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Mobisave App Review: Can You Really Save Money Using the Mobisave App?

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Mobisave Review

Thanks for joining me for this review of an App called Mobisave.

Today I will be finding out what this App can offer you, how it all works, and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to use it.

Update…..Mobisave is now Fetch Rewards.

What Is Mobisave?

The number of cashback shopping sites and apps available today is steadily rising.

Mobisave is yet another mobile app that allows you to save on your shopping expenses.

This app pays you cashbacks whenever you purchase eligible products from your favorite stores.

Getting started with the Mobisave app

Signing up with Mobisave is fast and easy.

All you have to do is to download and install the Mobisave app on your Android device or iPhone for free, and then follow the simple prompts to create your account.

Membership is open to residents of the United States only, and you can only use the app to claim cashbacks from any store within the 50 states of the United States.

How the Mobisave app works

Mobisave works like any other receipt-scanning app.

The only difference is that you have to submit an itemized cash register receipt to claim your rewards.

For you to earn cashbacks on your shopping, it is imperative that you apply the following steps.

1. Select offers

You must select an offer before making a purchase to earn cash rebates. Mobisave posts new offers almost on a daily basis.

Simply open the Mobisave app on your smartphone, then select and save offers that interest you before heading out to your favorite store.

2. Visit any store and make purchases

Mobisave allows you to shop at any store within the United States.

Purchases from online shopping sites are also eligible for cashbacks.

However, you must make sure that your favorite store or online shopping site is able to provide an itemized cash register receipt on all your purchases.

Handwritten or manually generated receipts are not acceptable.

3. Scan your shopping receipt

Scan your itemized cash register receipt using the Mobisave app.

The app will match your saved offers with your purchases before crediting your PayPal account.

Make sure the scanned copy of your receipt is clear and readable before submitting.

You must also submit your receipt before your saved offers expire lest you forfeit your rewards.

Getting Paid By Mobisave

Mobisave will send your earnings automatically to your PayPal account once your receipt has been received and approved.

Something that is very much in Mobisave’s favour is that it does not have a minimum cashout requirement.

All payments are paid directly and automatically to your PayPal account after the approval of your receipt.

Earning Potential – How much can I save using the Mobisave App?

The amount of money that you can save depends on the offers that you select.

Some offers have lucrative cashback amounts while other offers are not very much at all. On average, you should expect to save anything from $0.25 to $3 per offer.

Reputable app
Mobisave has a good reputation despite the fact that it is still relatively new.

The app has attracted a huge membership base since its launch in 2015, and it remains one of the favorites for many shoppers due to its unblemished reputation.

No withdrawal limit
Most online platforms often have a minimum payout threshold, and you have to satisfy this requirement to make withdrawals.

In contrast, the Mobisave platform does not have a withdrawal limit.

All payments are made directly to your PayPal account once your shopping receipts have been validated.

Prompt Payments
Payments on this platform are almost instant. You should expect to receive your cashback within 24 hours after your receipt has been approved.

Accepts both in-store and online shopping purchases
Mobisave offers cashback shopping options for both in-store purchases and online purchases.

Also, you may shop at any store within the United States, as long as your store is able to provide you with an itemized cash register receipt.

Frequent new offers
Mobisave has plenty of exciting offers for everyone. It is important that you log in into your account regularly, as new offers are posted on the platform on a daily basis.

Furthermore, checking in into your account regularly will ensure that you take advantage of short-term offers, which only last for a few hours.

No hidden charges
All offers are free and they are no hidden charges involved when claiming your cashbacks. Unlike other shopping apps, Mobisave does not charge annoying inactivity fines on your savings.

Restricted membership
The Mobisave platform does not accept international members. Membership to this platform is open to residents of the United States only.

You can only earn cashbacks on purchases made from stores within the 50 states of the United States.

Must have a smartphone
The Mobisave app does not work on any kind of phone or mobile device. You must invest in a compatible Android or iPhone device to take advantage of the exciting offers available on this platform.

Very low earning potential
The cashback offers available on this platform are very low. With cashbacks ranging from 25 cents to 3 dollars, you should not expect Mobisave to replace your regular job.

The amount that you earn from this platform should only supplement your income.

You must of course also be a frequent shopper to make any considerable amount from this platform.

Offers expire quickly
Although offers expire after seven days, some members have complained about some offers disappearing mysteriously before they could check out.

You cannot redeem offers once they have expired and this means that you will not be paid cashbacks on items that you bought using the offers.

Only accepts itemized cash register receipts
Mobisave only accepts itemized cash register receipts.

Handwritten receipts are not eligible for rebates. Your scanned receipt copies must be clear and legible for you to earn your cashbacks.

Trying to submit a rejected receipt multiple times could have your account suspended indefinitely.

Final Thoughts On The Mobisave App

Joining Mobisave is a decent opportunity to save a few coins on your shopping expenses.

Although Mobisave has a very low earning potential, the fact that it does not have a minimum payout makes up for this minor shortcoming.

Payments are almost instant, and you will receive your earnings via PayPal no matter how little the amount. Join Mobisave today and start saving on your grocery expenses.

Thanks for reading this review. Leave a comment below if you want to add anything, or share your experiences with this App.

Star Rating 3/5-A Good Shopping App For Frequent Shoppers. It Is Only Available In The U.S However.

3 Star Rating

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