Make Money With Your Smartphone Gigwalk Review

Gigwalk Review

Want to become what is known as a Gigwalker? That is what you can be if you download the free App Gigwalk.

Find out if Gigwalk could potentially be another income stream that you can generate from your smartphone. Earning money from your smartphone can be a fun and flexible way to work.

How Can You Make Some Cash With Gigwalk?

The Gigwalk App is available for both iOS and android phones and is available to those living in the U.S or Canada. You will need to register first, and your PayPal email will be required as this is how you will be paid  for your work.

Once you have registered you will be offered little local jobs, or ‘gigs’ as they are called.

How will You Get To Be Offered Gigs?…….

  • Within the Gigwalk App there is a map and a Gig list which will show you all the available jobs in your area. All you do is simply choose a gig that you want to do by clicking the ‘Apply to this Gig’.
  • If you are accepted for the work then you will then be provided with detailed instructions about the gig and what you have to do.
  • Once you have completed the work you then submit it through the Gigwalk App.
  • The customer who is paying Gigwalk to have the work carried out will review the work you have done and will either approve it or ask for a little more information.

When your work has been approved you then get paid via your PayPal account.

What Kind Of Work Will I Be Doing?

Companies want visual information about their products or events. It just isn’t possible for them to get to all the locations where their products are displayed, priced up or marketed. Watch the video below that demonstrates to Gigwalk customers what gigwalker can do for their company.

As you will usually live local to the business concerned, gigs will often require you to document what you see and take photos of various things.

How Much Will I Get Paid

Gigwalk state on their website that the pay for gigs can range anywhere from $3 to $100 and the jobs can take from 5 minutes upwards to a few hours.

How much work and the rate of pay will probably be determined by how good you are at this.

As a Gigwalker you will be given a performance score based on things like the Gigs you have completed and the level of activity.

If you can prove yourself to be consistent and reliable then you will increase your chances of getting the higher paid work and being recognised by customers who may hire you as part of their private workforce.

Final Thoughts

Gigwalk is a legitimate paying App that you may want to consider adding to your phone to earn some cash.

How much work you will be offered could depend upon where you are situated. It will also depend upon your performance at carrying out the tasks.

Id recommend at least giving it a try to see how much work you do get and how much money you can actually make.

What is my preferred way to make money online? Find out more.

I found a number of online reviews from users and the opinion of the App appears to be quite mixed. If you have any experience with Gigwalk please leave a comment below, your feedback would be very much appreciated.

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