally, you won’t have high paying offers available everyday, so you might not be able to reach $20 each day. However you may reach that sum every now and then.

Most offers pay between 1,000 and 4,000 Loots. So, for example if you complete three offers in a single day, you could earn around 11,000 loots. This would be equivalent to $11.

You can get your first payment very quickly on this site. In fact, you could earn enough to request your first payment within 48 hours of joining the site. If you request a payment in cryptocurrency, it will be transferred directly to your crypto wallet.

Lootgain Reviews

Lootgain has a lot of satisfied users and they say that the site is easy to use. In fact, many adjust so quickly that their first payout is made within their first week on the site. They also like the leaderboard which helps to motivate them.

They’re happy about the low minimum payout and the options that they have for receiving their payouts. For example, although cryptocurrency is listed as a payment option you’re not restricted to just one type. So users who want Bitcoin can choose that or any of the other alternatives that are available on the platform.

Members say that their payments are processed quickly. They usually receive cryptocurrency payments within 24 hours after making a request.

There are occasional complaints about bans on the site. However, it’s important to know that the site takes its terms of use seriously. They do not allow users to engage with the site via VPNs. If this type of activity is detected, you will be banned.

Members say that this site pays very well compared to its competitors. They say that they generally earn more with offers here than they do elsewhere. This is one of the reasons why many members give this site excellent reviews.

Overall, most users have been using the site to earn consistently. Only a few rarely visit the site.

Even those members have a good experience with the site and are able to cash out with no problems, although it takes them longer to reach their first payment.

No matter where they are in the world, they are able to earn enough to request a reward at least once per week. This is made even easier with low minimums for withdrawal. Some users transfer $1 in Litecoin as soon as their balance reaches 1,000 loots.

Some users earn by putting in at least an hour of work on the site each day. They make withdrawals and have these processed successfully several times per week.

What Are The Pros Of Lootgain?

  • The registration process only takes a few minutes. It’s completely free to register and once you’ve done so you can start earning.
  • The site has partnerships with offer wall providers who have a good reputation, such as OfferToro. When you click on a provider, you’ll often find that the offers are in categories which makes it easy for you to find interesting offers. For example OfferToro offers are categorized as mobile and desktop offers.
  • When you click on offers in a particular category you can sort the list according to your criteria. You can also switch from offers to another type of task by using the navigation bar at the top of your screen.
  • Some offer walls also contain surveys This means that if you like doing surveys, you can also find opportunities through Lootgain’s offer partners.
  • The site has a number of convenient payment options, including gift cards and cryptocurrency.
  • The minimum for transfers is really low and you can get $1 in Litecoin with just 1,000 Loot.

What Are The Cons Of Lootgain?

  • Lootgain has offers which are exclusively for either Android or iOS users. For example, Board Kings is a game that’s available to Android users. If you have an iOS device, you won’t be able to earn by completing this offer.
  • Lootgain is available worldwide. However, the same offers aren’t provided in every country. So your earning potential will be determined to an extent by where you live.
  • Several offers are games so if you’re not an avid gamer, you may not be able to complete the requirements in time. For example you may only have 10 days to reach level 50 in a game.
  • You can’t receive your rewards via check. You can get cash by other means such as PayPal and cryptocurrency. They also offer Visa prepaid cards and gift cards for major brands.


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Final Thoughts On Lootgain

In this Lootgain review, you learned that you have several ways of earning on the site. It’s developed to make it easy to earn on the go but there are also tasks which can be done from your desktop computer.

You can get your earnings even if you only have a little cash and since crypto is an option, you can benefit from price fluctuations in your favorite cryptocurrency by timing you’re withdrawals so that you can make purchases at optimum prices.

The site is known for paying and most members are satisfied with the performance of the platform. If you’re looking for an easy way to earn cash whenever you have a few extra minutes this is recommended.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A good GPT site with a good reputation for providing earning opportunities and for paying. The site is also available worldwide although not all the opportunities will be available everywhere.

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Thanks for reading my article. I hope you gained some insight into how the platform works and whether it may benefit you.

I have reviewed hundreds of similar apps and websites here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE.


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