MyCrowd Review – Can You Make Money Testing Websites and Apps?

MyCrowd Review

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Website and App testing is a popular way to earn some extra cash on the internet.

There are numerous platforms available to those who want to take advantage of this earning opportunity.

I have written reviews on a number of these platforms including USERLYTICS and USERFEEL.

Just like these platforms, MyCrowd is an online platform that offers user-testing services

The site hires testers from all over the world to identify bugs and glitches in yet to be released apps and websites.

In essence, the platform strives to help app developers and website owners in creating applications that are flawless, user-friendly and market-worthy.

So What Makes MyCrowd Different?

MyCrowd Review

One distinctive aspect about MyCrowd is that the company approaches user-testing as a game.

The process of finding glitches in apps is known as a Bug Hunt, and only the first person to report a bug is rewarded.

This is not only a unique way of finding bugs, but a fun and exciting way of improving your testing skills.

Becoming a MyCrowd tester MyCrowd is open worldwide, but they have a preference for testers based in the U.S. simply because the company has a stronger presence in that country.

To become a tester, you need to be tech-savvy and detail-oriented.

You will be required to sign up by providing your name, email address and Linkedin Profile.

You must also register your device (PC/laptop or smartphone) to get started.

You do not however have to undertake a test sample to be approved as a tester.

You can start working right away as soon as you submit your details.

How To Make Money With MyCrowd

You can make money on this platform by either exploring for bugs or writing reviews about bug results.

MyCrowd offers various types of tests, including bug hunts, exploratory tests and run tests.

Nevertheless, you must meet the minimum requirements as specified by the owner of the project to participate in these tests.

After reporting a bug, the results must be reviewed by both the MyCrowd community and the owner of the project for approval.

Contrary to other user-testing platforms, MyCrowd does not offer a flat rate for testing projects.

Only the first person to report a new glitch gets rewarded depending on the size and complexity of the bug.

Nevertheless, you should expect to earn anything from $1 to $20 for every approved bug result.

Another way of making money with MyCrowd is by writing reviews about bug results.

When a bug is reported, members are given an opportunity to confirm the results and write a review based on their findings.

However, reviewing a result has a flat rate bounty of $1, which is shared equally among all the members who contributed to writing the review.

How To Increase Your Income Potential With MyCrowd

With over 12,000 different testers worldwide, earning money on this platform can be a difficult task.

The fact that only the first person to report a bug gets paid does not make matters any better.

However, you can greatly improve your fortunes by earning a higher tester reputation.

A tester reputation is a set of scores calculate over time.

It shows your level of experience and ability to find and report complex bug swiftly and accurately.

Testers with higher reputations get access to more tests and features, hence more rewards.

How Does MyCrowd Pay?

MyCrowd does not have a payout limit, and you can withdraw your money at anytime via PayPal.

What is also pleasing is that the processing of payments does not take more than 48 hours.


• Legitimate platform

• It is free and open worldwide

• Instant access to tests

• Multiple ways of making money; You can either explore for bugs or write reviews

• Fast PayPal payments


• Very low-income potential

• Stringent approval processes

• Stiff competition from other testers

• High rate of rejected reports

Final Thoughts About MyCrowd

MyCrowd is certainly a unique user-testing platform, based on their membership model and remuneration structure.

Unfortunately, the site has the lowest income potential compared to other similar platforms (only the first person to report a new bug gets paid).

Also, you are never assured about receiving an approval as the bug result must be reviewed by three different parties.

Additionally, a simple typo or grammatical error in the bug report can also lead to disapprovals, subsequently affecting your income.

Putting all these factors into consideration, it is apparent that professional testers have an upper hand on this platform.

If you are a beginner, we suggest that you join MyCrowd only if you want to improve your user-testing skills.

Star Rating 3/5-A Legit user testing site with a game twist. The platform may however not be the best site for beginners.

3 Star Rating

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