Lucky Day App Review-How Much Can You Really Win?

Lucky Day App Review

Thanks for checking out my Lucky Day App Review

My review will show you how you can play games online for free and look into the possibly that you can win prizes in the process on the Lucky Day platform.

This is a sweepstakes app, so it’s focused on scratch and win games, lotto games, and other similar games. We will be finding out how much you can win using this App, but first let’s find out how things work.

How the Lucky Day App Works

The Lucky Day App is easy to use. You don’t have to pay any fees or go through any complicated processes to play the games you enjoy.

Visit the Google Play to download the app, install it, register, and select the games that interest you.

Lucky Day App-Free To Play

The Lucky Day App Is Free To Play

All kinds of games of chance are available on the platform, so if there’s a particular type that you play for fun, you’re probably going to find a similar game on this platform.

The most popular categories are slots, lotto games, and scratch and win cards.

Lucky Day App Scratch Match And Win

Lucky Day App Scratch Match And Win

In scratcher games, a random number generator produces a sequence, and players match their own identical selections to that in the attempt to win a real cash prize.

Slots require players to match numbers in a single row, and like the scratch and win option, these are free.

If you wish to take a chance with the lotto games, you’ll have to use some of the credits that you won on the platform. It costs about two credits to enter a lotto game.

What Prizes can you win with the Lucky Day App?

The Lucky Day App has raffles, slots, and many other games that give different prizes.

The biggest prizes are available with their lotto games, which take place every day, and give you the chance to win up to $100,000 in cash. The chance of winning a large amount however are extremely slim.

While the app appears to have some really big pay outs, most people win prizes of around $5.

The scratch cards start at $1, and they go all the way up to $10,000.

You might win when you play scratch cards, but even if you don’t, you’ll still receive tokens just for playing. These games pay at least 1,000 tokens, and you may get as many as 150,000 tokens.

Your tokens cannot be added to your cash balance, but the app says they can be used to get gift cards. They can also be used in other games. About 3,500,000 tokens are required for a $2 Amazon gift card.

Lucky Day App Gift Card Prizes

Lucky Day App Gift Card Prizes

User Feedback

The Lucky Day App involves games of chance, and has been downloaded more than 10 million times, with over 100,000 winners. Some users complain that there is no guarantee that they’ll win a prize. However, that’s the nature of casino-style games.

Users complain about the $10 minimum for pay out. Since this platform offers games of chance, there’s nothing you can do to reach pay out more quickly.

While the site lets you earn tokens by taking surveys and through their referral system, these tokens cannot be exchanged for cash.. Even if you win $5, you don’t know how long it will be before you win more cash.

There are users reporting that they have won money, and their winnings have been paid promptly through PayPal.

What Are The Pros?

  • This sweepstakes app is available on Android.
  • You can save time during registration by signing up via your Facebook account.
  • The Lucky Day App is completely free to use, so you really risk nothing but a few minutes of your time by playing.
  • It is available to users from all around the world, so everyone can have fun playing, and possibly win a prize as well.

What Are The Cons?

  • After you play a few scratch games, you’ll have to watch a video ad. There’s no way to avoid this. If you play 10 scratch cards consecutively, you’re going to be shown around three ads during that time.

Some Final Thoughts

The Lucky Day App is a way to enjoy raffles and other games for free.

You might occasionally win a cash prize on occasion, and during play, you’ll earn tokens which the app says can be exchanged for gift cards. It’s a fun way to enjoy a few games without paying a fee, and you might win a jackpot.

Have you tried the Lucky Day App? If so and you want to share your experience please leave a comment below, it will be great to hear from you.

Star Rating 3/5-A very popular App that offers free chances of winning  cash sums. The chances of winning big however are extremely slim.

3 Star Rating

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8 thoughts on “Lucky Day App Review-How Much Can You Really Win?”

  1. As you very well there are many apps that claim we can earn money playing games. Unfortunately, not all of them are genuine. Although a few of them are genuine what we earn is very less.

    Luckily lucky day app is legit and it’s good news. Personally, I think this is a lot better option than taking surveys. As you mentioned, we have nothing to lose and we can give it a try since it’s free to join.

    The pros & cons you shared are very helpful in making my decision.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you found my review informative. Please let our reader know how you get on if you decide to give the app a try…thanks again.

  2. The lucky day app comes in handy as folks on self quarantine are now looking out for what they may do online. The only downside i see to it is leaving the use of your time and energy to chance, just like the writer rightly said there are better options to spend your time and energy online with guaranteed income. Personally i feel games should be played as a hobby to aid in relaxing but not really with the sole aim of earning money, in that way it becomes more fun and cool and if money comes in along the way then it becomes a bonus. Folks may differ on this opinion but nobody really wants to leave their entire livelihood to chance especially as the global economy is heading towards recession, the greater need to create online income can never be underestimated. Thanks so much for sharing this timely article. Cheers!

    1. Hi there,

      I agree with you, you simply can’t rely on apps like these to generate a consistent income. They are like you say a bit of fun for your spare time. You may win some prizes, but that should be considered as a bonus. I recommend that you check out my recommended platform in the link above if you are serious about making money online. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Nice article,

    I’m not a lotto game player though. I’ve never been one to believe in luck and I’ve never played lotto games or raffles to win cash. I see a lot of people playing this stuff though and I heard it might be addictive but I don’t know how true that is. I have a distant cousin, he plays this stuffs and win sometimes. He has won some few giftcards, I wonder how he does it too. I might send him the app but quick question, do they have an affiliate program?

    1. Hi Isanren,

      Games of chance will always be addictive, but at least with apps like Lucky Day you don’t have to risk any of your money to win prizes. You may lose points you have already won by trying to win more, but you won’t lose any money out of your own pocket. All you will need to give to the App is your time. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I have pretty much used this App and didn’t win but I saw receive on youtube about people winning price but for my own review, it doesn’t not what much of your time. Nice Article though because people need a proper review like yours to know what you are actually doing or not.

    1. Hi there,

      Yeah you may hear about people winning good prizes on social media but for the vast majority of players, you are unlikely to win big. Thanks for your comment.

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