musicxray Review-Earn Money By Listening To Music

MusicXray Review

Today I’m taking a look at a platform that will pay you for simply listening to music. It sounds too good to be true, but is it really as good as it sounds?

In this Musicxray review I will be finding out how the platform works, and what the pros and cons are likely to be.

What Is Musicxray?

Sometimes I come across a way to make a bit of extra cash online and I think the cash is simply a bonus, rather than the main focus. Musicxray is I believe one of those ways.

That’s because if you love listening to music, then you won’t find listening to music that has been pre selected towards your taste, and then confirming if you like it or not, to be very hard work.

That is how it works at Musicxray, you only need to listen to the kind of music you like listening to.

There are no difficult reviews to write either once you have listened to a 30 second piece of music. You simply chose to either tip the artist, fan them, or go on to the next track.

You won’t make much money from doing this, but does it really matter? A bit of cash for doing stuff you love isn’t too bad a deal.

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How Does It Work At Musicxray?

  • Artists want to get their music out there and heard. Musicxray gives new and upcoming musicians the opportunity to do this in the hope they will get discovered and become the next big thing.
  • It is the artists therefore that pay you a small amount of cash to hear their music. You get paid $0.10 for each 30 second song that you listen to.
  • It is easy to sign up. Its free and if you are signing up to listen to music and be paid for it, you simply choose the fan option, as opposed to the musician option. You will also need a Facebook account as part of the sign up.
  • What is really good about the site I think is that they match the artists with a target audience. They do this by asking you to choose 5 types of music that you like listening to, and then 10 artists that you like. From these choices they select the music they know you are likely to enjoy the most.
  • When you have reached $20 in your account you can then cash out.

It Sounds Like Easy Cash, But What Are The Drawbacks?

There are a few complaints that I found online about there not being enough music emailed to you. That being the case then it could take you a long time to reach the $20 payout.

Like I said though, surely it is more about the music and having some fun than trying desperately to reach the payout.

I think getting the cash should be kinda secondary, but having said that if it takes too long to get to the minimum payout, then I think it should be lowered so fans don’t lose out so much if they decide later that Musicxray is not for them.


My verdict on Musicxray is that it is legit

Musicxray is legit but definitely won’t make you rich, however Musicxray doesn’t make any claims that it will.

This is however a fun way to make some extra cash.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Musicxray, if you have any experience working with this company and you want to share the experiences please leave your comments below I will be very happy to hear from you.

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