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MultiPolls App Review-Higher Paying Surveys Or Not?

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MultiPolls App Review

Thanks for checking out my MultiPolls App review folks!

So, the people who made this app say it uses artificial intelligence to get users some pretty high-paying surveys. But, let’s be real, there are a gazillion survey apps out there, so does this one really stand out from the rest?

Well, that’s what I’m gonna figure out for you today!

I’m diving in deep and see how much cash people are actually making with this app, and what they really think about it.

Plus, I’m gonna find out how they pay you, the good stuff and the bad stuff, and finally give you my two cents.

Alrighty then, let’s kick off this review by taking a peek at how The MultiPolls App actually works!

How Does The MultiPolls App Work?

So, here’s the deal with The MultiPolls App. Unfortunately, for all you iOS lovers out there, this app is only available on Android via Google Play. Bummer, I know!

To sign up, you can either connect with your Google account or use your email. Easy!

Right now, MultiPolls is only open to folks in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Sorry to my international readers!

But, if you want to up your earning game, you can share your location by tapping on “Share location” and letting the app access it.

Like most survey apps, you’ve got to complete a basic profile survey before you start earning any cash.

This survey asks you about things like your age, gender, and job. After that, you’ll unlock more opportunities based on your answers. Makes sense, right?

What You Can Earn With MutiPolls Surveys

Honestly, I gotta say, I’ve seen way better paying surveys on other survey sites that are pretty much the same as this one.

But maybe your experience will be different to mine, especially if you’re not in the U.K like I am.

Here, the surveys usually pay around 20p, which ain’t too bad if they only take like 5 minutes. But, most of them take like 15 to 20 minutes, and to top it off, you’re probably gonna get kicked out of a bunch of them anyways.

So if you’re lucky, you might make like £1 an hour. But hey, like I said, maybe it’s different if you’re in a different group than me.

Don’t get too disappointed about getting disqualified though because MultiPolls usually pay you a little something even when you don’t make the cut, which is cool of them.

And based on what I’ve seen with survey sites and apps, if you stick with one and they figure out your demographic, then you’re less likely to get booted from the surveys. And that means you can rack up more cash in the long run.

Who knows, maybe the AI tech that MultiPolls is packing will end up paying out more moolah than those other platforms.

If you’ve been using the app for a while, drop a comment below and let me know what you think about the cash flow.


When Does MultiPolls Pay You?

O.k guys, if like me you’re kickin’ it in the U.K, you gotta rack up £10 before you can cash out, but in other places, it’s a bit different.

Like, in the good ol’ U.S of A, you gotta hit $12.50 before you can score some cash.

And once you hit that sweet cash out number, you can choose to redeem your rewards through PayPal or get yourself a sweet gift card.

What Are Users Saying About The MultiPolls App?

So the MultiPolls App is totally killin’ it over on GooglePlay with a score of 4.5 outta 5.

Most of the folks using it are pleased with how things are going and are happy to tell their friends about it.

Members are reporting getting their rewards right away or within a couple days max. They also say the interface is super easy to figure out so you don’t have to be a tech wizard to use it.

However, while MultiPolls gets some serious love, there are a few folks who say the app can be a little wonky at times.

Apparently, some folks have trouble with surveys that either won’t load or freeze up the screen. But, here’s a tip from some members: make sure your notifications are turned on so you can score those sweet high-paying surveys.

Just be sure to act fast because they fill up fast.

On the other hand, some users feel like it takes way too long to get to the cash out because the goal is set too high, and the closer they get, the more disqualifications they get hit with.

The Pros Of The MultiPolls App

  • A free App that has a super easy interface
  • Lots of love from current users at GooglePlay
  • PayPal and gift card options when you redeem

The Cons Of The MutiPolls App

  • The cash out is to high for me.
  • Although there are some higher paying surveys, a lot are low paid.
  • Members complain about a lot of disqualifications, even though they have already answered a lot of questions.

Some Final Thoughts

So, loads of folks are seriously stoked about this app and are happy to shout about it to anyone who’ll listen.

But, here’s the deal – I’m not really seeing how it’s that much different from other similar apps out there.

Plus, it feels like it takes forever to get to the cash out because the goal is set too high and there aren’t enough of those sweet high-paying surveys.

Still, if you hustle and pounce on those survey alerts, you might just be able to hit that all-important cash out goal sooner rather than later.

Star Rating 2.5/5- MultiPolls is totally killin’ it, and loads of folks are on board. And the good news is, they actually pay out for real, so that’s a plus. But, here’s the thing – compared to other apps out there, the cash out goal is on the high side.

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