Mobee App Review: Earn Gift Card Rewards for Mystery Shopping

Mobee App Review

Today I am taking a look at a Mystery Shopping App that rewards you with gift cards.

In this Mobee Review I will be taking a look at the Mobee App to find out how it all works, and whether the App really is worth your time.

Mobee is a mobile app that offers you the chance to become a paid mystery shopper.

This app provides an avenue for its members to earn rewards by simply reviewing stores in their neighborhoods.

Is Mobee App a Legitimate Platform?

Mobee app is a genuine mobile platform.

Established in 2013, the app is operated by Hooky, Inc, which is a US-based company that develops real-time market insights for brands, retail businesses, and other management firms.

How Mobee App Works

Mobee App is readily available on the app website, Apple App Store and Google Play.

Simply download and install Mobee app on your Android or IOS device to begin the signup process.

Registering with Mobee app is a swift process that only needs your name and email address.

Alternatively, you may also create an account by linking your Facebook account.

As a Mobee shopper, you are required to collect data about shelf placement of products and the quality of service delivery within your locality.

This process of data collection is what the Mobee app community refers to as a mission.

Finding a mission is the first step to earning rewards with Mobee.

Simply open the Mobee app on your phone to find stores in your locality that are offering Mobee missions, and click on any store to view details about the various missions available.

It is important that you pick a mission that you can satisfy its requirements. Mobee uses a GPS tracking system to make sure that you are actually undertaking the task.

Each mission revolves around 5 to 10 questions, which you ought to address when reviewing a store.

The questions focus on specific areas of market research such as the display of products, ease of access to various services and the quality of service at a particular store.

You have to complete a mission fully to earn your rewards.

The Mobee app team will manually check your review for purposes of quality before crediting your account.

Earnings range between 250 and 750 points for each mission.

Rewards and Payment

Mobee app uses a point-based system to pay members.

Unfortunately, you cannot convert your points into cash.

Members can only redeem their points for gift cards from popular brands such as Starbucks, eBay, Staples and Sports Authority among many others.

You can redeem your points at any time without restrictions as long as you satisfy the minimum payout limit.

The minimum withdrawal limit is 350 points, which translates to $3.50 worth of gift cards.


How Much Can I Earn with Mobee App?

Mobee app is a location-based program. The number of missions that you can take in a day depends on your area of residence.

Bigger towns and cities have more mission opportunities in comparison to smaller towns, and you can earn as much as 1500 points per day.

Mobee app also has a referral program that pays you 300 points for every new member you recruit.

Your recruits will also receive 300 points for signing up with Mobee app, using your referral code.

What Are The Pros Of The Mobee App?

• Registration is fast and easy
• 175 bonus points upon registration
• Mobee app is easy to use
• You only need 350 points to cash out for gift cards
• Restaurant missions include extra bonuses such as free meals
• Reasonable referral program
• Achievement badges earn you extra points
• It has an excellent support team


What Are The Cons Of The Mobee App?

• Available for US-residents only
• Redemption of rewards takes a long time (15 days)
• You can only cash out for gift cards
• The app is location-based (majority of offers are available in larger towns)
• Some storekeepers may not be comfortable working with mystery shoppers
• You need to invest in a compatible Android phone or IOS device


Is Mobee App Worth Your Time?

Mobee app is one of the very few mystery-shopping platforms that pay good rewards.

You can make as much as 750 points ($7.50) for a mystery-shopping mission that takes less than 20 minutes.

The downside of this app is that you cannot convert your points into cash.

Money app only pays in the form of gift cards. Putting all these factors into consideration, Mobee app is worth trying out, especially for mystery shoppers who reside in big cities.

Star Rating 2.5/5 Mobee is not a bad way to earn points quickly and redeem for rewards with the cash out being quite low. It is unfortunate that only gift card rewards are available, and this may put some people off. The other negative is that the App is only available to US residents.

2.5 star rating

Thanks for reading this Mobee App review, let me know in the comments below if you have tried this App, and if you recommend others should try it too.


2 thoughts on “Mobee App Review: Earn Gift Card Rewards for Mystery Shopping”

  1. Hey There ray. This sounds like something that can add to your income passively if you like shopping. What really got to me though, is the fact that you can’t convert your points to cash. I guess if you do a lot of shopping (which I don’t), then this can be a great tool for people. Like you said, people who shop in big cities will find this really useful.

    1. Hi Dan,
      Yes this is a useful app to earn from something you would be doing anyway.
      It is a pity that it doesn’t pay cash, if it did it would probably be more appealing to more people. The rewards however are however quite good in comparison to others.
      Thanks for reading and commenting on my Mobee App Review.

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