Movie Money App Review-Can This App Earn You Some Cash?

Today I am reviewing a money making app that is available from The App Store.

It is called the Movie Money App and it pays you to watch video ads that last up to around 30-45 seconds. The videos are mostly trailers for apps.

Is this app really worth your time? This is what I will be finding out today in this review.


Introduction To The Movie Money App

The app is owned by a company called Apps That Pay who also have the following available apps from the App Store;

At the time of writing this review the App has 3.5 out of 5 star rating (23 reviews) on the App Store.

I gave the App a try myself to see if it is worth trying.

How Many Movies Do You Have To Watch Before You Get Paid?

This is obviously the question you are going to want to ask yourself once you download the App.

To get paid you have to accumulate points. You get one point for each 30 sec (approx) video you watch. You can watch up to a maximum of 20 videos per day.

To earn either a $5 Amazon GiftCard, or get $5 paid into your PayPal account you have to accumulate 1200 points.

You don’t need me to tell you then that you have a lot of videos to watch if you want to get your reward.

In case you haven’t done the calculation yet…………it is going to take you 2 months to earn $5, provided of course that you watch the maximum of 20 videos each day.

You can however earn extra points by sharing the love…….see below

You also have to earn 200 points before you can enjoy the benefit of Autoplay, which enables the videos to be played automatically without you having to tap the screen.

As I began playing the videos everything seemed fine at first but then I started to get this message when I tapped the screen to play another video.

I wasn’t sure if it was just my own connection that wasn’t that great (It has been known to let me down) but I noticed that my friend over at Scams Kitchen had reported the same on his review.

So this could be an issue with the App. I guess the only way to find out is to try it yourself.

I personally don’t have the time it takes to reach the required payout. It’s a pity that the minimum payout isn’t lower than $5 because it will obviously take a fair amount of determination to reach this.

A $1 payout for 240 views (which would take you 12 days) would I think be a better incentive, and a target that you are more likely to achieve before giving up.

What Are The Pros?

  • A no skills required way to earn a few dollars
  • Something you can do when you are out and about

What Are The Cons?

  • A painstakingly slow way to earn
  • Possible connection problems that may make it even slower
  • Cash out is a bit too high

Some Final Thoughts

This app is legit but I don’t really recommend this as a way of earning a side income due to it being very slow and mundane.

However you may take a different view if you love watching videos (even if they are advertisements) and think it’s worth the amount of time it will take.

Howver I think there is a high chance that you will give up before you reach the payout.

If it were a lower payout I would probably give it my recommendation as a way to earn a fairly quick bit of pocket money for not doing very much.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Have you tried this app? Did you have any connection problems? Have you reached the payout? Let me know if you recommend it. It will be great to hear from you.

Star Rating 2/5-Legit App with a very low income potential

2 Star Rating

Number 1 Recommendation

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4 thoughts on “Movie Money App Review-Can This App Earn You Some Cash?”

    1. Hi Glen,
      I haven’t got the patience to get enough points to redeem with this App. Is there any contact details provided when you get to cash out?
      Let me know whether or not you get paid to let other readers know.
      Thanks for dropping by.

    1. Hi Jeffrey,
      Thanks for reading my review of the movie money app. When I wrote this review I found reviews from people who claimed they had been paid, and not enough evidence to show people weren’t being paid without good reason.
      Also, take a look at this youtube video which appears to contain evidence of payment.
      If you, or anyone you know says they haven’t been paid, please feel free to comment here about the experience, to warn others of potential problems.
      The ‘Apps That Pay’ website, which is the company that owns this App also says it will provide proof of payment if you request it.
      Thanks for dropping by Jeffrey I appreciate your comment.

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