MintCoins App Review: Earn Money Trying Out New Apps

MintCoins App review

Thanks for checking out my MintCoins App Review. Today I will be taking a look at another mobile App that you can earn from by trying out new Apps.

MintCoins however does have other ways that you can earn too, which I will also be taking a look at.

So let’s see if the MintCoins App is worth your time. MintCoins is a free mobile platform that pays you to download & test new mobile apps, take online surveys, watch video ads, play sponsored games and sign up for free sites.

The app is relatively new in the industry, and it is only available for Android devices.

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How does the MintCoins app work?

You need to download the MintCoins app on a compatible device for you to join this platform. The app is readily available on Google Play Store and anyone aged 18 years and above can download and use the app.

MintCoins works by providing a testing site for app developers to promote their apps and other software products. Your role as a MintCoins member is to test the functionality and usability of these products.

How to make money using the MintCoins app

1. Downloading and trying free & sponsored apps

Downloading and trying out apps is the main income stream on this platform. It involves rating and reviewing various free and sponsored mobile apps before their final release into the market.
You will earn an average of 10 coins (points) for each app that you download. However, some apps pay as much as 2,000 coins per download.

2. Paid to sign up (PTSU)

PTSU involves registering on free and paid sites for the purposes of driving traffic to those sites. Some sites may require you to complete offers before you can earn your rewards.

The average earnings for PTSU offers stand at 10 coins per sign up.

3. Online surveys

Surveys on this platform involve answering questions about various apps on issues such as usability and compatibility.

The aim of taking these surveys is to help developers improve on the functionality of their apps. You have to pass through pre-screening tests before you can qualify for these tasks.

The earnings per survey ranges between 50 coins and 100 coins.

4. Watching videos

You can also earn money watching video ads using the MintCoins app. Most of the sponsored videos have a timer, and you have to watch them to the end of the timer for you to receive your rewards.

Rewards for watching video ads start from 10 coins per video.

5. Referral program

MintCoins has a referral program that is straightforward and easy to use. The program pays you 25 coins for every new member that signs up using your referral code.

You can promote your referral code in any way you want, as long as it adheres to the terms of service offered by MintCoins. Your referrals will also earn 10 coins by signing up through your link.

Getting Paid

MintCoins uses a point-based system to reward its members. Every 100 coins (points) is equivalent to $1.

The minimum withdrawal limit on this platform is $1.00 only.

You can make a withdrawal request at any time, so long as your account balance has surpassed the minimum cashout requirement. All payments are made via PayPal.


What Are The Pros?

• It is a genuine app
• Registration is free, easy and open worldwide (No geographical restriction)
• It has multiple revenue streams
• Pays through PayPal
• Low minimum payout requirement ($1 only)
• Constant flow of new offers
• It has a good referral program (You will earn 25 coins for every new member that signs up using your referral code)
• Exceptional support team

What Are The Cons?

• Requires a compatible Android device
• Some surveys have pre-screening tests
• Difficult to qualify for specific surveys
• The app does not have a user-friendly interface, and it is flooded with ads
• Downloading apps and taking surveys can be tedious
• Uses a point-based system that has a disproportionate remuneration structure
• Limited payment options (Pays through PayPal only)

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Some Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that MintCoins is still a relatively new app, it is doing quite well.

The constant flow of new offers coupled with low minimum cashout requirements makes this app popular with mobile users who would like to make money online.

The only major concern is that MintCoins has a low-income potential.

The remuneration structure does not provide a true reflection of the amount of work required. For instance, surveys that take approximately 20 minutes only pay up to $1.00. Despite the shortcomings however it may be worth trying out.

Star Rating 2.5/5- This App is a useful app to add to your collection of low income platforms, as it gives you a number of earning options. Like all other similar reward apps around, this is only a very small income opportunity. I do however like the low cashout feature.


Thanks for reading my MintCoins App Review. Have you tried this App yet? If so let us know what you thought of it and if you have managed to earn a few dollars.

2 thoughts on “MintCoins App Review: Earn Money Trying Out New Apps”

  1. Hi Cameron,
    I’m glad you found this review useful. Like most reward platforms, the amount of time you are prepared to invest will partially determine how much you get rewarded.
    However, the time you spend doesn’t always mean you will earn more. If you are doing surveys of course, you won’t always qualify. This is what makes It difficult to say how long it will take to earn any given amount.
    I would really like to know how you get on with MintCoin, and what you thought of the platform
    Thanks for dropping by to read my review, and for your comment.

  2. Great info. I have tried a few survey websites but have not come across MintCoins until just now. From my experience, most websites or apps like this take some time to bring in good cash, but MintCoins seems to be relatively more aggressive in paying you. 100 points equals $1, that can quickly add up!

    Do you know how much time it normally takes to make a few hundred points or a thousand points?

    I’m interested to try MintCoins out and will keep you posted on my experience! Thanks for the info!

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