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Money Tree Rewards App Review-Will This App Grow Your Money?

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Money Tree Rewards App Review

Thanks for checking out my MoneyTree Rewards App review

I will be finding out today if this App can help you earn rewards simply by carrying out fun tasks whilst you’re on the go.

MoneyTree Rewards is a mobile app that lets you own and grow your own Money Plant. The idea is that by using this app you can grow money on trees, so to speak. It just happens inside your phone.

However, are there any real rewards for your efforts using this App? This is what my Money Tree Rewards App review will be finding out. First though let’s see how the App works.

How The MoneyTree Rewards App Works

The MoneyTree Rewards App is a free app that can be downloaded from GooglePlay. Unfortunately it only appears to be available to android phone users as there isn’t an App Store equivalent at this time.

By collecting enough points carrying out tasks, the developers say you can redeem those points when you have at least $10 worth of points.

The good news is that you can get off to a good start because you get 5000 points just for signing up.

That means you get $2 worth of points right from the get go, because 2500 points are equivalent to $1. That means you have to earn a further 20,000 points (worth $8) before you can cash out.

How Do You Earn Your Redeemable Points?

As stated, you need to accumulate points that can be redeemed for rewards. You can do this in numerous ways. You can earn them by checking out new apps, taking online surveys and occasionally watching videos.

Offers at The Money Tree Rewards App

Various offers are available with the Money Tree Rewards App

There’s also a bonus system to make your whole experience more interesting. As you grow your Money Plant, you get additional bonuses.

The surveys can earn you up to a dollar, which isn’t as much as you would probably get on a platform that is dedicated to surveys.

So if surveys is really your thing then you may be better looking elsewhere. However the advantage with this App is that it offers a wider range of tasks than just surveys.

Probably one of the most enjoyable tasks you can participate in using this App is the special TV offers. By watching TV in the app, you increase the points in your account while enjoying something you love watching.

There’s a selection of different channels to meet every taste. If you’re a food junkie, you can try Food Channel. Film addicts will definitely enjoy Movie Channel.

If you’re obsessed with celebrities, then Celebrity Channel is just for you. You can’t imagine your life without gaming? Then try Gaming Channel. There’s Music Channel as well. In other words, by having TV offers in its inventory, Money Plant has something interesting for everyone.

The downside to just Watching T.V to earn is that although it’s fun,  it won’t earn you very much, so the other available tasks will probably grow your money tree quicker, and you will redeem your rewards much sooner.

As with other similar Apps available it is the Offers that can earn you the most.

There are however conditions attached to such offers most of the time. For example if you are downloading a game app you need to achieve a certain level before you are given your points. Check the terms and conditions if you are in any doubt as to what is required.

To earn even more rewards, you can invite new users, friends and people you know.

By sharing your invite code you will get 20 points when a friend signs up to the App. You need to encourage your friends to engage with the App however if you want to earn more.

That’s because when they complete an offer you will get a further 100 points and be entitled to extra bonus’s. So if you do enjoy using the App it’s worth telling your friends about it too.

Whether it’s just you or you and some friends, it can be A fun process watching your fabulous money plant growing and getting you closer to your reward.

How Does The Money Tree Rewards App Pay You?

When it comes to getting your rewards you have the choice of being paid cash (via PayPal), or via gift cards which include Xbox or Playstation.

Rewards At The Money Tree Rewards App

There are various ways that you can collect your reward with The Money Tree Rewards App

Money Tree Rewards App Reviews From Real Users

The App was only launched in August 2020 but has had on the whole a good response from its users to date. Members state they have received gift cards, and others say customer service is very efficient.

As with all Apps there are some complaints. Some say there are few surveys, and others say there is no videos to watch. This however may be because of your demographic. More or less tasks may be available depending upon your location.

What Are The Pros Of The MoneyTree Rewards App?

  • Free to download from GooglePlay
  • Lots of fun and interesting tasks
  • $2 Bonus just for signing up
  • Different cash out options available
  • Good feedBack from users.

What Are The Cons Of The MoneyTree Rewards App?

  • Only a small income opportunity
  • There may be limited tasks available, depending on your demographic.


Some Final Thoughts On The MoneyTree Rewards App

With Money Plant, you can get started for free right away simply by downloading the App straight from the GooglePlay store.

The app is highly rated by most of its users, and some of them confirm that they have been rewarded with gift cards for their efforts.

You won’t earn a lot on this app, but you could be rewarded with some handy pocket money whilst having some fun.

Have you tried the Money Plant Rewards App? If so and you want to share your experience then leave a comment below and let our readers know what you thought.

Star Rating 3/5-A fun App that offers a variety of earning opportunities. There may however be fewer opportunities available to you depending on your demographic.

3 Star Rating

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